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Subject: Re: [CAPPS] John Capps living in SC ca 1758
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 00:59:04 +0000
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You may want to look at which is our Capps DNA website. The Patriarch Page, Results Page and Misc Page may be of interest to you. There are 2 Capps DNA groups that we have identified in the United States. We have also found that Capes testers are related to the Capps testers more than 400 years ago. Each Capes matches a different Capps Group.

>From our paper genealogies and DNA Tests we believe that in the late 1700s that the SC Capps have a genetic connection to the Capps in Chatham, NC. If you have Capps males then we encourage you to have them test and post their genealogies. We are always looking for new members.

Bob Capps

> From: > To: > Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 14:05:34 -0900> Subject: Re: [CAPPS] John Capps living in SC ca 1758> > Does anyone have any info on> Elizabeth Capps who md. in Washington Co., TN in 1835 to Levi Bowers.> > Frances> ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Kathryn Capps" <>> To: <>> Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 9:30 AM> Subject: [CAPPS] John Capps living in SC ca 1758> > > Becky,> > > Below is my interest in the Capps family;> > -----------> I've been researching this Capps line since 1999 (and others before> me for decades) and no one has been able to go beyond this John> Capps. A DNA match on Capps DNA Project suggests a strong connection> with a William Capps b. 16 Oct 1761 in NC -- as well as some other NC> Capps.> > ---------------> First Generation> > 1. John CAPPS. John died in South Carolina.> > From "The Brunson-Johnson-Tisdale-Capps Familes of Crenshaw Co., AL"> by Mr. Thomas Heflin Compton: We believe that JOHN CAPPS of SC was> the partriarch of this CAPPS line. There is evidence that helived> near the head-waters of the Black River in the area that would> eventually become a part of Sumter CO. In 1758 he signed a petition> along with 37 other settlers, asking the general assembly to appoint> six (6) commissioners to lay out the necesary roads ot provide access> to the City of Charleston, the nearest market for their produce.> There is ample evidence, in serveral publications, that John Capps> was a Revolutionary soldier. One record shows that he was paid 3> pounds 14 shillings for 52 days militia duty n 1782. Another record> shows that he was paid 26 pounds sterling, on 7-26-1784, for 52 days> duty in the state militia in 1782. On 8-6-1784 he was granted 200> acres of land in Camden District. He filed a Revolutionary claim that> was recorded on return #62, dated 6-10-1785; File numbers AA1057;> AA5698; AA5849A were assigned to John CAPPS relative to his RW claims> against SC.> > John Capps married JANE _____. They had a minimum of eleven children.> So far four have been identified by name: Samuel b@1774, Matthew> b@1780, Adam b@1790, James W. b@1791> > John married Jane UNKNOWN.> > They had the following children:> 2 i. Samuel (~1770-1831)> 3 ii. Matthew (1780-)> 4 iii. Adam (1790-)> 5 iv. James W (1791-)> > > Second Generation> > 2. Samuel CAPPS. Born abt 1770 in Camden District, S.C,. Samuel died> in Jan 1831; he was 61.> > Samuel was born between 170-74 in an area of Camden Dist., SC, that> was redesignated as Clarendon Co, Sumter District in 1798. Samuel and> his wife, Sarah, both died in Sumter District, SC and are buried> there. Samue died betwwen 8 and 22 January 1831. in Mr. Compton’s> original note there is a reference to Page 342, Footnote 162 which is> a property deed to Joseph Horton.