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From: "Alan Hale" <>
Subject: [CANAL-PEOPLE] Boatmen Census
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 16:17:41 -0000

Hi List,

Here are some census entries from Smethwick Archives. 1871 Oldbury &
1871 Tipton. I have been as accurate with the tracscription as
possible, but some of it was difficult to read. Hope you find someone!


1871 Oldbury

Canal Boat, Dolphin
Mark CAPEL head 22 Boatman City of Oxford
Agnes CAPEL wife 25 wife of Boatman Cheltenham, Glos

Canal Boat, Hatton
John TILSLEY head 36 Boatman Weston Upon Trent, Staffs

Canal Boat, Thomas
James WHEELER head 24 Boatman Cirencester, Glos
Jemima WHEELER wife 22 wife of Boatman Comb Hill, Glos
Rosanna WHEELER daughter 3 Gloucester
James WHEELER son 7m Gloucester
Issac TONKS assistant 8 Boat Lad Gloucester

Canal Boat, John
Robert MORGAN head 46 Boatman Montgomery
Mary MORGAN wife 50 Boatmans wife Oldbury, Worcs
John HADLEY assistant 18 Boatman Stourbridge, Worcs

Canal Boat, Henry
Thomas WIMBUSH head 19 Boatman Oldbury, Worcs
Ann WIMBUSH wife 20 Boatmans wife Rowley, Staffs
Thomas WIMBUSH son 3m Oldbury,Worcs
Priscilla DYOON 8 West Bromwich

Canal Boat, Enterprise
Samuel WIMBUSH head 27 Boatman Oldbury, Worcs
Sarah WIMBUSH wife 27 Boatmans wife Oldbury, Worcs
William WIMBUSH son 3 Oldbury, Worcs
Mary WIMBUSH daughter 1 Oldbury, Worcs

Canal Boat, Tilley
George ALFORD head 26 Boatman Aston Ingram, Herefordshire
Lidia STEEL 65 Assistant Gloucester
Emily STEEL 20 Assistant Gloucester

Canal Boat, Prince Of Wales
Samuel WIMBUSH head 55 Boatman Berkhampsted, Herts
Hannah WIMBUSH wife 52 Boatmans wife Oldbury, Worcs
John WIMBUSH son 11 Boat Lad Oldbury, Worcs

Canal Boat, Black Eagle
Thomas SALT head 42 Boatman St Martins, Worcester
Ann SALT wife 36 Boatmans wife St Peters, Worcester
Sarah SALT daughter 12 St Peters, Worcester
Elizabeth SALT daughter 10 St Peters, Worcester
Rosannah SALT daughter 8 St Peters, Worcester
Alice SALT daughter 4 St Peters, Worcester
Thos SALT son 1y 3m St Peters, Worcester

Canal Boat, (no name)
John CLARKE head 44 Boatman Warwicks
Sarah CLARKE wife 40 Boatmans wife Warwicks, Stratford on Avon
Elizabeth CAMIAN assistant 16 Great Bridge Staffs

Canal Boat, Unity
William COMPTON head 29 Boatman Coventry
Martha COMPTON wife 27 Boatmans wife Salop
Sophia COMPTON daughter 2 Tunstall, Staffs
Edward COMPTON son 2m Tunstall, Staffs

Canal Boat, Newport
Thomas GRANGER head 55 Boatman Gloucester, Tewkesbury
Esther GRANGER wife 50 Boatmans wife Gloucester, Tewkesbury
Thomas GRANGER son 16 Boatman Gloucester, Tewkesbury
John GRANGER son 10 Gloucester, Tewkesbury

Canal Boat, Raywell
William GROVES head 32 Boatman Gloucester
William WATTS servant 22 Boatmans Ass Gloucester
Frederick HALL servant 13 Boatmans Ass Gloucester

Canal Boat, Swansey
John ALLEN head 41 boatman Gloucester, Bedworth
Elizabeth ALLEN wife 40 Boatmans wife Tipton, Staffs
Mary Ann ALLEN daughter 20 Assistant Tipton, Staffs
William ALLEN son 14 West Bromwich, Staffs
Charlotte ALLEN daughter 2 West Bromwich, Staffs
Sarah Jane ALLEN daughter 1m Gloucester
Betsy ALLEN daughter 5 West Bromwich, Staffs

Canal Boat, Providence
George JONES head 21 Boatman Gloucester
Charles JONES servant 14 Boatmans ASS Gloucester

1871 Tipton

Canal Boat, Elizabeth
Thomas FOSTER master 54 Master Bargeman Staffs, Tipton
Hannah FOSTER wife 53 Staffs, Tipton
Mary Ann BURKE 13 Staffs, Tipton

Canal Boat, No 17 Barge
Joseph RUISON master 18 master Bargeman Staffs, Rowley
Joseph GREEN mate 20 Mate Warwick, Stratford

