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From: "Florence H. King" <>
Subject: [CANNON-L] John CANON / James Cannon 1755 SC lineage
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 20:04:57 -0600

This is the information that I have on John CANON of Mecklenburg County, NC.
I have nothing on his parents, though your chart shows that he is the son of
James Cannon. What is the source of your information. Notice that I have
no additional information on John's son James.


1. John CANON1 was born in 1730 in Scotland or Maryland. He died on 1 Jan
1794 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He was buried in Hopewell
Presbyterian Church Cemetery. He served in the Mecklenburg militia, NC, in
Revolutionary War. He was Calvinistic Presbyterian. Bought land in North
Carolina in 1769.
Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774 by Murtie June Clark (Conroe,TX,
lib) p. 678: John Cannon - soldier, Muster Roll of Edgecombe Co. Militia,
NC (1750's), Capt Nathaniel Bradford's Company. At death had farm, 9 negros
(father, mother, 3 boys, 4 girls). (Anson County formed 1749 from Bladen
County; Mecklenburg County formed 1762 from Anson County). Anson County, NC
Abstracts of Early Records: Deed Book #1 page 1. 12 Jul 1766: Philemon
Terrill, of SC, to Vann SWearingen of Anson, for 5 pounds, tract in Anson on
CHeck's Creek, 100 acres granted to John Cannon, 5 Dec 1760.

He was married to Martha A in Pennsylvania before 1763. Martha A was born
in 1734 in Coch, Pennsylvania (?). She died on 8 Oct 1798 in Mecklenburg
County, North Carolina. She was buried in Hopewell Presbyterian Church
Cemetery. Several sources state Martha A. as Alexander, but no proof yet
established. Her son John named a son James Addison Canon. Her
granddaughter, Jane Smith Golden (mother was Ann Canon), named a son Samuel
Addison Golden. Could Addison be her maiden name? John CANON and Martha A
had the following children:

+2i.Mary CANON.
3ii.James CANON.
+4iii.Abigail (Abby) CANON.
+5iv.Job(e) CANON.
6v.Joseph CANON.
7vi.Samuel CANON.
8vii.Benjamin CANON. "Sketch of Our Canon Family" by John W. Canon,
Blum, Texas, dated 12 Sep 1904 (John W. Canon was gradson of John Canon,
Jr.): "Ben and Job, it was said, were never married. Ben was a school
teacher and also a teacher of vocal music. I know nothing of his death."
+9viii.Martha (Patsy) CANON.
+10ix.John CANON Jr..
+11x.Ann CANON.


2. Mary CANON.

4. Abigail (Abby) CANON. Listed as Abby Garison in will.

5. Job(e) CANON. "Sketch of Our Canon Family" by John W. Canon, Blum,
Texas, dated 12 Sep 1904 (John W. Canon was gradson of John Canon, Jr.): Job
went to Memphis, Tennessee, with Uncle Alfred Canon about the year '41 or
'42 and mysteriously disappeared from camp at night and never was heard
from. It was supposed he drowned himself in the Mississippi River, or
wandered off, as he was in destitute circumstances he may have suicided."
(There is a
DAR line proven through Job, so this death information is inaccurate.)

9. Martha (Patsy) CANON died in 1844 in Lafayette County, Mississippi. She
was buried in College Hill Presbyterian Church, Mississippi. "Sketch of Our
Canon Family" by John W. Canon, Blum, Texas, dated 12 Sep 1904 (John W.
Canon was gradson of John Canon, Jr.): "Martha, one of the daughters,
married a Wallace, was left a widow with several children--at least 4--two
were sons. Albert the oldest and Marcus, both Calvinistic Presbyterians (as
were all the Canon family). Albert was considered very talented. Martha,
Aunt Patsy we called her, died in Lafayette County, Mississippi, seven miles
west of Oxford in 1844, was buried at College Hill Presbyterian Church, as
was also my grandfather John Canon in 1842 or 1843. . . Albert and Marcus
Wallace lived in Mississippi--Lafayette County--at the time of their
mother's death. Albert went back to North Carolina. Mark married and lived
in Jefferson, Cass County, in 1852."
Martha is the last child named in John's will..."recommend her to her
Mother's care."

Martha (Patsy) CANON and WALLACE had the following children:

12i.Albert WALLACE.
13ii.Marcus WALLACE.

10. John CANON Jr.2 was born on 8 May 1764 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
He died between 1840 and 1843 in Lafayette County, Mississippi. He was
buried in College Hill Presbyterian Church, Mississippi. He resided in
North Carolina and Mississippi. He was Presbyterian.

