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From: "Dana Kime" <>
Subject: Re: [CANevada] DEATH OBITS
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 17:38:07 -0700
References: <MFMBM024WtIIZS2TRqf0000ae55@mfmbm024.myfamilycorp.local>

There are about 47 Samuel Phillips in the CA death index. How old was
Samuel when he died? What was his mother's first name? How do you know he
is buried in Grass Valley?

You can access the CA death index through RootsWeb. When you are on their
home page, click on the RootsWeb databases and search engines. Go down the
page until you see Records from Federal and State Reserves. Under that is
the CA Death Records.You might be able to figure out if he is one of the 47
listed. If he is not there, he might have died in another state and is
buried in CA.

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