Canal Boat, Barge no No.
Joseph SADLER master 60 Master Stafford, Wombourn
Sarah SADLER wife 63 Stafford, Wordsley

Canal Boat, Mary Ann
William STUBBS master 41 Barge Master Stafford Burton on Trent
Esther STUBBS wife 34 Stafford, Stafford, Wombourn
William STUBBS son 15 Horse Driver Stafford, Burton On Trent
Mary Ann STUBBS daughter 12 Preston
Samuel STUBBS son 12 Preston

Canal Boat, Nancy
Benjamin STEVENS master 45 Barge Master Worcester, Oldbury
Susann STEVENS wife 45 Worcester, Oldbury
Nancy STEVENS 20 Assistant Worcester, Oldbury
Emma FRANK 10 Worcester Oldbury

Canal Boat, Margaret
John WHITEHOUSE 16 Barge master Worcester Oldbury
Noah WHITEHOUSE 18 Mate Herefordshire, Hereford

Canal Boat, Selina
Jacob WHITEHOUSE head 43 Barge Master Ledbury, Herefordshire
Elizabeth WHITEHOUSE wife 42 Herefordshire, Withington
Thomas WHITEHOUSE son 6 Satffs, Tipton
Elizabeth WHITEHOUSE daughter 4 Staffs, Tipton
Jacob WHITEHOUSE son 3 staffs, Tipton
Alfred WHITEHOUSE son 1 Staffs, Tipton

Canal Boat, Eliza
George HARRISON head 39 master Bargeman Worcester, Dudley
Mary Ann HARRISON wife 35 Staffs
George HARRISON son 10 Staffs
Charlotte HARRISON daughter 8 Burton, Stafford
Ann Selina HARRISON daughter 6 Staffs, West Bromwich
Mary Ann HARRISON daughter 2 Staffs

Canal Boat, Derby
Charles SUTTON head 34 Master Bargeman Nantwich
Hannah SUTTON wife 32 Oxford
George SUTTON son 9 Stafford Longhurst
Charles SUTTON son 8
Thomas SUTTON son 5 Stafford Tunstall
Elizabeth SUTTON daughter 4 Staffs, Tipton
Hannah SUTTON, daughter 1 Staffs, Burton

Canal Boat, Florida
Thomas STEVENS head 30 Master Bargeman Worcester, Oldbury
Nancey STEVENS wife 28 Worcester, Oldbury
James STOKES 13 Horse Driver Staffs, Tipton

Canal Boat, Industrious
Samuel HARRISON head 66 Master Bargeman Warwickshire, Bedworth
Judith HARRISON wife 65 Warwickshire, Bedworth
Elizabeth CURRELL 19 Horse Driver NK
Eliza HARRISON Gd daughter 8 Staffs, Tipton

Canal Boat, Volunteer
William SANDERS head 32 Master Bargeman Staffs, Tipton
Hannah SANDERS wife 25 Staffs, Tipton
William SANDERS son 8m Staffs, Tipton

Canal Boat, Harriet
William WELLS head 57 Master Bargeman Oxford
John DUCKETT 30 Mate Oxford

Canal Boat, The Hull
George HAYFIELD head 64 Master Bargeman Worcestershire, Oldbury
George HAWKINS 36 Mate Worcestershire, Oldbury

Canal Boat, The Shamrock
John BERRY 30 Mate Worcestershire, Newlan

Canal Boat, The Kite
William PALLING 19 mate Staffs, Tipton
John ROBERTS 16 Labourer on board Salop, Whitchurch
Ricahrd PRICE 18 Assistant Montgomeryshire New Town
William BATE 16 Assistant Lancashire

Canal Boat, Plover
Benjamin GRIFFITHS 22 Mate Staffs, Hanley
Thomas JONES 21 Mates Assistant Worcestershire, Stourport

Canal Boat, Dudley
Samuel PAINTER 19 Mate Warwickshire, Birmingham

Canal Boat, Danks
Joseph WASSELL head 40 Master Staffs, Wordsley
Ann WASSELL wife 50 Worcestershire, Upton On Severn
William WASSELL son 21 Mate Staffs, Stourport

Canal Boat, President
James ROBOTHAM head 28 Master Stafford, Wordsley
Ann ROBOTHAM wife 28 Worcestershire, Kidderminster
Thomas ROBOTHAM son 8 Staffs, Wordsley
Theresa ROBOTHAM daughter 6 Staffs, Wordsley
William ROBOTHAM son 3 Staffs, Wordsley
George ROBOTHAM son 9m Staffs, Wordsley

Canal Boat, Thomas
William TROTMAN 57 Master Bargeman Gloucestershire, Churcham
William HYMES 20 Mate Gloucestershire Chelmsford