He was married to Mary (Polly) Scott MOORE (daughter of Moses MOORE and Ann
ALEXANDER) on 23 Dec 1791 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.3 Mary
(Polly) Scott MOORE was born on 9 Jun 1776 in North Carolina. She died in
1840 in Lafayette County, Mississippi. age 76 death probably in Mecklenburg
County, NC, before move to MS She was buried in College Hill Presbyterian
Church, Mississippi. She was Presbyterian. John CANON Jr. and Mary (Polly)
Scott MOORE had the following children:

+14i.James Addison CANON.
+15ii.Martha Deidonia (Patsey) CANON.
+16iii.Anne Elmira CANON.
+17iv.Abigal Eliza CANON.
+18v.Moses Moore Harvey CANON.
+19vi.Mary Elvia (Polly) CANON.
+20vii.Alfred Orville CANON.
21viii.Jane Harriet CANON was born on 7 May 1814. She died. died about
1850 of typhoid fever
+22ix.Marguerite Louisa CANON.
23x.James McRee Whitfield CANON was born on 26 Dec 1819. He died. died
1850 of typhoid fever
24xi.John Franklin Robinson CANON was born on 26 Dec 1819. twin to

11. Ann CANON was born about 1763. "Sketch of Our Canon Family" by John W.
Canon, Blum, Texas, dated 12 Sep 1904 (John W. Canon was grandson of John
Canon, Jr.): "The other daughter's name, not known, married Ali Smith who
is also my great-grandfather on my mother's side."

P. Eleazer (Eliezer) SMITH4 (son of Ebenezer SMITH and Jean (Jane)) was born
in 1751 in Pennsylvania.5 LDS GedCom gives birth abt 1757. He died after
1830. Received pension checks for Rev War service in 1828, 1829, 1830. Not
in 1830 census--either died or moved from SC. He resided Pendelton
Distsrict, SC. He served in the Revolutionary War as wagoner. Ann CANON
and P. Eleazer (Eliezer) SMITH had the following children:

+25i.Jane SMITH.
+26ii.George SMITH Rev.
27iii.Benjamin SMITH was born about 1787. lived in Abbeville County, SC
28iv.Samuel SMITH was born about 1789. lived in Anderson County, SC
29v.Robert SMITH was born about 1791. lived in Anderson County, SC
30vi.Ebenezer SMITH was born about 1793. lived in Union township, SC


1. NSDAR records
Will of John Canon (Will Book A, pp 204-206. C. R. 065.801.13

1st US census 1790 Mecklenburg County, District 6: 3 males over 16, 1
male under 16, 1 female.
2. NSDAR records
"Sketch of our Canon Family" by John W. Canon in Blum, Texas, 12 Sep 1904:
"John, I suppose, was the oldest child.".
3. North and South Carolina Marriage Records, compiled and edited by
Montgomery Clemens: p. 54 Cannon, John and Polly Scot Moore 23 Dec 1791
Mecklenburg County, NC.
4. Pendleton District, SC, 1790 census: 2 sons under 16, 3 females
1800 census: 5 sons and 2 daughters
1820 census: 1 son (age 16-25) and 1 dau
(age 10-16)
In 1827 sold 13 acres and may have moved to NC or GA

Information supplied by Jo Harrison, 1008 Carroll Drive, Yoakum, TX 77995

Roster of SC Patriots in the American Revolution by Bobby Gilmer Moss:
AA7117: enlisted in the Continental Line in NC as wagoner under Col. Polk
in 1776, in Charleston during the battle at Sullivan's Island; under Col.
Lee on the expedition to St. Augustine; to Philadelphia, serving under
Gen. Washington until after the battle at Germantown; under Capt. James
Thompson repelling foraging parties while Cornwallis lay at Charleston.
5. from application for a Revolutionary pension: also states he was an
infant when his parents came to Abbeville County, SC.

Florence H. King

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> Hi
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> district SC and died in 1849 in Daviess Co. Indiana. I have been
> searching
> for his parentage for 25 years. Tonight someone emailed me the following
> lineage for this James. Does anyone have any places or proof for this
> lineage? Is it valid?
> Michele Brooks
> James Cannon d 1849 bur Old Union
> f John Cannon b 1726/27 - d 1794
> m Martha Alexander
> gf James Cannon b 1695 - d ?
> gm Mary Boren
> ggf William Cannon b 1670 - d 1708
> ggm Mary Willen
> gggf Thomas Cannon b 1640 England - d
> Baltimore, Maryland
> gggm unknown
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