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I have some information sent to me by a researcher- I don't know how
correct it is, but will give you a trail to follow.

"Data from Charlotte County, Virginia:

Thomas CARDWELL md Martha PERRIN, daughter of Thomas PERRIN and Anne
PORTER and one of their children was Richard CARDWELL, below. They may have
had a son, George CARDWELL who md Martha ? and lived in Cumberland County.
George had the following children: Francis, Richard [lived in Amelia County,
Perrin [lived in Knox County, Indiana] and Thomas.

Richard CARDWELL 1719-04-15--1780-03-08 md circa 1740 Susanna LEGRAND
1721-12-14--1813-05-30, daughter of Jean Pierre LEGRAND and Jeanne Medeline
MICHAUX of Cumberland County, Virginia. Susanna was a Huguenot and born in
Manakintown, Virginia. Richard CARDWELL died in Charlotte County, Virginia--
will dated 1780-02-27, WB 1:220. He was born in Henrico County, Virginia and
lived in Lunenburg County, Virginia.

I. Daniel CARDWELL 1741-11-18--1799-01-25 was executor with brother
George of his father's estate. He was born in Goochland County,
Virginia and died in Halifax County, Virginia. He md circa 1758 (1)
Martha MARSHALL? and (2) Obedience Thweatt, widow of Thomas
a. Daniel CARDWELL bc 1759--?
b. Francis CARDWELL bc 1761--?
c. William Marshall CARDWELL bc 1762--?
d. Richard P. CARDWELL [Reverend] bc 1764--? may have lived in
Knoxville, Tennessee.
e. Susan CARDWELL bc 1770--? may have md WILLIAMS.
f. Peter CARDWELL bc 1772--?
g. Matthew CARDWELL bc 1774--?
h. Ashep CARDWELL [f] bc 1779--?
i. Giles Martin CARDWELL bc 1783--?
II. Phoebe CARDWELL 1743-02-19--died between 1790-1804. She md John
BARTEE ?--1786-02-06. She was born in Goochland County, Virginia
and later lived in Cumberland and Pohowtan Counties, Virginia.
a. David BARTEE bc 1766--?
b. John BARTEE
c. Nancy BARTEE md PARKER.
d. Keziah BARTEE md DAVIS.
e. Susan BARTEE md DAVIS.
f. Martha BARTEE md SIMS or SIMMS.
III. George CARDWELL 1746-08-24--1817-05-20 went to Shelby County,
Kentucky and from there appointed Josiah LEGRAND to settle his
father's estate. He md 1776-11-01 in Charlotte county, Virginia,
Sarah MCGEHEE 1757-03-17--? See Prince Edward County, Book 1:36.
Her father possibly Jacob MCGEHEE. George died in Shelby County,
a. Jesse CARDWELL 1777-08-15--1844. He md (1) Jemina BRACKETT.
b. Susanna CARDWELL 1779-07-28--1850-01-23 md William B. OWEN,
son of John and Phoebe OWEN.
1. Jacob McGehee OWEN.
a) Mary E. OWEN md MOORE.
1) Owen MOORE lived in Shelbyville, Kentucky.
c. Jacob CARDWELL 1781-03-11--1844-07-29.
d. George CARDWELL 1783-02-19--1820-10-12.
e. William CARDWELL 1785-03-06--1849-08-21.
f. Sarah CARDWELL 1787-01-21--1877-10-10.
g. Martha Kelly CARDWELL 1789-08-23--?
h. Richard Sanders CARDWELL 1791-08-03--1793-10-28.
i. Polly Munford CARDWELL 1795-03-18--?
j. Thomas Munford CARDWELL 1797-07-29--?
k. Elizabeth CARDWELL "Betsy" md MCGRUDER.
l. Patsy CARDWELL md BULL.
IV. Richard CARDWELL 1749-05-04--1750-02-07, born in Goochland County,
VI. Richard Perrin CARDWELL 1751-12-22--1790-06-25, born in Goochland
County, Virginia. He md circa 1770 Rebecca DALTON who died after
1820. He was born in Goochland County, Virginia and died in
Rockingham County, North Carolina. In his daybook, Richard lists
the following children: Anne 1773, Nathan 1775, Sarah 1777, Joel 1779 and
Susannah 1783.
a. Peter CARDWELL bc 1771--?
b. Ann CARDWELL bc 1773--?
c. Jonathon CARDWELL bc 1775--?
d. Sarah CARDWELL bc 1778--?
e. Joel bc 1779--?
f. Susannah bc 1779--?
VII. Martha Perrin CARDWELL 1754/5-01-08--? md William PARKER.
a. Sally PARKER md John W. CHISUM, son of Obidiah CHISUM of
Amelia County, Virginia.
VII. Penelope CARDWELL 1757-11-2--? md Samuel CLARK. After she died, he
md (2) Phoebe FARMER. They moved to Stokes County, North Carolina.
IX. Thomas LeGrand CARDWELL 1761-06-07--1811-09-09 born in Cumberland
County, Virginia md in Halifax County, Virginia, (1) 1780-06-03
Mary JOYCE, daughter of Thomas JOYCE and (2) in Halifax County,
Virginia, 1795-12-22, Mary PALMER bc 1778--?, daughter of Jeffrey
PALMER and Susanna LEGRAND. Thomas died in Halifax County,

children by wife (1) Mary JOYCE:

a. John CARDWELL bc 1781--? md 1801 in Stokes County, North
b. Sarah CARDWELL bc 1788--? md 1804 in Stokes County, North
c. Elizabeth CARDWELL bc 1792--? md CLARK and moved to Patrick
County, Virginia.
d. Perrin CARDWELL died 1826 in Patrick County, Virginia.
e. Thomas CARDWELL md Obediance THWEATT.

