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From: "Mary Read" <>
Subject: History Books
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 18:48:21 -0800

I have about 30 history books and am very willing to do lookups. They are posted on Book We Own - Saskatchewan at and also on the appropriate pages of the SaskGenWeb site. I'll include a list below in case you want to get in touch through this list.

I encourage anyone with a few books to post them on a website. It's very rewarding to help someone find their long lost family. I get queries from all over the world.

My most recent books purchases aren't listed on BWO as yet:
Next Year Country - Scotsguard and area
The Frontiersmen 1967 (not indexed) - Frontier and area

I also have one Alberta book which I found at a local thrift store and couldn't pass up:
Big Hill Country -- Cochrane and area.

There are more and more of these books scanned and on the website. Worth a look.

Mary Nettleton Read
Kelowna. B.C.

"Where Past is Present Maple Creek and Area" Maple Creek and Area History Committee 2000
"Prairie to Wheatfields" Elrose & District History Book committee 1985

"Admiral - Prairie to Wheatfields." Admiral History Book Club /Derksen Printers, Steinbach, MB 1978. History of Admiral and area, Andersonville, Frenchville, Beauchamp, Blairville, Boule Creek, Clifford, Congress, Epinard, Esmond, Horse Creek, Levi, Pelletier Hill, Sherman, Stone Farm, Vallee St. Clair, Wheatville and Wise Creek.

"Our Side of The Hills." Reno History Book Association, Consul, Sask 1992. RM of Reno #51 including the villages of Robsart, Vidora, Consul, Senate, Govenlock and surrounding areas.

"Prairie Wool." Stone Diggers Historical Society Climax, Sask 1980. Climax and area including the Village of Canuck and the school districts of Riverburn, Stone and Tabor and Vidette and Waldville Schools.

"Arrowheads to Wheatfields - History of Avonlea, Hearne & Districts." Published by Avonlea Historical Committee in 1983. Profiles of the Avonlea, Hearne, New Warren, Claybank area and early families who settled the area. Located 15 miles south-west of the city of Regina, Saskatchewan. List of surnames available. Including school districts of Amherst, Capitolia, Claybank, Croft, Crown, Crystal Hill, Good Land, Long Creek, Moorefield, Queen Alexandra, Richburg, Sanderson, Sinclair, Sudom, Sunshine and Thompson.

"A Dipper Full of Dreams." Drinkwater Historical Society Box 81 Drinkwater, Sask 1991. Drinkwater and District including school districts of Coventry, Kelso, Okabena and Stelcam. Includes indexes of Drinkwater cemetery and Fairview Cemetery.

"From Buffalo Trails to Blacktop." Caron History Book Committee, Caron, Sask 1982. RM of Caron #162 including school districts of Breadalbane, Caron Prairie, Clay Hill, Grayburn, King William, Kipling, McRoberts, Pelican Lake, Royal George, Summerside, Sweet Grass and Westview.

"Furrows and Faith." Lake Johnston-Sutton Historical Society, Mossbank, Sask 1980. RM of Lake Johnston #102/RM of Sutton including the towns of Expanse, Dunkirk, Bishopric, Mitchellton, Ardill, Mossbank, Vantage, Ettington, Mazenod and Palmer. Includes indexes of Expanse Cemetery, Emmanuel Lutheran (Scandinavian) Cemetery, Mitchellton Cemetery, Mossbank Lutheran Cemetery, Mossbank Community Cemetery, Ettington Grand Lutheran Cemetery, St Johannes Cemetery, St Mathew Cemetery, Mazenod Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery, Mazenod Community Cemetery and Palmer Cemetery.

"The Grains of Time." RM of Rogers History Book Committee Box 127 Coderre, Sask. 1993. Coderre, Courval and RM of Rodgers #133 Includes cemetery indexes of Coderre Roman Catholic Cemetery; St Joseph roman Catholic Cemetery Courval; Grace United Church Cemetery, Coderre; Rodgers Protestant Cemetery, Courval; St Mary's Anglican Cemetery, Eastleigh

"A Place by the Notukeu." Vanguard Historical Society, Box 340, Vanguard, Sask 1984. Vanguard and area including school districts of Arnold, Barholis, Burton, Douglas, Easby, Gaspers, Glen Rosa, Glen View, Harold, Malvern Link, Middlefold, Spencer and Turkey Track.

