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Helo Richard,
Thanks for your prompt reply, must admit I couldn't understand the Ebenezer
It seems Llangynog has moved over the years at least as far a cartographers
are concerned!
There obviously should now be a Llangynog Uchaf [Nantego] and a Llangynog
Isaf [what used to be Ebenezer], but Ebenezer has become Llangynog. That to
me seems to be basically it.
I have never been to Llandawke and to be quite honest with you have never
heard of it, however no doubt genealogical pursuits will take me there some
What I found odd is that until about 3 weeks ago I had never heard of
Llangynog and I have connections from there to Lacharn. Must admit it seemed
to me that Lacharn was quite a distance from Llangynog given the intrusion
of Afon Taf: presumably this is fordable in the lower reaches or|and there
were ferries.
I understand that Maen Llwyd can mean Greystone just seems peculiar that it
warrants the ids that the OS gives them in its maps. Maybe has a different
translatable meaning in English.
The Catalan recipe for baby lamb chops does not include mint sauce:-)

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> Hi Rhodri
> Like so many parish churches in this area (the Derllys Hundred), they are
> usually not anywhere near the actual village, infact in many cases there
> no villages at all, Take Llandawke for instance just a church, when I was
> photographing the churches of Carmarthenshire, I found that many of the
> churches were miles away from the actual place you would expect them to
> To check where the church is goto the Churches on the Carmarthenshire Web
> pages:
> you will find the OS number of each church.
> Yes I had forgotten about the Primroses, I'll try and add to the photos.
> A little more about the Church, St. Cynog:
> As you say Ebenezer Chapel is in the Village of Llangynog, ( the village
> actually called Ebenezer, on the 1905 OS 6inch to 1mile , I don't know
> it was changed). if you kept going south out of Llangynog, taking the
> left you would as you said come to Nantego, there is a very sharp bend
> which will climb a hill, at the top of this hill you will find St Cynog's
> Church, which is the Parish Church. The road seems to go round the church
> if the Church were in the middle of a roundabout, The church was there
> So why have the Parish Church so far away from the Village? Beats me!
> it was the most convenient spot several hundred years ago when the church
> built, for all the parishioners, who would have been farmers scattered
> apart.
> Maen Llwyd means Greystone I would say that these are old quarries, there
> many in this region of Carmarthenshire
> Regards
> Richard James

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