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Subject: ROLL CALL - CARDWELLS in Cumberland Co/Charlotte Co., VA
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 97 16:37:51 -0700

Here are some notes from my research regarding my EPPERSON/WOOD family.
Thomas EPPERSON (son of Francis EPPERSON) married Martha CARDWELL (dtr of
John CARDWELL) in Charlotte Co., VA. I have found John CARDWELL and some
other CARDWELL's in Cumberland Co. I hope this helps someone. If anyone
has information on John CARDWELL's descendents or his siblings and parents,
I would like to share information. I have followed the notes with a Family
History file from Reunion on my CARDWELL information.

Patte Wood
Palo Alto, CA

Charlotte Co.
Oct 4, 1779 Jos. Wood to Francis Caldwell/Cardwell DB4 PG163

Deeds Cumberland County

Deed from Joshua Chafin to Francis Apperson, 21 March 1754 ®19

". . .for fifty pounds current money one tract or parcel of land in the
Parish of Southam, County of Cumberland containing 200 acres as per Patent
Dated the six day July 1741 . . . Wm Mackoys corner to Joseph Scotts line."
Witnesses: Henry Macon, Wm. Womack, Leander Hughes.
[DB 2 PG 100]

Deed from John Cardwell to Francis Eperson, 29 Nov 1763 ®19

". . .For forty pounds current money one tract or parcel of land containing
160 acres beginning at Jacob Magghis corner to John Browns corner to John
Pleasants to John Scott. . ."
Witnesses: Joseph Calland, John Hobson, G. Carrington, jr.
[DB3 PG 441]

Deed from Frances Epperson to Thomas Wright, 24 Oct 1768 ®19

". . .For twentyfive pounds current money of Virginia . . . one track of
parcel of land situate in Cumberland Co. containing 50 acres. . . Thomas
Wrights line. . ."
Witnesses: No witnesses listed on transcription.
[DB4 PG 305]

Deed from Francis Epperson to Bartlett Angelea, 25 May 1772 ®19

". . .between Francis Epperson of the Parish of Littleton and county of
Cumberland of the one part and Bartlett Angelea of the same . . . for the
sum of 125 pounds current money . . .one tract or parcel of land lying in
Cumberland Co. containing two hundred acres of land. . .adjoining Stanley
Chaffin and David Dickerson and James Durham, and William Angelea and
William Angelea Jun'r. . ."
Martha, wife of Francis relinquishes her right of dower in the land.
Witnesses: No witnesses listed on transcription.
[DB 5 PG 52]

Deed from Francis Epperson to Charles Lee, 25 May 1772 ®19

". . .between Francis Eperson of the Parish of Littleton and county of
Cumberland of the one part and Charles Lee of the same . . . for eighty
pounds of current money . . . one certain tract or parcel of land lying in
the county of Cumberland containing one hundred and fourteen acres of land
begining at pointers in John Brown's line thence on Thomas Wright's line to
William Angel's line to John Pleasant's line to William Lee and John Brown
. . ."
Martha, wife of Francis relinquishes her right of dower in the land.
Witnesses: No witnesses listed on transcription.
[DB 5 PG 57]

Processioners Report, Southam Parish ®83
Names mentioned 1745:
Nicholas Davies, Stephen Bedford, vestrymen
John Cardwell, clerk Peterville church

Names mentioned 1748:
Matthew Liggon, James Davis, John Rowland, Richard Cardwell, John Cardwell,
George Cardwell

Names mentioned 1751:
James Davis, James and Richard Liggon, George Cardwell, George Owen,

Names mentioned 1753:
William Davis, John Armistead, John Reynolds, Joseph Price, Charles
Anderson, Richard Epperson, Joseph Epperson, Francis Epperson, John
Holloway, Francis Cheatum

Names mentioned 1760:
George Carrington, David Reynolds, Joseph Price, John Prier, William
Rowland, John Cardwell

Names mentioned 1765:
Richard Epperson (for bldg a gallery in South Chappel)
Thomas Epperson, John Wright, John Holeman, John Bradley, John Holloway's
orphans, Susannah Epperson, James Davis, John Armistead, George Davis.

Processioners Report, Southam Parish, Feb 27, 1765 ®83 page 155

Between Wm Anglea, Jr. & Francis Epperson, Between Wm Anglea and Wm Anglea,
Jr. , Between Wm Anglea, Senr & John Pleasants, Between Wm Anglea Senr and
Francis Epperson Between Francis Epperson and Thos. Wright, Between Francis
Epperson & Edward Marghe Between Francis Epperson & John Pleasants, Between
Francis Epperson and John Brown, between Edward Marghe and John Brown,
between John Brown and Madison Mayo, between Madison Mayo and Charles Lee,
between Charles Lee and Gideon Glenn . . .

