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Vermont Journal, Windsor, August 2, 1884

Norwich News 8/2/1884

George L. KNIGHT has gone to Long Island canvassing.

A Blaine and Logan club has been organzed with the following officers: H.
E. KENDALL, President; George MESSENGER, M. S. COLBURN, Vice Presidents; A.
P. HATCH, Secretary; H. B. OLDS, treasurer; D. A. BURBAND, D. H. LOVELAND
and C. W. ENRIGHT, executive committee.

Mrs. Nancy COOK is visiting Miss Olive HUTCHINSON of this place.

Mr. CLEAVELAND of Brooklyn, N. Y., was in town this week.

The officers of the Cleaveland and Hendrick's Club are L. S. PARTRIDGE,
President; Bartlett SARGENT, Secretary; W. A. SLACK and Jerome FORREST,
executive committee.

During a thunder storm, Wednesday, the lightning struck a tree near the
house of W. S. HAZEN.

The democrats have chosen Bartlett SARGENT, Q. S. PARTRIDGE, W. S.
PARTRIDGE, W. A. SLACK, D. H. BRAGG  and S. C. ARMSTRONG  as delegates to
the county convention.

Mrs. George HAZEN of St. Johnsbury is visiting in town.

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Ruth Barton

Dummerston, VT

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