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From: kbennett <>
Subject: [CARIBBEAN] Caymanian/Bay Island Genealogy: Sarah Ganz Bodden
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 08:32:19 -0500

Dear cousins and fellow genealogist,

I got some new information for my family tree and I would like to find
out more information on the surname Ganz.

My great great great grandmother Sarah Bodden, wife of Thomas R. Bodden,
died on September 9, 1912 in Roatan. Her death certificate revealed
that she was seventy three years old when she died, therefore she was
born in 1839. Additionally it revealed that she was born in the Cayman

I have not seen this surname (Ganz) on any genealogical postings and
would like to ask if anyone knows its origin?

Sarah Ganz 1839-1912(ggg gm)married Thomas R. Bodden (ggg gf)and from
that union:
Helena Agusta Bodden 1854-1944 (gg gm) married James Bennett (gg gf)and
from that union:
Rose Bennett 1889-1968(great gm) had a child for James Wellington(great
Lorrienne Adian Wellington 1919-1991 (grandma) had a child for Albert
Bennett 1912-1987 (grandpa),
Elden Bennett 1933-1987(my father) was born that union and had yours
truly with Nova Brooks. 1933-
Now I, Kirt B. Bennett 1967- am trying to pass my heritage, culture and
history to my child, Master John Denham Bennett 1999- (six months) so
that he may know from whence he came.

Please let me know if you know anything about this surname Ganz and
thank you in advance. Sincerely,

Kirt B. Bennett

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