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From: Pat Powell <>
Subject: Re: [Cmn-L] 1901 census
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 22:36:33 +0000
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Hello Dilys

If you go back to enum dist 23 and find folio 149 then No19 Wern road is
at schedule 206.

If you are ever wondering about another address in the 1901 census then
you can check if it is there by doing what I did for this address.
It won't cost any money.

If you select address search and then in this case of 19 Wern Road I put
in Wern* and Llanelly.

That gave me all the addresses present in Llanelly that contained the
word Wern - and 19 was included - so then I went and had a look on the



In message <000001c3d611$5c6f6c20$>, dilys karen
rees <> writes
>Three years after buying the 1901 census, I'm finally looking through it for
>my Hopkins family and I've come up against a little difficulty. I decided to
>look up their address from the 1991 census, wern rd.which I found in
>enumeration district 23 but only the right side of the road, ie, the even
>numbers. I need the left side, uneven numbers as I'm looking for number 19.
>I've looked in enu. districts 21,22,24, 25 but haven't found Wern Rd. again.
>Can someone give me a clue how this works?
>Dilys karen Rees - GoiĆ¢nia, Brazil
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Pat Powell

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