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From: Joyce Falink <>
Subject: 1900 Handbook of Jamaica - Sugar, Coffee, Banana Cocoa Estates, Jamaica Agricultural Society
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 13:03:21 -0600

Dear List Members,

Madeleine Mitchelm, Patricia Jackson and Jim Lynch have kindly said they
will add the following information to their respective web sites. As
time permits, my next project will be to transcribe names of attorneys,
then doctors and clergy.

In transcribing this material, I find interesting how the face of
Jamaica was changing at the turn of the century, and most likely the
other Caribbean islands as well. Large fruit companies were buying up
properties and cooperative groups of private investors were subdividing
large estates. However, there remained a vast number of properties and
property owners not listed in the handbook. For example, in 1900, my
great-grandmother, Isabella Hutchison Williams, a widow, owned a
property called Southampton in St. Elizabeth Parish near Santa Cruz
where she raised cattle, mules and horses, along with selling logwood
and mahagony from her vast 1,200 acre property which was sent to Black
River for shipment to England. After her death in the 1940's, the land
was sold to bauxite interests. Likewise, in the 1800's and well into
the 1900's, her father, James Hutchison, and then his heirs, owned a
property in the Parish of Vere (now Manchester) called Farenough where
he raised coffee. His neighbors were a family by the surname of White
who emigrated in the early 1900's to Iowa.

Small properties of under 50 acres were not included in the handbook.
Additionally, if you are familiar with Jamaican property names, you will
note many "old guard" names still in existence in 1900, but a number
of new names cropping up as well.

Happy hunting.

Joyce Falink
Cannon Falls, Minnesota


1898-1899 (acres not transcribed)

Name of Estate, Owner (Attorney of Owner in Parenthesis)

Mona – Louis Verley

Albion – John Grinan
Blue Mountain – Sir Wm. Fitzherbert, (G. W. Fitzherbert)
Coley – Melhado Bros. & Co.
Duckenfield – E. T. H. Hawkins (Richard Evans)
Lyssons – Chas. Hope Levy
Norris – I. J. Mordecai & Co. (J. M. Lewis Bros., Lessees)
Serge Island – I. J. Mordecai & Co.

Gray’s Inn – T. Elmslie (Henry Braham)

Bengal – Alex. Hopwood
Cave Valley and Drax Hall – Henry Sewell
Greenock – J. W. Anderson (J. H. Levy)
Llandovery – Heirs of White (E. J. Saddler)
Richmond – Bernal Family (E. J. Saddler)
Seville – Webb & Harris (A. J. Webb)

Arcadia, Lottery and Vale Royal – Henry Sewell (H. S. Hoskins)
Bryan Castle and Brampton Bryan – Dr. A. V. Proctor (H. S. Hoskins)
Braco – C. H. Gordon (Henry Sewell)
Cambridge – Elizabeth Gottenburgh (H. S. Hoskins)
Dundee – Hon. W. Kerr & Mrs. D. Kerr (Herbert J. Kerr)
Etingdon – Hon. L. C. Shirley (same)
Fontabelle – C. C. Plunkett (same)
Georgia – Houchen & Curtis (A. C. Houchen)
Green Park – Heirs of Atherton (W. W. Woolliscroft)
Gales Valley – Edward M. Gale (Herbert J. Kerr)
Golden Grove, Kent and Tilston – Miss A. M. Jarrett (Herbert J. Kerr)
Good Hope – Alexr. Oppenham (same)
Hyde Hall – Hon. L. C. Shirley (same)
Hyde – Trustee, Hy. Sewell (H. S. Hoskins)
Harmony Hall – G. P. Dewar (same)
Long Pond – J. B. Sheriff (Geo. Taylor & J. Sime)
Lancaster – C. H. W. Gordon (H. S. Hoskins)
Oxford and Steelfield – Estate of S. Thompson (H. S. Hoskins)
Orange Valley – W. L. & H. J. Kerr (Hon. W. Kerr)
Swanswick – Mrs. Lewis (L. C. Shirley)

Anchovy and Eden – J. H. Parkin
Bellefield – Jno. H. Watson
Canaan – Shore & Fletcher (Joseph Shore)
Content – J. H. Parkin (Lessee)
Catherine Mount – J. H. Parkin (Estate of)
Catherine Hall – Miss Jarrett (Hon. W. Kerr)
Cinnamon Hill – George Robertson (Joseph Shore)
Fairfield – W. F. Lawrence (Alexr. Doulls)
Guilsbro – Hon. W. Kerr
Hampden – D. O. Kelly-Lawson
Hazelymph – Dutton Trench
Ironshore – Irving & Martin (H. J. Kerr)
Leogan – R. S. Goodrich (J. H. Parkin)
Lima – James Sime
Providence – Messrs. Broadwood
Running Gut – R. Ferguson (Joseph Shore)
Rose Hall – George Robertson
Success – Joseph Shore (Lessee)
Spring – H. & W. L. Kerr
Tryall – Edgar Turnbull