children by wife (2) Mary PALMER:

f. Susanna P. CARDWELL md Thomas O'CONNER
g. Elizabeth G. CARDWELL 1798-05-28--1869-02-28 md 1816-05-08
John B. JONES bc 1795--?
h. Obedience CARDWELL md William WILSON.
X. Peter CARDWELL 1764-03-19--1800-09-? md circa 1787 Margaret
Anderson JOYCE, daughter of John JOYCE. Peter probably died in
Charlotte County, Virginia but was in Stokes County, North
a. Nancy CARDWELL bc 1787--? md TRAYLOR.
b. Elizabeth CARDWELL md CLARK and moved to Patrick County.
c. Perrin CARDWELL died 1826 in Patrick County, Virginia.
d. Susannah CARDWELL md in Charlotte County, Virginia 1810-04-16
Samuel DAVIS. [possibly]
XI. Mary Ann CARDWELL 1767-05-05--1811-07-03 was born in Charlotte
County, Virginia and md 1789-03-17 in Charlotte County, Virginia,
Obadiah CHISUM [or CHISOLM] of Amelia County, Virginia.
a. Richard Parker CHISUM bc 1790--?
b. John W. CHISUM bc 1791--?
c. Elijah CHISUM bc 1793--?
d. Susan CHISUM bc 1794--? born in Logan County, Kentucky.
e. Gillington CHISUM bc 1796--?
f. Thomas E. CHISUM bc 1798--?
g. Obediah J. CHISUM bc 1803--?
h. Patty Ann bc 1808--?
i. Malinda CHISUM bc 1808--?

Data from him on Richard Perrin CARDWELL on 8-1996.
Monty Olson
Route 1, Box 1280


Data from Prince Edward County, Virginia: Re' Patte Wood
] June 1996.

John CARDWELL'S will WB 3:9,38; 1795-07-18--1795-12-21. Also WB 4:218.
See DB 3:441. John was said to be a son of Thomas CARDWELL and Martha

John CARDWELL bc 1720--? born in Henrico County, Virginia and md Kesiah LOWE
bc 1725--1810. Both died in Prince Edward County, Virginia.
I. Perrin CARDWELL bc 1743--? born in Goochland County, Virginia. He md
II. Thomas CARDWELL bc 1745--? born in Goochland County, Virginia and may
have md 1829-03-25 Nancy CARY, daughter of William CARY.
III. Elizabeth CARDWELL bc 1746--after 1795, born in Goochland County,
Virginia and md in Cumberland County, Virginia to William NICHOLS.
IV. Ann Nancy CARDWELL bc 1747--? born in Goochland County, Virginia and md
Francis STEGER.
V. Mary CARDWELL bc 1749--? born in Goochland County, Virginia and md
1788-11-10 in Charlotte County, Virginia to W. Harwood CARY, son of William
CARY. See Charlotte County, Virginia, records.
VI. John CARDWELL md Cellar RICE and went to Mercer County, Kentucky in
1796. He died there.
VII. Martha CARDWELL bc 1754/8--after 1839 born in Cumberland County,
Virginia and died in Charlotte County, Virginia and md 1778-07-20 to Thomas
EPPERSON ?--1805-08-? He was the son of Francis EPPERSON and the brother of
Martha EPPERSON who md Joseph WOOD.
VIII. William CARDWELL bc 1756--? born in Cumberland County, Virginia.
IX. James CARDWELL 1761-10-06--1806-10-29 born in Cumberland County,
Virginia md 1778-05-04 in Mercer County, Kentucky, Sarah CROCKETT "Sally".
He died in Mercer County, Kentucky.
X. Wiltshire CARDWELL 1764-08-02--1834-07-03 was born in Cumberland County,
Virginia and he died in Charlotte County, Virginia. He md in Charlotte
County, Virginia on 1792-12-03 to Mary RUSSELL, daughter of Edward RUSSELL.
a. Wiltshire CARDWELL, Jr.
XI. Lucy CARDWELL bc 1766--? born in Cumberland County, Virginia and md
1793-04-28 in Prince Edward County, Virginia to William Haynes CARY., son of
William CARY. See Prince Edward County, Virginia, records.
XII. George CARDWELL bc 1768--? He was born in either Cumberland or Prince
Edward Counties, Virginia and he md in Prince Edward County Virginia
1796-12-24 Ann HAMILTON, daughter of Alexander HAMILTON. In 1817 he moved
to Mercer County, Kentucky.
a. William CARDWELL md Barbara SANFORD and they moved to Audrain
County, Missouri.


This family wwas researched, collated and typed by Dr. Joseph W. Evans, 5103
Williams Fork Trail, # 109, Boulder, Colorado 80301 303-581-7905
E-Mail Address is

Also, you might look at the LDS website and do a search there:
I found listed there 13 children of Thomas Cardwell and Martha Perrin.

Hope this helps you. Marilyn Larson

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>Thomas Cardwell died 1751, Cumberland Co., Va., he gave a gift of land to 4
>sons, George, Thomas, Richard and John, hope I have all the names right.
>Does anyone have the children of these 4 men?

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