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Subject: [Cmn-L] Fw: lobotomized lugworm
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 16:22:32 +1000

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Subject: lobotomized lugworm

> Poor Stephen, if he only knew how popular his expression has become!
Already here in Nevada USA the lobotomized lugworm is rapidly becoming a
by-word. Just yesterday I noticed several of them on the highway driving
irratically. I've also finally figured out that my noisy neighbors must be
suffering from this disorder. I also understand that "lobotomized lugworm"
will be published in the next edition of Webster's Dictionary being defined
as: moron, idiot, and underbred.
> I realize that opening 60+ emails a day can be cumbersom, but after
just 3 days, I have had more fun on the web than ever. Not to mention the
numerous census reports and tidbits I've received from our Welsh brethren
that would have taken just a little more effort via carrier pigeon.
> Thanks everyone for a great time!!
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