Page 1

(1) 1. Thomas CARDWELL
Death Date: Approx 1751
Death Place: Cumberland Co., VA
Misc: 37

Spouse: Martha PERRIN
Misc: 37
Spouse Father: Thomas PERRIN
Spouse Mother: Anne PORTER

Possible Children: Richard

(2) 1.1 Richard CARDWELL
Birth Date: Apr 15, 1719
Birth Place: Henrico County, VA 81
Death Date: Mar 8, 1780
Death Place: Charlotte Co., VA 81

Spouse: Susanna LEGRAND
Birth Date: Dec 14, 1721
Birth Place: Manikentown, Goochland Co., 81
Death Date: May 30, 1813 81
Misc: of Cumberland Co. 81
Spouse Father: Jean Pierre LEGRAND
Spouse Mother: Jeanne Medeline MICHAUX

Marriage Date: Circa 1740 81

(2) 1.2 John CARDWELL
Birth Date: About 1720
Birth Place: Henrico, VA
Death Date: Jul 1795
Death Place: Prince Edward Co., VA
Misc: 37

Spouse: Keziah LOWE
Birth Date: About 1725
Death Date: 1810
Death Place: Prince Edward Co., VA 37

Children: Perrin
Ann Nancy

Southam Parish Vestry Book - Goochland Co. 83
Feb 25, 1746 John Cardwell is appointed Clerk of Peterville Church at the
rate of one thousand pounds of Tobacco and Cash per annum. (His appointment
lasted at least until 1763.)

Cumberland County Deeds 19
Nov 1763 John CARDWELL to Francis EPERSON, 160 acres. [DB 3 PG 441]
John CARDWELL is the father of Martha CARDWELL (b. 1754) who married Thomas
EPPERSON in Charlotte Co. Thomas EPPERSON's sister, Martha, married Joseph

Will of John Cardwell, Prince Edward Co. WB 3 page 9. 38
Written 18 July 1795 names children William, Wiltshire, James, Lucy Carey,
George, Perrin, Elizabeth Neckolds, Ann Steger, wife Keziah Cardwell, Mary
Carey, John, Martha Epperson. Executors sons Thomas Cardwell, Wiltshire
Cardwell, George Cardwell and Thos. Epperson. Wintesses Joseph Russell,
James Cody, Edward Cody. Recorded 21 Dec 1795. 38

(3) 1.2.1 Perrin CARDWELL
Birth Date: About 1743
Birth Place: Goochland, VA 37

Spouse: Sarah CEARLEY
Misc: 37

(3) 1.2.2 Thomas CARDWELL
Birth Date: About 1745
Birth Place: Goochland, VA 37

(3) 1.2.3 Elizabeth CARDWELL
Birth Date: About 1746
Birth Place: Goochland, VA 37
Death Date: After 1795

Spouse: William NICHOLS
Misc: 37

Marriage Place: Cumberland, VA 37

(3) 1.2.4 Ann Nancy CARDWELL
Birth Date: Approx 1747
Birth Place: Goochland, VA 37

Spouse: Francis STEGER
Misc: 37

Children: Francis

(4) Francis STEGER Jr.

Spouse: Elizabeth B. LAWTON

Marriage Date: Dec 20, 1792
Marriage Place: Powhatan Co., VA., Littleberry Mosely, Wm A Cocke security 89

(3) 1.2.5 Mary CARDWELL
Birth Date: About 1749
Birth Place: Goochland, VA 37

Spouse: Harwood CARY
Misc: 37 mentioned in will of William Cary 178438
Spouse Father: William CARY (-1784)

Marriage Date: Nov 10, 1788 37

(3) 1.2.6 John CARDWELL
Birth Date: About 1750
Death Place: Mercer, KY 37

Spouse: Cellar RICE

(3) 1.2.7 Martha CARDWELL
Birth Date: Approx 1754
Birth Place: Cumberland, VA 37
Death Date: After 1839
Death Place: Charlotte Co. VA 37

Spouse: Thomas EPPERSON
Death Date: Approx Oct 7, 1805
Death Place: Charlotte Co., VA 19
Spouse Father: Francis EPPERSON (-1785)

