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From: "Pauline James" <>
Subject: RE: Rugby World Cup
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 21:35:34 -0000

Hi Angela

Will you be watching the match on Saturday at home?? Same as last time,
Richard my mother myself and Sarah (and friend this time) have booked our
seats in front of the tv. Richard has got his cans cooling yet again - what
an excuse for a pint....

No fireworks display in Stradey this Friday, Pontypridd are playing rugby
there instead....could not see them last year anyway because when past
mid-way in the stand , the fireworks go over the roof, so waste of time.

speak soon

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From: Philip Davies [mailto:]
Sent: 04 November 1999 16:11
Subject: Re: Rugby World Cup

Hello Trish,

If the last few matches are anything to go by you'll be queuing outside
the pubs to get in. If you can't get in anywhere Cardiff Council have a
huge marquee in Bute park (behind the Castle) with a giant screen, there
is also entertainment after the match - for Sat it's A Tribute to Tom
Jones and also a comedy support The comedy Referees. It costs £10 to get
in and opens at 11am ( I think most of the pubs with screens are
charging to get in)
I went into town this afternoon and there were masses of South Africans
wandering around. We'd love to go to the match but the £30 tickets are
sold out - the next start at £45 so for the three of us its a bit
pricey, so we'll be watching on t.v. as well.
Like Pauline says we'll be rooting for the Wallabies as well and for the
same reasons !!!!


Angela in Cardiff

Elaine Halliday wrote:
> My son and I are coming to Cardiff for the final, no we haven't got
> but he wants to watch it on a large screen in a pub in Cardiff to soak up
> the atmosphere!!!!!
> Trish
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