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Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 16:19:46 EDT

Hi Folks,

here are some more, the first few are Boats all at Runcorn,Cheshire.

Vessel "THE ANNIE",
David SHAW /M/21/Master (Bargee) (Manchester, Lancs) wife & mate----
William BAINES /U/18/Mate Bargee (Marston, Cheshire)

William BILTON /M/53/Flatman (Runcorn,Cheshire) with
John BILTON /U/28/Flatman (Mate) (Runcorn, Cheshire)

William POLLARD /M/32/ Master (Porlock,Somerset)
George DRAPER /M/39/Mate (Ilfracombe,Devon) with
William COLLINGS /U/18/A B Seaman (Bude,Cornwall) and
Thomas COLLINGS /U/17/O Seaman (Bude,Cornwall )

Samuel WALDRON /W/40/Master (Arklow.C.Wicklow,Ireland) with
William WALDRON /M/42/Mate (Arklow,C.Wicklow.Ireland
John Byam /U/20/ A B (Arklow.C.Wicklow.Ireland
Frances CARLING /U/28/ (Arklow.C.Wicklow,Ireland)
Joseph KAVANAGH /U/21/ Able Seaman (Wicklow. Ireland)
James LYNAH /U/16/Boy (Arklow.C.Wicklow.Ireland)

William PERRY/M/40/Master (Fowey,Cornwall) with
John PERRY /M/44/Mate (Fowey, Cornwall ) and
Richard Robinson TAYLOR /M/32/A B (Plymouth,Devon) and
Thomas PERRY /U/20/ A B (Shirkingland, Cork County) and
Samuel HARDY U/23/A B (Meveregesy, Cornwall) and
James BUTLER /U/17 O R (Brier Feel, Lancashire)

Thomas.H.COLBY /M/32/Master (Maine Bucksport,United States ) with
Richard SLUMAN //40/Mate (Padstow,Cornwall) and
David WEBBORN /W/38/ A B Seaman (Bishopstowm, Glamorgan, Wales) and
Knuch ANDERSSON /U/22/ Seaman (Aalesund, Norway and
George PATTERSON U/18/Cook (Belfast,Ireland)

Vessel "STAG",
William Henry WILKINSON /M/27/Master Bargee (Runcorn,Cheshire) alone

Vessel "MARINER".
Richard GANDY /M/51/Master (Bargee) Runcorn,Cheshire and
Joseph MARLOW U/21/Mate Bargee (Runcorn, Cheshire)

Vessel "AMERICA"
James TARBUCK /M/48/ Captain (Bargee) (Witton, Cheshire) with
William TARBUCK /U/21/Mate (Witton, Cheshire) and
Alfred SENIOR /M/22/Engine Driver (Barnton, Cheshire)

Vessel "MERSEY",
John WELSH /U/19/Mate (Bargee) (Runcorn, Cheshire) alone

at Warrendon Overton, Frodsham Lordship,Cheshire
Mary WEBB /Water Man's Wife (Frodsham , Cheshire) with 5

at Bridge Rd Cottages, Acton in Northwich, Cheshire
Samuel HIND/M/49/Water Man (Witton,Cheshire) with wife 5 ch.

at Bridge Lane Cottage, Acton in Northwich, Cheshire.
Mary CAWLEY /M/52/Waterman's wife (Dutton, Cheshire) with 2 ch.

at Bridge Lane Cottage, Acton in Northwich,Cheshire
John (Jnr) SUMNER /M/24/ Waterman (Weaverham,Cheshire) with wife & 2 daus.

at Dutton Bottom New Locks,River Weaver Boat "TERESE",
William BROWN /M/32/Waterman Captain (Manchester,ancs) with wife & 2 daus.

at Dutton Bottom New Locks ,River Weaver Barge "OPUS"
Joseph NEWALL /M/56/Waterman Captain (Winsford,Cheshire) with wife and ----
Edward HULSE /M/24/Mate Bargeman (blank)

at Dutton Bottom New Locks,River Weaver Barge "CORONA",
John HAYES /M/36/Waterman (Captain) (Runcorn,Cheshire)

at Dutton Bottom New Locks,River Weaver Steamer Suppl.
John ROBSON /M/57/Engine Driver (Bargeman) (Ormskirk,Lancs)

I'm not sure what some of the above Vessels are, but thought I would put the
in this time.

Regards Thelma

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