Marriage Date: Jul 20, 1778
Marriage Place: Charlotte Co., VA 37 41
Wulfeck lists "Epperson, Thos. d. Aug 1805; m 20 July 1778 Martha Cardwell
dau of John. sur Wm Atkins, Charlotte Co. Marriage Bond. She, b. ca 1758;
res 1838 Charlotte Co. Pension W7113." 41

Nov 2, 1805 Thomas Epperson exec to Pleasant Cayce 10 156
land willed to Martha Epperson, Thos. and William Atkins

Nov 29, 1805 Martha Epperson to Henry E. Scott 10 221
13 acres for 20 pounds. Bartees corner to road to oak to corner to
Scott's own line. wit Elijah Clark, David Bartee, Carlos Wood,
John M. Barker

Spouse Notes:
Commission for Thomas Epperson in Charlotte County Court Order Book 4, pg 109.
"Thomas Epperson Gent. came into Court, and produced his Commission to be a
Lieutenant in the Militia of said County, which was read, and then the said
Epperson took the oath of a Militia officer as by Law directed."

In Nance, Joanne Lovelace, "Eighteenth Century Charlotte Co. Children"
reprinted in Magazine of Virginia Genealogy,Vol 25, #3, p. 18-19, August
"Judith Slackstone complains that Thomas Epperson took from her a mulatto
child named Lucy, daughter of Nancy Slaxon. 1 May 1780. p. 215."
"Cyrus and peter Slaxton, children of nancy Slaxton, to be bound out. 5
Jan 1778. p. 122."

Spouse Residences:
Deed from Thomas Epperson to Francis Amoss, Jr. 25 Oct 1762 19
[DB 3 PG 326] Cumberland Co Land which was Land conveyed by deed in
Goochland Court by John Alexander to Thos Epperson.

Deed from Thomas Epperson to Elijah Clark Aug 3, 1797
[Deed Book 8 Page 68] 40 Land at headwaters of Dunnivent Creek whereupon
Joseph Woods family lived.

Aug 3, 1798 Thomas Epperson to Hugh Frazer DB 8 Page 124
25 acres next to Frazer's land for 20 pounds
Apr 5, 1802 Thomas Epperson to Isaac Read 9 119
Thomas Epperson and Martha, his wife for 100 pounds 108 acres by
survey 7 Jan 1802 to Isaac Read on the head branch of Dunnevent Creek
Jan 1802 Thomas Epperson to Pleasant Cayce 9 120
for 100 pounds app 118 acres on head branch of Dunnevent Creek
from Frazers corner to Mullins old corner...

Spouse Other:
Will of Thomas Epperson, Charlotte Co. 15 September 1791 19

In the name of God amen. I Thomas Epperson of the County of Charlotte
being in perfect health mind and memory thanks be given unto God therefor
calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is
consituted once for all men to die, do make and ordain this my last Will
and Testament hereby revoking all my former Will's that is to say
principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of
almighty God that gave it me and my body I recommend to the earth to be
buried in decent Christian manner. Nothing doubting but at the general
resurrection I shall receive the divine again by the mighty power of God:
and as touching such wordly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me
with in this life: I give demise bequeath and dispose of the same in the
following manner and form Viz, Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved
Sister Martha Wood the sum of twenty Shillings to her and her heirs &
assigns forever - Item I give and bequeath to my dear Nephew Carlos Wood
the sum of twenty Shillings - Item I give and bequeath unto my dear beloved
Wife Martha Epperson after my first debts is paid all my real and personal
Estate whatsoever and all my debts and arrearges(sic) during her lifetime
and after her death I give and bequeath the whole of my real and personal
Estate debts dues arrearges etc unto my two Nephews Thomas Atkins and
William Atkins to be equally divided between them by my executors unto
their heirs & assigns forever - Item I likewise desire that my executors
should sell part of my property to the amount of Fifty pounds for the use
of Schooling Thomas Atkins and William Atkins and that they should be kept
to business - and I appoint my Wife Martha Epperson, Quin Morton and Jacob
Morton for my executors. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand
and Seal and declared this as my last Will and Testament this fifteenth day
of September in the year of our Lord God one thousand Seven hundred and
ninety one.

