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From: cindy kilgore <>
Subject: Wallaces in Jamaica
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 11:35:23 -0500
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Hello Marie,
A wealthy branch of the Wallaces from Cairnhill (Scotland) lived in
Jamaica for several generations. From The History of the County of Ayr
(Scotland), i found the following: Hugh Wallace (3rd son of Sir Thomas
Wallace; 1710) - his eldest son possessed the estate of Biscany in
Jamaica; his eldest son, Hugh Ritchie Wallace, was Lt. in 7th Royal
Fusiliers and served in Penninsular War from 1810-1814. He was one of
the leading party who stormed the great breach of Trinidad. Served in
America and brother to Robert Wallace, representative of the Wallace
Family from Cairnhill. John Wallace of Ellerslie died without male hier
and left estate to daughter, Helen, who married Archibald Campbell of
Succoth (Scotland). Thomas, brother of Helen's dad, John, bought
Cairnhill from Robert Wallace in 1711. Then to Sir Thomas and Lilas
Cunningham - they had 4 sons; William, John, Hugh and James, and 3
daughters (one of which marries a Glasgow merchant). Sir Thomas is
succeeded by his son, William Wallace, who married his cousin, Jean
Campbell (daughter of Archibald Campbell) and they had 4 sons who show
up in Jamaica. Unfortunately, I didn't write down their names as I was
following St. Vincent & not Jamaica. But this William Wallace was most
likely the William Wallace who is given a land grant in St. Vincent in

If you're still with me: out of other notes taken, I have the following:

Hugh Wallace - merchant and planter in Biscany, Jamaica - 1825.
James Wallace - born 1789, son of Archibald Wallace, merchant in
Glasgow; died in Jamaica Jan 1820.
Hugh, Thomas, James and William were all apart of the Tobacco Lords of
Glasgow - which might give you another angle to look for information. I
definitely would be interested in anything dug up. Hope this is helpful
to you.

Best wishes,
> HARRISON - James, arrived JA. about 1846. Was custos of St. Thomas.
> Died in 1904. Father's name was actually James WALLACE. James HARRISON
> was the illegitimate son of [unknown HARRISON] and James WALLACE.
> WALLACE - James. After the illegitimate birth of son James HARRISON,
> he did marry an Anna Maria BROOKS in Jamaica. She died in 1834. No
> children born of this union. Anna Maria had a sister named Charlotte
> BROOKS who died in 1833 in Jamaica.
> My hope is that some of these surnames may appear in another
> researchers line and that he/she will contact me. In most cases I have
> more information that I will gladly share. In others, I am hoping that
> you may have some information that could provide me with clues for
> further research.
> Thank you for your time.
> Marie Snaith

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