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From: "Madalyn Sheffar" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 19:29:19 -0300
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What in tarnation is all this hoopla about?

I thought I had joined a list of human beings sharing
information through the obituaries of their local newspapers,
not a mechanical info list. If I had wanted an impersonal
listing of obituaries, I could have gone on line to the various
newspaper websites and gotten that!

I cannot see how it could be disrespectful of the dead to
wish each other happiness at different seasons and holidays as
long as we do not get carried away with it! I'm sure all
MY DEAD would appreciate our caring for each other
even on an Obituary List.

I joined this list because it was people helping people and to be
very frank, I appreciated the Happy Canada Day wish Pat sent!!
Peter's message of acknowledgement save me from having to do
so, and the accidental link made me laugh as, being far from
perfect, I have occasionally done the same thing.

I do not deal well with obits at this time of year [too many family
deaths occurred at this time period over the years] and the friendly
words made my going through the other posts a lot easier.

I do not feel an apology was necessary or the repremand warrented.

Madalyn in NB

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