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From: Pat Powell <>
Subject: Re: [Cmn-L] Llanelly
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 15:55:00 +0000
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Hi Marilyn - and all

Here's another tidbit for you.

January 23rd is the feast day of Saint Elli.

You've just missed that -, but you are just in time for January 25th
which is St Dwynwen's Day - She is the patron saint of lovers and love
tokens were traditionally exchanged on this day.



In message <003701c2c2f6$78f10540$>, Marilyn
<> writes
>I must make a "non-interest" comment here!! The discussion about the
>breweries in the past few days has been a tremendous help....believe it or
>not....with my Welsh pronunciations!! I have been playing the movies about
>the Felinfoel Brewery and Llanelly and listening to the pronunciations which
>are, of course, among the hardest part of learning Welsh. (I'm a good
>speller anyway, so go figure that I can understand the spelling, but not the
>pronunciation!). It's probably the reason we Welsh (me, too, both sides!!)
>are such good musicians and poets, and have such a love for language. I
>hadn't previously run across the WorldWideWales website, so it's a delight
>to "tour" online!! I saved Deric's e-mail about "Llanelli - Church of
>Elli", as I have a file for just such tidbits of Welsh language.
>However, when I opened Darla's e-mail and saw "Ebbw" Vale I thought, "OH,
>NO"!!!!!!!! How am I going to sound this one out?? Maybe Joe can help me
>here since he can understand my American English "handicap"!
>And yes, Mal, "Elwyn" is a fine Welsh name. I've only just discovered in
>the past few months that one of my ancestors, my gr-grandmother, Rachel
>Howells Davies, had a nephew, one Elwyn Howells, who was a physician.
>Lovely, that!! Keep it coming!!

Pat Powell

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