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From: "Pat Oneal" <>
Subject: Re: Carmack Roll Call Request
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 13:35:10 -0400

RE: William Carmack
You'll get other responses on this one. There were TWO--WILLIAM
CARMACKs, cousins. Both were born January 1761. To my knowledge, nobody
has been able to clarify the marriages of the two.
This is how I have them recorded and shall keep it this way until
someone shows proof.

(1) William, b. Jan. 1761, d. Sept. 1851 Lee Co, VA, son of Cornelius, b.
June 1736, d. July 1824. William married Mary Catherine Hartsock.

(2) William, b. Jan 1761, d. Sept. 1849 Washington Co, VA, son of John
Carmack, b. ca. 1720, d. ca. 1812. William married (1) Elizabeth "Betsey"
Walker, (2) Mary "Polly" Yeary/Ball, widow of John Ball.

(This is where the confusion lies. Many records show first one William and
then the other, as being the husband of Mary "Polly" Yeary/Ball, widow of
John Ball.)
Until someone shows documented evidence that differs, I shall keep my
records as shown above. Too confusing to keep switching back and forth.

Pat O'Neal, granddaughter of William and Mary Hartsock

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From: Sharon Prince <>
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Date: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 10:17 AM
Subject: Re: Carmack Roll Call Request

>Great observation. I am going to respond to your question to the list,
>since it might be of general interest. Yes, I show that William
>CARMACK (born 9 Jan 1761, Fredrick CO., VA; died 24 Sep 1851), son of
>Margery Jane Evans and Cornelius Carmack, was married 3 times (but I
>am not certain of the order -- maybe Walker, Hartsock, and Yearly). I
>show Elizabeth "Betsey" Walker; Mary Catherine Hartsock/Hartsook; and
>Mary Yearly.
>Perhaps someone else on the list can give us more details on these
>marriages. My direct line comes through William and Mary Catherine
>Hartsook's son, Allen Carmack (who married Sarah Daughtery).
>Thanks for the clarification.
> wrote:
>Dear Sharon:
>I have William Carmack married to Elizabeth "Betsy" Walker. Did he
>have two wives?
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>From: Sharon Prince <>
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>Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 1999 8:35 PM
>Subject: Re: Carmack Roll Call Request
>> Hi to Dale and the Carmack researchers,
>> My Carmack line and branch area of most interest ended up in
>> Sullivan/Linn County, Missouri. My direct descendancy line is [to the
>> best of my knowledge and starting from me]:
>> Sharon Lee GECK (Richard PRINCE); Leota Mae MASON (John James GECK);
>> Jasper Lloyd MASON (Leota Marie GRIMSHAW); Lucinda CARMACK (Issac/Ike
>> Wheeler MASON); William Madison CARMACK (Mary Ellen FANNING); James
>> Allen CARMACK (Ester NANCE); Allen CARMACK (Sarah DAUGHTERY); William
>> CARMACK (Mary Catherine HARTSOOK/HARTSOCK); Cornelius CARMACK (Margery
>> Jane EVANS); William CARMACK (Jane MCDANIEL); Cornelius CARMACK
>> (Guein/Guiener COREM); Christopher CARMACK.
>> Thanks, Dale and all, for this always helpful and enlightening list.
>> Sharon Prince
>> Parker, Colorado
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