Barbican – F. Topper
Copse and Flint River– Heirs of R. Hind (John Rigg)
Chester Castle – E. H. Cooke
Golden Grove – C. W. Trealeaven
Georgia – Hy. Davis & Son
Haughton Hall – Mrs. Alice James (Jos. Shore [lessee])
Kew – Anthony Charley
Mosquito Cove – Sanftleben & Sons
Phoenix – J. C. Nolan (W. H. Farquharson)
Prospect – W. H. Farquharson
Round Hill – Geo. F. Lawrence (Alexr. Doull)
Riley – H. Davis & Son
Spring Valley – A. Charley (Lessee)
Tryall – J. H. Parkin

Albany , Charlottenburg and Masemure – Anthony Charley
Belleisle – Heirs of Wm. Vickers (S. H. Morris)
Blue Castle – Samuel H. Morris
Blackheath and Mesopotamia – Eustace Greig (P. H. Greig)
Carawina – Edward Sadler
Cornwall – Col. Kitchener (W. H. Farquharson)
Friendship – E. W. Eves & Co. (Edward Sadler, Jr.)
Frome – Heirs of Wm. Vickers (Morris & Vickers)
Fort William – Heirs of Admiral Hay (S. H. Morris)
Fontabelle – Heirs of H. A. Vickers ( W. A. S. Vickers)
George’s Plain – Adelaide Watt (W. Wolliscroft)
Glasgow – Helen Whitelocke (S. H. Morris)
Meylersfield – Leyden & Co. (W. H. Farquharson)
Mint – Clarke & Pengelley (Charles Clarke)
Mount Eagle – Agnes Burgess (E. R. F. Burgess)
New Hope – John Hudson
Retreat – W. H and J. Farquharson (W. H. Farquharson)
Retrieve – R. E. Braham (John Hudson)
Roaring River – John Hay (S. H. Morris)
Shrewsbury – E. C. Seymour (Edward Sadler)

Appleton – A. M. Nathan (E. V. Salmon)
Holland – M. H. M. Farquharson
Y.S. – A. H. Browne Bros. (P. J. Browne)

Amity Hall – Hon. J. H. Mitchell (G. W. Muirhead)
Bog and Gibbons – Alfred Pawsey (same)
Carlisle, Greenwich and Money Musk – Hon. Col. C. J. Ward (Isaac Fox)
Caswell Hill – Elliott & Murray (same)
Danks-Savoy – Robert Craig (same)
Denbigh – G. W. Muirhead (Lessee)
Hillside-Raymonds – Miss Harvey and Mrs. F. G. Pearce (F. M. Ellis)
Morelands and St. Jago – J. H. Mitchell (G. W. Muirhead)
Parnassus – Alfred Pawsey, Lessee, (same)
Perrins – Sir Wm. Fitzherbert (G. M. Fitzherbert)
Pusey Hall – Callaghan & Elliott (same)
Rock River – John Scully (same)
Sevens Plantation – Juan Grinan (same)
Suttons-Chesterfield – Nixon & Harty , Lessees (same)

Caymanas – A. Crum-Ewing (John Cameron)
Cherry Garden – L. Robinson (C. J. Georges)
Lodge – T. M. Martin (H. T. Ronaldson)
Treadways – Col. Dawkins (W. Gyles, Lessee)
Worthy Park – J. V. Calder (same)


1898-1899 (acres not transcribed)

(50 acres or more are listed in the book. Many small settlers grew
coffee, but the book just references total acreage for small settlers in

each parish.)

Name of Estate, Owner (Attorney of Owner in Parenthesis)

Bellevue – O. A. M. Feurtado
Charlottenburg & Union Hill – John Casserly
Chesterfield – E. A. dePass & C. E. deMercado
Clifton Mount – A. K. Hamilton
Cold Spring – Est. John McLean
Clydesdale – M. E. M’Laverty
Flamstead – T. M. Martin
Green Valley – A. G. Heron
Middleton – Heirs of Duke of Buckingham (Hope, Levy & Co.)
Mt. Lebanon – Oliver Chisholm (J. A. Stephens)
Newton – H. M. C. Cobbold
Pleasant Hill – Hon. C. J. Ward
Silver Hill – A. K. Hamilton (John McLean)

Arntully – H. E. Eves
Ben Lomond & Newfield – G. B. Massy (J. P. Provan)
Farm Hill – Gossett, Treleaven & Co.
House Hill and Whin – R. B. Hopkins
Middleton – W. J. Cathcart
Monklands – J. P. Provan
Moy Hall – Capt. G. G. Taylor
Radnor – J. A. Stephens
Sherwood Forest – O. A. M. Feurtado
Whitfield Hall – DeB. S. Heaven

