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Subject: Zebulon Cantrell Book
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 23:51:19 GMT

Hello, Cantrell cousins - or I should say cousins-in-law. This is my
husband's family. <BG>

I received a book in the mail today on ZEBULON CANTRELL.
by Carmi G. CANTRELL, Springfield, IL

Here is a little of what she has to say about Zebulon. Do not ask me where
she got the info. on the first part of this. She does not say.

The Cantrell family is of Welch, Scotch, and Irish decent. Zebulon Cantrell
came from Wales to America about the year 1700. Some say that two brothers
came with him, but of this I find no record.
He had a son Josepha, and Josepha had a son Joshua. Joshaua's grandson,
John S Cantrell, of Darby, Kansas, has the original evidence that he took
out naturalization papers.

"Pittsylvania County. I do hereby certify that Joshua Cantril, oath taken
and subscribed the oath or affirmation of allegiance and fidelity, as
directed by an act of General Assembly, entitled, An Act to oblige the free
male inhabitants of this state above a certain age to give assurance of
allegiance to the same, and for other purposes. Witness my hand and seal
this 6th day of September, 1777.
(signed) J. L. Morton".

Joshua CANTRELL was a soldier in the war for American Independence. He was
born in Pennsylvania, but moved to virginia, then to Kentucky in 1789. He
was the father of nine sons, but no daughters. Four of his sons died
without families, the other five married in Kentucky and moved to Ohio,
then to Illinois. There were born to them 64 children, 33 sons and 31

The copy of the record given below is not complete, but is just as my
grandfather made it.


To the present time, 1829, including a period of eighty-one years.

JOSHUA CANTRELL,born August 8, 1748 - Died September 9, 1800.
Ann Graham, CANTRELL, his wife, born May 3, 1751 died February 19,
From whom descended:
1st. Zebulon G. Cantrell, born June 29, 1773-married Sarah McCollam, born
February 8, 1779.
Ann Cantrell, born Aug. 31, 1789-d. May 16, 1822.
Polly Cantrell, born July 29, 1800
Joshua Cantrell, born April 3, 1802.
Chrispan Cantrell, born Feb. 29, 1804.
Agnes Minerva Cantrell. Born Sep. 12, 1806.
John McCollam Cantrell, born Feb. 22, 1808.
James Madison Cantrell, Born april 10, 1810.
Sarah Cantrell, born Mar. 14, 1812.
Zebulon Pike Cantrell, born Jan 17, 1814.
Eliza Cantrell, born July 4, 1816.
Rebecca and Rachel Cantrell, born July 25, 1818.
Wyatt Cantrell, born May 11, 1821.
William Levi Cantrell, born May 15, 1823.
2d. James Cantrell, born August 24, 1775-died August 24, 1778.
3d. Christopher Cantrell, born May 16, 1778.
4th. Joshua Cantrell, born April 3, 1779. Married Rachel McCollam, Born
April 2, 1781.
Elizabeth Cantrell, born February 27, 1800
Jane Cantrell, born August 4, 1801.
Thirza Cantrell, born Dec. 25, 1802
Zabulon Cantrell, born August 24, 1805.
Mahala Cantrell, born July 1, 1807
Polly Cantrell, born February 8, 1810
William Cantrell, born April 1, 1812.
Levi Cantrell, born May 6, 1814.
Naancy Cantrell, born June 13, 1816.
Joshua Christopher Cantrell, born Sep. 20, 1818.
Seth Cantrell, born Aug 25, 1812.
Eli Cantrell, born February 6, 1824.
Rachel Cantrell, born April 23, 1826.
5th Thomas Carsey Cantrell, born October 11, 1782, died Sep 30, 1797.
6th. William G. Cantrell, born Sep. 6th, 1784. married Deborah Metz, born
Nov. 16, 1785.
Dorothy Cantrell, born Mar 15, 1805.
Elizabeth Cantrell, born August 29, 1808.
Joshua M. Cantrell, born Dec. 17, 1810.
Thirza Cantrell, born Nov. 8, 1812.
Adam M. Cantrell, born Feb. 27, 1815.
Deborah Cantrell, born Feb 16, 1817.
Mahala Cantrell, born Dec. 4, 1818.
Susannah Cantrell, born Nov 23, 1820
William M. Cantrell, born Dec 28, 1822.
Maranda Cantrell, born May 12, 1826.
Andrew Jackson Cantrell, born Jan. 4, 1829
7th. Levi Cantrell, born Oct. 1, 1787. married, Fanny England, born October
2, 1792.
Thomas Cantrell, born Oct 11, 1810.
Ann Cantrell, born July 17, 1812
Nancy Cantrell, born Nov 13, 1813.
Stephen L. Cantrell, born Apr 4, 1815.
Celindra Cantrell, born nov 14, 1816
Eleanor Cantrell, born Oct. 17, 1822
Rachel Cantrell, born February 8, 1824
Charles S. Cantrell, born Jan 6, 1826
Joshua L. Cantrell, born July 28, 1828
8th. Wyatt Cantrell, born Dec 20, 1790. married Sally England, born Nov 2,
Eliza Cantrell, born Sep 8, 1813.
Samuel denny Cantrell, born Feb. 9, 1813.
David P. Cantrell, born May 7, 1818.
Zabulon E. Cantrell, born Aug. 11, 1823
Wyatt E. Cantrell, born March 22, 1835
Stephen England Cantrell, born April 20, 1827.
9th. Samuel Cantrell, born Feb. 3, 1793. died July 24, 1795.

Then there is a will dated May 14, 1841 and signed by
Zebulon G. Cantrell. naming all of his children.
DeWitt County, Ill..

Does any of the names and dates hit anyone you are researching? If so I
will look up things for you and tell you what she has as documentation.

Lynn Bain


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