> > It is believed that no less than eleven children were born to Samuel> & Sarah. Eight have been identified. The three unidentified are all> female: two born between 1799 and 1802 and one born @ 1806> > According to family legend several of the Samuel Capps children left> Sumter District, SC in the 1830s and 1840s and moved to Alabama:> Alexander settled in Butler Co.; Robert Humphery, Samuel J, Richard> M, John R., Lenora, and Harriett settled in Pike CO.> > abt 1794 when Samuel was 24, he married Sarah WISE, daughter of> Nathan WISE, in Camden District, S.C,. Born abt 1779 in Camden> District, S.C,. Sarah died in Sumter District of South Carolina in> 1838; she was 59.> > They had the following children:> 6 i. William (~1795-)> 7 ii. Alexander (~1797-~1860)> 8 iii. Female (~1799-)> 9 iv. Female (~1802-)> 10 v. Robert Humphrey (~1803-)> 11 vi. Female (~1806-)> 12 vii. Samuel J (~1812-)> 13 viii. Richard M. (1816-~1865)> 14 ix. Lenora (~1816-)> 15 x. Harriett (1818-)> 16 xi. John R (~1822-)> > 3. Matthew CAPPS. Born in 1780.> > 4. Adam CAPPS. Born in 1790.> > 5. James W CAPPS. Born in 1791.> > > Third Generation> > 6. William CAPPS. Born abt 1795.> > William Capps migrated to Texas> > > 7. Alexander CAPPS. Born abt 1797 in South Carolina. Alexander died> abt 1860; he was 63.> > 2nd child of Samuel Capps and Sarah Wise) was b @1797 in Camden> District, SC.> In 1830 The Alexander Capps family was living in Sumter District. The> family moved to Butler Co., AL @ 1831. The homestead was located on> the west side of the Patsaliga River, in the Skaines Bridge area.> When they moved to that area there was still a large population of> Native Americans in the vicinity. It is reported in a family leged> that Alexander’s wife, Lucy Ridgeway had a great fear of them.> > It is believed that Alexander and Lucy died in the 1860s (most likely> from Typhoid Fever epidemic that took a number of other familiy> members). They are possibly buried in an old cemetary located in the> Skaines Bridge area, west of the river. There area is now referred to> as The old Bently Plantation. or they could occupy unmarked graves in> the Siloam Baptist Chuch Cemetary in the Ivy Creek Community. No less> than 15 children were born to Alexander and Lucy Ridgeway> > abt 1825 when Alexander was 28, he married Lucy RIDGWAY, daughter of> James Friendly RIDGWAY. Born in 1807 in Sumter Dist., SC.> > They had one child:> 17 i. Samuel James (1826-1860)> > 8. Female CAPPS. Born abt 1799.> > 9. Female CAPPS. Born abt 1802.> > 10. Robert Humphrey CAPPS. Born abt 1803.> > 11. Female CAPPS. Born abt 1806.> > 12. Samuel J CAPPS. Born abt 1812.> > 13. Richard M. CAPPS. Born in 1816 in Sumter District of South> Carolina. Richard M. died abt 1865; he was 49.> > On 26 Jan 1845 when Richard M. was 29, he first married Martha Mercer> COMPTON, daughter of Jesse COMPTON & Elvira Merrit Virtue COMPTON, in> Pike Co., AL. Born in 1827 in Pensacola, FL. Martha Mercer died in> 1850; she was 23.> > They had the following children:> 18 i. William Friendly (1846-)> 19 ii. James Harmon (1848-1891)> 20 iii. Henry Jackson (~1849-1923)> > Richard M. second married Mary THOMAS.> > They had one child:> 21 i. Emma J (~1865-)> > 14. Lenora CAPPS. Born abt 1816.> > 15. Harriett CAPPS. Born in 1818.> > 16. John R CAPPS. Born abt 1822.> > > Fourth Generation> > 17. Samuel James CAPPS. Born in 1826. Samuel James died on 8 Apr> 1860; he was 34.> > 1st child of Alexander Capps and Lucy Ridgeway> Sameul James died 4-8-1860 from typhoid fever. It is reported that he> is buried in an old abandoned cemetary located on the old Bertley> farm, on the west side of the Patsaliga Rivers, Skaines Bidge area.