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Nathaniel Cannon is listed as a member of Big Sandy Missionary Baptist Church
from 1812 to1836
Under Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church: Organized 1837, it's original
members came overfrom the Big Sandy Missionary Baptist Church. Records from
the Cannon Family claim the land forerecting the church was given by
Nathaniel Cannon, whos wife was Francis Sumner. They were among the first
bearing that name to settle in Wilkinson co. Both were born in SC. The
church is located on the Laurens - Wilkinson Co. line. It was apparently
placed there to convienance the Cannon families. Others who withdrew from Big
Sandy helped to form Pleasant Plains. Those named as organizers of Mount
Olive were; William Payne, a minister, and his wife Sara, Benjamin Fordham
lll (Elsie miller); Nathan Cannon and his son Miles (Nancy Isler); John
Holliman (Prudence Hooks); Anna Buckholtz and Martha Payne.

Children of Nathaniel Cannon and Francis Sumner are:
2. i. WILEY2 CANNON, b. 1791, Burke Co. GA; d. 06/08/1857, Columbus,
Muscogee Co. GA.
3. ii. ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) CANNON, b. 1794, Burke Co. GA.
iii. LUCRETIA CANNON, b. 1796, Burke Co. GA; m. (1) JAMES JUSTICE, Abt
1824; m. (2) JOHN W. RYE, 1825-1826.
4. iv. MILES CANNON, b. 10/02/1797, Laurens Co. SC; d. 10/16/1853, GA ?.
v. KEZIAH CANNON, b. 08/08/1799, Burks Co, GA; m. (1) JESSE HARRIS; m.
J.L. HANCOCK, 03/07/1822, Wilkinson Co. GA.
5. vi. ALLEN CANNON, b. 1801, Wilkinson Co. GA.
6. vii. NATHANIEL JR. CANNON, b. 1801, Wilkinson Co. GA.
7. viii. DIDEMMA CANNON, b. 1803, Wilkinson Co. GA; d. Abt 1880.
8. ix. JOICIE CANNON, b. 1805, Wilkinson Co. GA; d. 1832, Wilkinson Co.
9. x. JAMES CANNON, b. 03/04/1809, Wilkinson Co. GA; d. 06/13/1857.

Generation No. 2

2. WILEY2 CANNON (NATHANIEL1) was born 1791 in Burke Co. GA, and died
06/08/1857 in Columbus, Muscogee Co. GA. He married (1) CHARLOTTE UNKNOWN
1818 in Muscogee Co. GA. He married (2) SUSANNA SHEPARD 1851 in Cass co.

Children of Wiley Cannon and Charlotte Unknown are:
i. ZILPHY3 CANNON, b. 1822; m. THOMAS G. WOOD, 10/16/1844, Muscogee
Co. Georgia.
10. ii. WHERRY M. CANNON, b. 01/16/1823, Wilkinson Co. GA; d. Bef 1871,
Wilkinson Co. GA.
11. iii. SARAH CANNON, b. 1824, Muscogee Co. GA.
iv. JAMES CANNON, b. 1825, Muscogee Co. Georgia.
12. v. MALISSA CANNON, b. 1826, Muscogee Co. GA.
vi. LEMUEL CANNON, b. 01/02/1826, Muscogee Co. GA; d. 06/27/1902; m.
NANCY WHITE, 01/08/1859, Muscogee Co. GA.
vii. LEWIS C CANNON, b. 1829, Muscogee Co. GA.
viii. JOHN F. CANNON, b. 1830, Muscogee Co. GA; d. 1850, Columbus,
Harris, GA.
ix. ELBERT CANNON, b. 1832, Muscogee Co. GA; m. NELLIE WOMACK,
12/22/1857, Coosa, AL.
13. x. DAVID CANNON, b. 1834, Wilkinson, GA; d. Cass Co. TX.
xi. JESSE D CANNON, b. 05/1836, Muscogee, GA; d. 04/06/1909, Cass co.
Texas; m. CATHRINE WOMMACK, Muscogee Co. Georgia.
xii. ROBERT J CANNON, b. 1838, Muscogee Co. Georgia.

Child of Wiley Cannon and Susanna Shepard is:
xiii. ANDREW W.3 CANNON, b. 1855, Wilkinson Co Georgia.

3. ELIZABETH (LIZZIE)2 CANNON (NATHANIEL1) was born 1794 in Burke Co. GA.
She married WILLIAM NATHAN BOWEN 1816 in Wilkinson Co. GA.

Child of Elizabeth Cannon and William Bowen is:
14. i. WILLIAM N.3 BOWEN, b. 1817.

4. MILES2 CANNON (NATHANIEL1) was born 10/02/1797 in Laurens Co. SC, and
10/16/1853 in GA ?. He married NANCY ISLER 06/1820 in Burke Co. GA, daughter
of Nathan Isler and Lishy Unknown.