Portland Gap – B. S. Gossett

Brokenhurst – W. W. Wynne
Campbell Castle – Wm. Hungerford
Loman & Somerset – C. T. Husband
Perrin’s and Park Hall – Sir Richard Fitzherbert
Soho – R. B. Braham
Virginia – George Nash

Glendale – Quintin Logan
Mt. Industry – Est. Jas. L. Hibbert (R. B. Braham)
Whitney – Lord Dudley (Hon. J. P. Clarke)

1898-1899 (acres not transcribed)

(50 acres or more are listed in the book. Many small settlers grew
coffee, but the book just references total acreage for small settlers in

each parish.)

Name of Estate, Owner (Attorney of Owner in Parenthesis)

Amity Hall and Hordley – Jamaica Co. (Hon. Dr. John. Pringle, C.M.G.)
Bachelors Hall – Mrs. A. C. Neyland (W. C. Groves)
Cambridge and Clifton Hall – A. C. James
Creighton Hall – J. H. Cox & Bro.
Golden Grove and Wheelersfield – Boston Fruit Co. (L. D. Baker)
Harbour Head – S. F. Noyes
Morant – W. Creighton (H. Cork)
Middleton – W. F. Harrison
Phillipsfield – Boston Fruit Co.
Potosi – Potosi Estate Co. (Henry Steer)
Pleasant Hill and Unity – A. C. Neyland (W. C. Groves)
Plantain Garden River – Boston Fruit Co. (James Dougall)
Rhine – Hon. S. C. Burke (Boston Frt. Co., Lessees)
Stanton – I. J. Mordecai & Co.
Stokesfield – S. F. Noyes
Springfield – Boston Fruit Co.(R. B. Hopkins)
Winchester – Jamaica Co. (Hon. Dr. John. Pringle, C.M.G.)

Big Spring Garden – L. D. Baker (Wm. Watson)
Boston, Bound Brook, Elysium, Fellowship, Golden Vale, Hermitage,
Kildare, Paradise, Prospect, Red Hazel, Seaman’s Valley, Stanton, Tom’s
Hope, Unity Valley, Windsor – Boston Fruit Co., (Wm. Watson)
Buff Bay River – R. L. Benbow
Burlington and Greenvale – Henry Cork
Caenwood – J. A. Small
Hart Hill 1 – Henry A. Bolton
Hart Hill 2 – A. J. Henriques
Hector’s River – Hon. E. C. Hall, Comdr., R.N.
Hope – M. C. Wallace
Lennox – J. O. Mason
Little Spring Garden – Thos. F. Thompson
Low Layton 1 – Jas. Broughton
Low Layton 2 – Chas. D’Aubigny
Mid Layton – J. O. Mason
Mt. Vernon – G. H. Moodie
Orange Vale – Herbert Walsh
Shrewsbury – D. Sanftleben
Snow Hill – P.A. Moodie
Terra Nova – J. Sweeting
Union – Joseph Afflick
White River – Benj. Crossley
Windsor Castle – A. DaCosta

Agualta Vale, Brimmer Hall, Chovy, Ellis’ Estates, Fort Stewart,
Hopewell, Koningsburg, Orange Hill, Tremolesworth, Trinity – Hon. Jno.
Pringle, C. M. G. (James G. Cohen)
Berry Hill – Hans Olofsen
Ballards Valley – Chas. L. Walker
Charlottenburg – W. H. Westmorland
Claremont – Henry Constantine, Robt. L. Constantine, R. A. Morris,
Edward Dyer
Cove – Jose A. Benjamin
Crawle – David Priest
Crescent – Leo Geo. Silvera, Robt. A. Silvera, Est. of Geo. Silvera
Cromwell – Susan E. Prendergast
Dover – S. Supersangsing
Eden Park – Jno. H. Philpotts
Esher – H. S. Westmorland
Fontabelle – Harriett D. Simmonds and Edward Campbell (Robt. P.
Fort George – Aug. F. G. Ellis
Frontier – Est. of D. R. Clemetson (Robt. P. Simmonds and Jno. B. Goffe)

