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From: Michael Vermont <>
Subject: [CARIBBEAN-L] BURRELL & other Jamaican Surnames circa 1798.
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 12:10:15 -0500

Hi Marie Snaith: This is in response to your post on Caribbean Surnames
I don't know if this BURRELL I came across in the book I just read
titled" Letters to Jane from Jamaica 1788-1796" by Geraldine Mozley is
any help to you, but I will quote from P.155, and as it may have other
names of interest will cc it to CARIBBEAN-L..

"Finally, what of Jane, the little heroine of these pages? Of her I know
next to nothing between Feb.8th, 1796, the date of her mother's last
letter to her from Spanish Town, and June 4th 1798, when she married
Peter MacKenzie at Chudleigh, in South Devon, being then not quite 19.
Peter had been a witness at Nancy's (Janes older sister) wedding on the
previous April 25th., and now W. Raymond and A.M. Raymond were the
witnesses at his own. Peter was only 5 months older than his bride,
having been born on March 23rd.,1779, and baptised on the following
October 16th. in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica. Presumably Jane and
he became engaged on her return to the Island, fresh from school. He was
the second son of a certain George Mackenzie of Farenough and Kellits,
President of the Legislative Council, who died at Spanish Town in 1815.
Peter's mother was Ann, daughter of George and Ann BURRELL; it was his
great great grandfather, Alexander Mackenzie(1663-1774), who left
Scotland in1698, joined the Darien expedition, and finally settled in
Jamaica. This Alexander's grandfather was John Mackenzie of Ord,
Rossshire, a family directly descended from the old stock of Mackenzies,
High Chiefs of Kintail and Lords of Seaforth.
Peter had an elder brother, another Alexander, born between 1770 & 1779,
a handsome youth in a green coat and powdered hair, whose portrait in
oils(of the English school) is in my posession. He married Miss Israell,
dtr. of Joseph Israell, Clarendon regiment of militia. Ann, sister to
Alexander and Peter, born about 1777 and seen in the corresponding
portrait, married her cousin, W.Hewitt."
Jane Gardner Brodbelt the heroine aforementioned and recipient of the
letters was the dtr. of Dr. Francis Rigby BRODBELT and Ann Gardner
PENOYRE; a family tree at the back of the book traces back to Howell
PENOYRE 1561 and Thomas Jenkyn PENOYRE living at Clifford (U.K.) 1537.
Hope they are your BURRELL s.
Ciao, Michael.

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