Canal Boat, Trafalgar
Joseph COULDRY head 35 Master Bargeman Gloucester, Chelmsford
Elizabeth COULDRY wife 33 Worcestershire, Oldbury
Eliza COULDRY daughter 14 Worcestershire, Oldbury
George COULDRY son 7 Worcestershire, Oldbury
Jemima COULDRY daughter 5 Worcestershire, Oldbury
Walter COULDRY son 3 Worcestershire, Oldbury
Ernest COULDRY son 2

Canal Boat, James
Joseph BOWDLER head 44 Master Bargeman Staffs, Brewood
Ann BOWDLER wife 33 Staffs, Kinver
Mary Jane BOWDLER daughter 5 Staffs, Brettle Lane
Ellen BOWDLER daughter 4 Cheshire
Elizabeth BOWDLER daughter 2 Staffs

Canal Boat, Emma
Henry GREEN head 34 Master Bargeman Coventry
Mana GREEN wife 28 Gloucestershire, Tewksbury
Joseph Henry GREEN son 6 Worcestershire, Dudley
Margerite GREEN daughter 4 Worcestershire, Dudley
Reuben GREEN son 5m Staffs

Canal Boat, Princess Royal
John HUGHES 40 Master Bargeman Gloucestershire
Thomas DAVIES 30 Mate Herefordshire, Tewksbury

Canal Boat, Charles Henry
Robert SMITH head 52 Master Bargeman Worcester
Jane SMITH wife 46 Worcester
Eliza SMITH daughter 14 Worcester
Jane SMITH daughter 9 Worcester

Canal Boat, Eliza
Charles SMITH head 25 Master Bargeman Worcester
William SMITH brother Mate Worcester
Thomas SPURNER 19 Mates Assistant, Middlesex, London

Canal Boat, John
John BAGLEY head 45 Master Bargeman Warwickshire, Birmingham
Hannah BAGLEY wife 45 Staffs, Bilston
Richard BAGLEY son 10 Staffs, Bilston
Sarah BAGLEY daughter 8 Staffs, Stoke
Eliza BAGLEY daughter 4 Cheshire, Chester

Canal Boat, Worthey
Joseph TAYLOR head 55 Master Bargeman Warwickshire, Bedworth
Mary TAYLOR wife 53 Salop, Shiffnall
Ann TAYLOR daughter 12 Warwickshire, Bedworth
George TAYLOR son 11 Warwickshire, Bedworth

Canal Boat, Pearl
John HERP head 33 Master Bargeman Staffs, Tipton
Priscilla HERP wife 25 Staffs, Brierley Hill
Jane HERP daughter 11 Staffs, Tipton
Fanny HERP daughter Staffs, Tipton
Hannah HERP daughter 1 Staffs, Tipton

Canal Boat, The Omega
John MUDIANT head 20 Master Bargeman Worcestershire, Kidderminster
Sarah MUDIANT wife 23 Staffs, Sedgley
John MUDIANT son 6m Staffs, Sedgley
Henry TONKS 17 Mate Warwickshire, Birmingham

Canal Boat, The Tipton Lass
Joseph DAVIES head 40 master Bargeman Wilts, Wooton Bassett
Eliza DAVIES wife 38 Warwick, Birmingham
Sarah Ann DAVIES daughter 11 Staffs, Wolverhampton
Caroline DAVIES daughter 9 Staffs, Wolverhampton
James DAVIES son 6 North Wales, Denbighshire, Bala
Elizabeth DAVIES daughter 3 Staffs, Wolverhampton
Eliza DAVIES daughter 7m Wales, Denbighshire, St Martin Moors

Canal Boat, Victoria
John BANKS head 60 Master Bargeman Yorkshire, Halifax
William BANKS son 14 Staffs, Wolverhampton

Canal Boat, No. 25
Peter HOLLOWAY head 50 Master Bargeman Staffs, West Bromwich Catherine
HOLLOWAY wife 48 Staffs, West Bromwich
Fanny HOLLOWAY daughter 14 Staffs, West Bromwich
Harry HOLLOWAY son 12 Staffs, West Bromwich
Hannah HOLLOWAY daughter 10 Staffs, West Bromwich
Sarah HOLLOWAY daughter 8 Staffs, West Bromwich
Peter HOLLOWAY son 6 Staffs, West Bromwich

Canal Boat, Great Bridge
George SAVAGE head 34 master Bargeman Gloucester, Tewksbury
Ann SAVAGE wife 33 Stafford Stone
Elizabeth SAVAGE daughter 10 Bucks, Rugby
Caroline SAVAGE daughter 5 Warwickshire, Hatton
James SAVAGE son 3 Warwickshire, Knowle
Jane SAVAGE daughter 1 Worcester

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