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Subject: Formy-Duval query/info
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 22:40:44 -0800

Formy-Duval Query

I am researching for information on my g-g-g-g-
grandfather, a Dr. Jean Prosp(i)er Formy-Duval,
who was a Fr. military doctor and fled France at the
beginning of the Fr. Revolution, circa 1780. He may
have been related to the Formes of Framicourt in
Picardie and may have been related to Dame
Catherine Eleanor Duval, who married a Domonchy.
He fled to Haiti where he may have married (his wife
was referred to only as "Princess", not sure if the
name was a nickname or social status). His first
children were born in West Indies, (no info on where
this was), and he fled Haiti (Saint Domingue) during
the rebellion somewhere in the mid 1790's. My
research has led to the discovery of Formy's and
Duvals in this area. I would like to know more
about Jean Baptiste Formy, a military man, a Formy
de Mauroy, who died at Cap Francois, in 1782, and
a Fourmy, who was Auditor General for the
municipality of Port au Prince, in 1796. There was
reportedly a Morne l 'Holpital near Fourmy above
Port au Prince. He came to the coastal area on
North Carolina and settled at Lake Waccamaw prior
to 1800. His first son was Jean Jerome Prosper
Formy-Duval; his first daughter's name was
Henrietta, and his second son was Alexander.
Legend has it that he helped stage some executions
in France to help save some of his friends, and
pronounced them dead; therefore, helping them get
away until the plot was uncovered, and he fled for
his life. Legend also has it that he was of nobility or
possibly his wife may have been of nobility. I cannot
find any additional information regarding his early

Please contact: Mike Formy-Duval
2463 Waccamaw Shores Rd.
Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450 USA
Phone (910) 646-3901 or (910) 395-3900 (business)
A reward for documented information is offered. I
would appreciate any and all help with this research.

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