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From: "Pam Thornbury" <>
Subject: Re: Welsh dictionary
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 14:27:35 +1200

I think there must be some variation as my mother, from Aberdare, GLA
and my BIL from North Wales, often speak to each other in Welsh and just as
often have to query what each other has said because of different
words/dialects used. They have a running joke about which one speaks
"real" Welsh.

in New Zealand

I was led to believe that 'dialects' as such did not > exist, just a
variation on certain minor things, easily understood > from one end of the
country to the other. The Welsh I heard in > Bangor was very similar to
the Welsh I heard in St Davids. > Ok, now everyone tell me how and why I am
wrong. I shall > spend my weekend learning it. lol. > Gwyneth

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