> That cemetary has been called the Capps Family Cemetary.> > In 1848 when Samuel James was 22, he married Mary S DAVIS, in Butler> Co., AL. Born in 1826 in Butler Co., AL.> > They had the following children:> 22 i. Mary (1850-1860)> 23 ii. Yancy Marion (1851-1937)> > 18. William Friendly CAPPS. Born on 28 Dec 1846 in Butler, Co., FL.> > > On 22 Dec 1872 when William Friendly was 25, he married Malitia> Melissa "Lissie" CAPPS, daughter of Robert Humphrey CAPPS & Jane S.> SIMMONS, in Butler Co., AL. Born in 1846 in Crenshaw Co, AL.> > They had the following children:> 24 i. Luther Ira (1876-)> 25 ii. Emma Melissa C. (1880-~1930)> 26 iii. William Friendly "Little Will", Jr.> (1887-1960)> > 19. James Harmon CAPPS. Born on 5 Mar 1848 in Butler, Co., FL. James> Harmon died in Crenshaw Co, AL in 1891; he was 42.> > Homesteaded land in Crenshaw Co., AL. Land patent issued to 2nd ife,> Mary Catherine Benbow> > On 29 Aug 1866 when James Harmon was 18, he first married Mary Amanda> COWART, daughter of George Jefferson COWART. Born in 1850 in AL.> > They had the following children:> 27 i. John William (1869-)> 28 ii. Eugene Adolphus (1872-~1949)> 29 iii. Jimmie Lee (1873-)> > In 1875 when James Harmon was 26, he second married Mary Catherine> Benbow.> > They had the following children:> 30 i. Ella Victoria (1876-)> 31 ii. George Washington (1878-)> > 20. Henry Jackson CAPPS. Born abt 1849 in Butler Co., AL. Henry> Jackson died in Marriana Co., FL on 13 Oct 1923; he was 74. Buried in> Magnolia Baptist Cemetary, Blountstown, FL. Occupation: Farmer.> > Homesteaded land in Calhoun Co., FL. I have a copy of a letter> written by Jimmy Leigh Capps which talks about visiting Henry Jackson> in FL about 1911. This is a strong piece of evidence that this Henry> J. is the son of Richard M. Capps> > On 28 Oct 1875 when Henry Jackson was 26, he married Anna Eliza KENT,> daughter of John KENT & Susan GAY, in Jackson C0., FL. Born in Oct> 1860 in Jackson C0., FL. Anna Eliza died in Calhoun Co., FL in 1936;> she was 75.> > They had the following children:> 32 i. Ida L (1876-~1880)> 33 ii. Susan Ella (1878-)> 34 iii. Henry Richard (1880-1948)> 35 iv. Lula Jo (~1882-)> 36 v. Sherman Randolph (1884-1967)> 37 vi. Cleveland Grover (1884-)> 38 vii. Martha (~1886-~1886)> 39 viii. James Lillian (1888-)> 40 ix. Emma (1890-)> 41 x. Alton Friendly (1894-1975)> 42 xi. Carlie (1894-1959)> 43 xii. George Washington (1899-1964)> 44 xiii. Coty (1898-1987)> 45 xiv. Albert Elton (1902-1962)> 46 xv. Lewis Lesley (1906-1982)> > 21. Emma J CAPPS. Born abt 1865.> > Mary "Polly" Thomas Capps. She was possibly born in South Carolina> approx 1826. In 1855 she was living in Pike or Butler Co, AL and she> married Richard M Capps (who was from Clarendon Co, SC and came to AL> sometime after 1830). In 1857 she gave birth to a daughter, Emma.> Richard M Capps died sometime between 1860 and 1870. According to a> family letter written in 1934, Mary "Polly" Thomas Capps and Richard> M Capps "had some girls." Then the letter states "this widow moved> with some of her brothers to Florida at or near Apalachicola. In the> 1870 Franklin Co, FL census (Apalachicola post office) I find this> household:> > Capps,Sarah 44 South Carolina> Emma E 15 Alabama> Martha J 11 Alabama> Mary A 9 Alabama> Susan E 8 Alabama> > -------------------------------> To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to > with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in > the subject and the body of the message> > > > > -------------------------------> To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

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