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Subject: [TIMISK] Casualties - Great Fire 1922
Date: 9 Jul 2003 19:40:09 -0600

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Surnames: bond, boone, campbell, clarke, cobbold, deline, desjardins, elfick, favron, fleming, heaslip, killoran, marshall, mcconnell, mitchell, nadeau, nelson, o’hara, othens, rochon, ryan, st george, stevens, sutherland, wall, wigglisworth
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Maggie May, Bond, Heaslip
Robert Francis, Bond, Heaslip
Muriel Joy, Bond, Heaslip
Mary Jane Gertrude, Bond, Heaslip
Arthur Francis, Bond, Heaslip
Raymond Evans, Bond, Heaslip
Martha Laureen, Bond, Heaslip
Nathan Carl, Bond, Heaslip
Velma Lydia, Bond, Heaslip
Beverley, Bond, Heaslip
Mrs. S., Boone, Haileybury
Miss Joanne, Campbell, Heaslip
Norman, Clarke, Charlton
Mrs. P. A., Cobbold, Haileybury
Paul A., Cobbold, Haileybury, Died Dec. 5, fire related injuries
Mrs. L. A., Deline, Hilliardton
Felix, Desjardins, Haileybury
H. H., Elfick, Haileybury
Marcel, Favron, Hilliardton
Dollard, Favron, Hilliardton
Capt. Henry, Fleming, Heaslip
Stanley, Fleming, Heaslip
Amos, Heaslip, Heaslip
Minnie, Heaslip, Heaslip
Leslie, Heaslip, Heaslip
Lloyd, Heaslip, Heaslip
Leonard, Killoran, Haileybury
John, Marshall, Heaslip
Lionel, McConnell, Charlton
Stewart, Mitchell, Tomstown
Emile, Nadeau, North Temiskaming
Captain, Nelson, Charlton
Mrs., O'Hara, Charlton
James, Othens, Haileybury
Alfred, Rochon, Haileybury
Graham, Ryan, Charlton
Mrs., St. George, Haileybury
Mr. and Mrs. W., Stevens, Hilliardton, and child
G., Sutherland, Haileybury
Miss, Wall, Charlton
J. J., Wigglisworth, Haileybury
FemaleUnknown, Haileybury

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