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From: Alba Dunlop <>
Subject: Re: The May Pen Cemetery in Jamaica
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 23:33:46 -0500

There is no confusion on my part as to where May Pen cemetery is
located and where the St. Andrew Parish church cemetery is but I thank you again
for the history lesson. My question is when did burials start in May Pen
cemetery?. I know there was a cholera epidemic in the 1850. I have reason to
believe that my gggrand mother Jane Blakely who died in 1850 was a victim of
cholera as cholera was raging in that year. I have seen mention in records to
burial in the West burial grounds, was this May Pen?. I know there was a cholera
cemetery in St. Andrew, I cannot recall exactly where it was located could it
have been on Waterloo Ave. or that general vicinity?. I remember it was very run
down and overgrown with weed and was surrounded by a brick wall. I was told that
eventually town houses were built on the site. Do you know anything about this
Regards from
Alba Dunlop

Maurice & Valerie Facey wrote:

> Dear Denys Gribbin <>
> Alba Dunlop <>
> Ann Cox <>
> Just a note to say that I think that in the recent dialogue exchange, there
> may be some confusion about cemeteries in Jamaica. The Half-Way-Tree Parish
> Church cemetery is one of the larger cemeteries in the Kingston area
> followed by the Roman Catholic Cemetery and the main Jewish Cemetery.
> There is also the largest cemetery of all in Kingston, the May Pen Cemetery
> which is near the waterfront and Bumper Hall Pen [NOT in the town of May Pen
> in the country in the Parish of Clarendon] which is used for persons of no
> particular religion or affiliation to any church, for persons who cannot
> afford a fancy burial, and for paupers.
> Acceptance" -- regarding the sale of Bumper Hall Pen to the Mayor of
> Kingston for the purpose of extending the May Pen Cemetery at the time of an
> epidemic of cholera.
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