"Prairie, Pioneers, Progress." Hodgeville Celebrate Saskatchewan Committee, Box 160, Hodgeville, Sask. 1980. Hodgeville and RM of Lawtonia # 135.

"Rolling Hills Review 1840-1980." Crestwynd Community Club, Crestwynd, Sask 1980. Crestwynd and area including Old Wives, Bevitt, Bay Island, Don Jean, Piety Hill and Windcrest districts.

"Terrell 101 Faith and Freedom." Terrell Historical Committee Box 60 Spring Valley, Sask. 1981. RM of Terrell #101. Including the towns of Cardross, Galilee, Mitchellton, Spring Valley and area

"Warm Prairie Winds." Red Lake & District History Moose Jaw Sask. 1983. Moose Jaw area including the RM of Baildon/RM of Hillsborough, hamlet of Buttress, School districts of Camlachie, Quincy, Newberry, Red lake, Brooksfield, City View, Ranch and Thomson's Lake. Includes cemetery transcriptions of the Swedish Cemetery at Archive (also known as the Newberry Cemetery) and Hillsdale Cemetery, Baildon.

"Wheat Fields and Wild Roses Briercrest and Districts." Briercrest & District Historical Society Box 14, Briercrest Sask 1988. Village of Briercrest and area. Includes indexes of Blue Hill Cemetery, Briercrest Cemetery and Briercrest Lutheran Cemetery.

"Frobyshire to Frobisher." Frobisher Happy Gang, Frobisher, Sask. / Friesen Printers, Altona, MB. 1979. History of Frobisher and area.

"Memories of Shand: History of a Saskatchewan Coal Mining Community." Compiled and Edited by Alice Pawson 1992. Stories, clippings and memories of the town of Shand. Not indexed.

"Poet's Corner." Lampman & District History Book Committee, Lampman, Sask. 1982. Lampman and District and the RM of Browning including the hamlet of Browning, Steelman and the village of Willmar and the school districts of Cateville, Cote, Crystal, Enniskillan, Erin, Glasston, Idlewilde, Lampman, Morrisville, Rockland, Roseleigh, Sinclair, Weir Hill, Willmar and Yankee

"A Tale That is Told - Estevan and area 1890-1980." Estevan History Book Committee 1980.

"From Prairie Plow Till Now." Milestone History Book Committee, Milestone, Sask. History of Milestone and district

"Heritage of the Wheatlands." Tuxford Heritage Committee, Tuxford, Sask. 1977. Tuxford and area including school districts of Blofield, Buffalo Lake, Clinton, Fairwell, South Lake and Westlake

"Holdfast- History and Heritage." Holdfast History and Heritage Committee/Phillips Publishers Ltd. 1980. History of Holfast and district

"Marquis Memories." Marquis History Book Group, Marquis, Sask. 1983. RM of Marquis #191 including school districts of Barton, Westlake and West Marquis

"Big Manitou Country 1905-1980 Volume II." Big Manitou Lake Historicial Association Marsden, Saskatchewan. History of the districts around Big Manitou Lake and the villages of Marsden, Neilburg, Point Lake, Roland View, Sherlock lake, Stanmore, Wells, and SYonker Saskatchewan

"Grassland to Grainland." Historical Seven Book Association 1982. History of Adanac, Phippen, Queenston, Crooked Valley, Local Centre, Cleavering and Tako

"The Best of Humboldt." Humboldt Journal, 1982.

"Milestones & Memories 1900-1980." Outlook-Broderick History Book Committee, Turner Warwick Printers Inc., 1980. Towns of Outlook, Broderick, Bratton, Glenside.

"Cordwood Days to Modern Ways." Porcupine Plain & District Historical Society, Porcupine Plain, Sask. (no year given) Carragana, Chelan, High Tor, Porcupine Plain, Somme and Weekes

"Reflections of Radisson 1902-1982" Radisson and District Historical Society 1982

"Builders of a Great Land History of the RM of The Gap No. 39 - Ceylon and Hardy" history committee of RM of Gap #39 1980

"Penzance Prairie Profiles" Penzance Historical Society 1982

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