Thomas Epperson

Signed Sealed in our presence Viz, Joseph Wyatt, Elijah Clark, Mary Clark

At a Court held for Charlotte County the 7th day of October 1805.
This Last Will and Testament of Thomas Epperson dec'd was presented in
Court by Martha Epperson the executing therein named and the same was
proved by the oath of Joseph Wyatt, Elijah Clark and Mary Clark the three
witnesses hereto subscribed to be acknowledged by the said Thomas Epperson
as his last Will and Testament in their presence & Ordered to be recorded.
On the motion of the said Executrix who made oath according to Law
Certificate is granted her for obtaining a probate of the said Will in due
form she giving Security, whereupon she with Elijah Clark, Joseph Wyatt,
and Wilshire Cardwell her Securities entered into & acknowledged their bond
according to Law for that purpose - receiving liberty to the other
executors named in this Will to join in the probate, thereof where they
shall think fit.

Teste Thomas Read [seal]

Truly Recorded, Thomas Read [seal]
[W. B. 2, Pg. 316, Charlotte County Courthouse]

(3) 1.2.8 William CARDWELL
Birth Date: About 1756
Birth Place: Cumberland, VA 37

(3) 1.2.9 James CARDWELL
Birth Date: Oct 9, 1761
Birth Place: Cumberland, VA 37
Death Date: Oct 29, 1806
Death Place: Mercer, KY

Spouse: Sarah "Sally" CROCKETT
Misc: 37

Marriage Date: May 4, 1788
Marriage Place: Mercer, KY 37

(3) 1.2.10 Wiltshire CARDWELL
Birth Date: Aug 2, 1764
Birth Place: Cumberland, VA 37
Death Date: Jul 3, 1834
Death Place: Charlotte, KY

Marriage Date: Dec 3, 1792
Marriage Place: Charlotte Co., VA, father Edward Russell37 39

Named as security for Martha Epperson in will of Thomas Epperson. 19

Spouse: Mary RUSSELL
Misc: 37
Spouse Father: Edward RUSSELL

Spouse Notes:
In letter of Henry P. Davis to Thomas Wood he mentions that Thomas' brother
Carlos is very ill and is living at Russell's. 8

Prince Edward Co., WB 7 pg 469 38
Joseph Russell's will written 9 June 1832, recorded 19 Sept 1836 names
children William, Joseph and Judith H. Harris. Executors son William and
Wilshire Cardwell, Jr. Witnesses Wyatt Cardwell and Richard Morton.
grandchildren William R. Boulton, Joseph Russell Lipscomb, Richard, Gordon,
Henry M. Lipscomb.

(3) 1.2.11 Lucy CARDWELL
Birth Date: About 1766
Birth Place: Cumberland, VA37

Spouse: William Haynes CARY
Misc: mentioned in will of William Cary 178438 37
Spouse Father: William CARY (-1784)

Marriage Date: Apr 28, 1793
Marriage Place: Prince Edward Co., VA37

(3) 1.2.12 George CARDWELL
Birth Date: About 1768
Birth Place: Cumberland or Prince Edward Co. VA37

Spouse: Ann HAMILTON
Misc: 37

Marriage Date: Jan 24, 1796
Marriage Place: Prince Edward Co., VA37

(2) 1.3 George CARDWELL
Misc: in Southam Parish 175483

Reference Note 8
Family Letters & records- in possession of Tony Wood McCoy 1994
Tony Wood McCoy
P.O. Box 51
Glen Wilton, VA 24438

Reference Note 19
Certified Record from County Clerk

Reference Note 37
Listing in LDS Family History Center Family History File. Cardwell -
Submitter Marylou Collier, 441 Arlington Way, Menlo Park, CA

Reference Note 38
Will abstracts of Prince Edward Co. VA Bks 1-7, 1754-1837, LDS microfilm, 1949.

Reference Note 39
Marriage Records of Charlotte Co., VA 1765-1863, typed by Joel Ricks of the
Genealogical Society of Utah, 1937. LDS microfilm.

Reference Note 40
Deed index for Charlotte Co., 1765-1831. Microfilm LDS Family History Center.

Reference Note 41
Wulfeck, Dorothy - Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607-1800. Santa
Clara City Library Genealogy Section.

Reference Note 81
Information from Joseph W. Evans, 5103 Williams Fork Trail, Apt. 109,
Boulder, Colorado 80301-3417, June 1996

Reference Note 83
Powhatan Co. Episcopal Church Vestry Book 1745-1836, Southam Parish. LDS

Note: Southam Parish was in Goochland Co., then Cumberland Co., then
Powhatan Co. Littleton Parish was split off from Cumberland Co.

Reference Note 89
Powhatan Co. Marriage Records, 1777-1853, filmed by LDS.

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