Miles Cannon was listed as Head of household in 1820 Georgia census
Miles Cannon and his wife Nancy were listed as members of the Big Sandy
Missionary Baptist Church from 1832 to 1837

Children of Miles Cannon and Nancy Isler are:
15. i. JOHN G.3 CANNON, b. 1821, Wilkinson Co GA.
ii. NATHANIEL I CANNON, b. 1825, Wilkinson Co GA; d. 1863.
16. iii. WYLIE LEWIS CANNON, b. 11/03/1827, Wilkinson Co GA; d. 03/14/1863.
iv. WILLIAM A. CANNON, b. 1833, Wilkinson Co GA; m. SARAH L DUPREE,
10/05/1852, Wilkinson Co GA.
v. NATHAN W. CANNON, b. 1836, Wilkinson Co GA.
17. vi. DAVID S CANNON, b. 1838, Wilkinson Co. GA.
18. vii. MILES JEFFERSON CANNON, b. 1842, Wilkinson Co GA.
viii. NANCY L. CANNON, b. 1844, Wilkinson Co GA; m. WILEY BENDER.

5. ALLEN2 CANNON (NATHANIEL1) was born 1801 in Wilkinson Co. GA. He married
RACHAEL MARY RIGSBY 1840 in Wilkinson Co. GA.

Children of Allen Cannon and Rachael Rigsby are:
i. FRANCES ANN3 CANNON, m. THOMAS DICKSON, 10/20/1846, Wilkinson Co.
ii. LEAH JEAN CANNON, m. JOEL LOFTON, 07/29/1852, Wilkinson Co GA.
iv. PHOEBE ANN CANNON, m. JAMES (JESSE) RERCO, 11/07/1849, Wilkinson Co
v. IVERSON CANNON, b. 1830; m. VIRGINIA MURKINSON, 09/30/1852,
Wilkinson Co GA.
20. vi. WILLIAM FRANKLIN CANNON, b. 1839, Wilkinson Co GA; d. 1903.

6. NATHANIEL JR.2 CANNON (NATHANIEL1) was born 1801 in Wilkinson Co. GA.

A nate Cannon was listed in the 1820 Wilkinson co. Georgia census

Children of Nathaniel Cannon are:
i. HARRIET3 CANNON, b. 1829, Wilkinson Co. GA.
ii. WILLIAM H. CANNON, b. 1831, Wilkinson Co. GA.

7. DIDEMMA2 CANNON (NATHANIEL1) was born 1803 in Wilkinson Co. GA, and died
Abt 1880. She married (1) THEOPHILUS MASON 1825 in Wilkinson Co GA. She
married (2),GEORGE BRACK 1840.

Children of Didemma Cannon and Theophilus Mason are:
vii. NATHANIEL ENET MASON, b. 10/29/1826, GA; d. 01/01/1910; m. RACHEL
BRANAN, 1866.
viii. JAMES ALLEN MASON, b. 11/03/1834, Wilkinson Co GA; d.
10/30/1911; m.
ix. AMANDA C./E. MASON, b. 1836, Ga; m. ELI NESMITH.

Children of Didemma Cannon and George Brack are:

8. JOICIE2 CANNON (NATHANIEL1) was born 1805 in Wilkinson Co. GA, and died
1832 in Wilkinson Co. GA. She married GEORGE HARRISON.

Child of Joicie Cannon and George Harrison is:

9. JAMES2 CANNON (NATHANIEL1) was born 03/04/1809 in Wilkinson Co. GA, and
died 06/13/1857. He married LEAH STANLEY WEST Abt 1830 in Wilkinson Co. GA,
daughter of James Stanley and Leah Fordham.

Wilkinson Co georga Historical collections by Maddox states that
James and wife Leah Stanley were members of Big Sandy Missionary Baptist
Church from 1832 to 1837

Children of James Cannon and Leah West are:
i. WILLIAM3 CANNON, b. Wilkinson Co. GA.
ii. FRANKLIN ALLEN CANNON, b. 09/16/1832, Wilkinson Co. GA; d. 1915,
Laurens Co. GA.
iii. HARDY W. CANNON, b. 1834, Wilkinson Co. GA.
iv. MARY F. CANNON, b. 1836, Wilkinson Co. GA; m. H.M. GREEN.
v. BENJAMIN F. CANNON, b. 1837, Wilkinson Co. GA.
vi. NANCY A. CANNON, b. 1838, Wilkinson Co. GA.
vii. EDWARD B. CANNON, b. 1840, Wilkinson Co. GA.
viii. WINNIFORD CANNON, b. 1841, Wilkinson Co. GA; m. JAMES A.
ix. LEAH M. CANNON, b. 1844, Wilkinson Co. GA.
x. RACHEL A. CANNON, b. 1847, Wilkinson Co. GA.
xi. LUCRETIA J. CANNON, b. 1848, Wilkinson Co. GA; m. R.J. STUCKEY.
xii. JOSEPH M. CANNON, b. 1850, Wilkinson Co. GA.
xiii. ELSIE ALSY CANNON, b. 1851, Wilkinson Co. GA; m. GEORGE NATHAN
xiv. GEORGE W CANNON, b. 10/03/1853, Wilkinson Co. GA.

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