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From: "Richard James" <>
Subject: Re: Mc Fee baptisms- need help please!
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 08:09:05 -0000

Hello Brenda
Burry Port is three miles west of Llanelly spelt (Llanelli if you are
looking at a modern atlas), and is in Pembrey Parish, although Pembrey
Parish is an ancient Parish of many hundreds of years, Burry Port is
relatively new, and built up around the Harbour which was built in 1825, the
name Burry Port first being used in 1838, in welsh it is Porth Towyn.
I think there are some Pilot records for the Llanelly area, which would
probably include pilots for Burry Port, I will enquire, or maybe another
lister can help.
It was not unusual for siblings to be baptised on the same day, this would
have been cheaper than on separate days, and/or if they were non-conformist
the preacher/minister who carried out baptisms may have only preached at
this particular chapel every so often.

Subject: Mc Fee baptisms- need help please!

> I have recently located the baptism for my great grandfather, and his
siblings, on a microfilm for Pembrey, Carmarthen Co. in 1862.
> His father's occupation was listed as a coast guard, and their "abode"
listed as bury port( the writing is hard to read, I think it said bury).
> So, I guess I have a few questions:
> Are there records for the coast guards, and how can I access them?
> What, or where is "bury port"?
> My great grandfather was baptized in 1862, and his three siblings were all
baptized in 1860 on the same day. Does anyone know why the three were
baptized together? Could they have just moved into the county?
> I am just new in researching over seas, so could use any help someone is
willing to give.
> Until I read from you,
> Brenda
> Alberta, Canada
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