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Subject: Re: harasment?
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 11:34:32 EDT

Hi Joe.

Sure makes a lot of sense regarding last names, i hadn't thought of that,

Regarding the name of Jones, sure caused a dilema on my Rees side from
Peterston Super Ely Cardiff, the g-mother of my Reverand William Rees was a
Jones, and i'll be darned if The Revs; 2nd wife wasn't a Jones from
Blaenavon, sure was a pickle sorting out his 7 page will with all the
codicils, with the Rees, Jones and James ( his 1st wife) the neices nephews
his and hers.

You are right about the fun and enjoyment of finding relatives, happend to me
2 yrs ago, again on my Rees side, ,met a 2nd cousin in Australia he is 70 odd
to my 67 they had advertised on Julies Welsh surname list, we met up in
England last August and i took him to meet cousins in their 80s, my fathers
brothers also my sisters and my daughter living in Oxfordshire, so it was a
really exciting time for us all.

Thank you again for the tip, i will give it a whirl, i have printed of your
help and will go through them.

Bye for now Sylvia

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