Gray’s Inn – T. Elmslie (Henry Braham)
Greenwood – F. D. Marshall
Gibraltar – M. E. Westmorland
Golden Grove – E. E. C. Hossack
Harmony Hall – John Wile and Susan E. Prendergast
Heywood Hall and Llanrumney – J. E. Kerr & Co.
Iter Boreal – J. L. Hossack
Langley , Moore Hall and Wentworth – Boston Fruit Co.
Langley No. 1 – A. J. Johnson
Langley No. 2 – M. E. Johnson
Lambkin Hill and Russell Hall – A. E. Silvera
Nonsuch – Susan E. Prendergast, Hon. Jno. Pringle, C.M.G., Henry J.
Rudolph (James G. Cohen)
New Ramble – Leo Geo. Silvera
Oxford and Rosyln– C. H. C. and C. C. F. M. Goffe
Osborne – Richard L. Benbow
Pemberton Valley and Quebec – Harriet D. Simmonds (R. P. Simmonds)
Preston – R. M. Cocking
Richmond – H. B. Walcott
Sherness – Alfred N. Dixon
Spring Valley – G. H. Powell and E. M. Mais, Lessee
Tryall – A. R. DaCosta
Union Hill – Est. A. B. Clemetson
Warwick Castle – John T. Marsh and R. T. Rigg
Water Valley – Est. of Jas. Broughton (J. H. Scarlett)
White Hall – Charles L. Walker

Content – Dr. J. L. Cox
Malvern Park – Edward Pratt
New Ground – A. N. Dixon

Low Ground – Lord Dudley (Horace C. Munn)
Mount Industry – Est. of Jas. L. Hibbert (Hon. R. B. Braham)
North Hall – David Girvan, Herbert D’Aguilar, Ann Saunders (David Girvan

and Emile D’A. Saunders)
Suttons – Col. W. G. Dawkins (Sidney Moxsy, Lessee)
Whitney – Lord Dudley (Hon. J. P. Clarke)

Blair Pen – R. L. Rivett
Cambrians – F. Cohen
Cedar Grove, Pt. of Cow Park, Pt. of Cottage, Great Salt Pond, Hayfield
– Boston Fruit Co.
Charlemont – Hon. Geo. McGrath
Clifton and Goshen – Chas. Fulford
Pt. of Congreve Park – Easton Muirhead
Cooksons, Mt. Pleasant, Phoenix Park and Woodlands – W. R. Turner
Pt. of Cow Park – Henry McGilchrist
Craigallichie – Bishop C. Gordon
Dove Hall – J. Mills
Eltham Park – Thos. H. Sharpe
Pt. of Farm – Lord Carrington (Hon. S. C. Burke, M. L.C.)
Grange – Henry Cork
Guinep – Louis Verley
Halfway-Tree Pen – R. Hotchkin
Hartlands – Hartlands Co., Ltd.
Hawkers Hall – J. C. Lescesne
New Hall – P. H. Bather
New Works – F. W. Aris
Parsons Pen – Hon. James Allwood
Pt. of Reid’s Pen – J. E. Kerr & Co. and F. B. Kennedy
Pt. of Reid’s Pen – Reid’s Pen Syndicate
Rio Magno – Henry J. Rudolf
Riversdale – A. McIntosh
Rodons – John Breary
Pt. of Rodons – Robert Hay
Tamarinds, Watson Grove – Boston Fruit Co.
Tulloch – John McPhail
Twickenham Park – E. M. Davis
Worthy Park – Hon. J. V. Calder


No 3, Kingston Street, Kingston, Jamaica

His Excellency Sir A. W. L. Hemming, K.C.M.G., President
The Hon. J. T. Palache, M.L.C., Mandeville, Vice-President
T. H. Sharp, Esq., Spanish Town, Vice-President
The Hon. C. J. Ward, C. M. G., Kingston, Vice-President
The Hon. J. Pringle, Annotto Bay, Vice-President

Douet, George A., Secretary
Barclay, John – Assistant Secretary

Baker, Capt. – Port Antonio
Campbell, D. Esq. – Linstead
Fursdon, C. A.T., Esq. – Up-Park Camp
Cork, H. Esq. – St. Margaret’s Bay
Roxburgh, A., Esq. – Walker’s Wood
Bather, F. G., Esq. – Linstead
McGrath, The Hon. G. – Ewarton
Clark, The Hon. J. P. – Shooter’s Hill
Ronaldson, H. T., Esq. – Milk River
Murray, G. F., Esq. – Hayes
Wynne, W. W., Esq. – Old England
Gossett, B. S., Esq. – Hagley Gap
Clarke, A. F., Esq. – Shooter’s Hill

Archbishop of the West Indies
Bishop Gordon – Kingston
Allwood, The Hon. J. – Collector-General
Cox, H. E., Esq. – Claremont
Fawcett, W., Esq. – Director Public Gardens
Cork, P. C., Esq. – Asst. Colonial Secretary
Nash, G., Esq. – Mandeville
Robertson, R. H., Esq. – Ramble
Shore, J., Esq. – Little River
Watts, F., Esq. – Kingston
Duerden, J., Esq. – Kingston
Calder, J. V., Esq. – Malvern
Walcott, R. A., Esq. – Kingston
Bertram, L. J., Esq. – Kingston

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