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From: "Joe Orfant" <>
Subject: Re: [Cmn-L] David Davis, Llandingat
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 14:00:22 -0400
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Thanks for the good advice. My first birth cert search will be for my
grandfather, John Davis. Not an easy one as you might imagine particularly
since he listed his birth year as 1866 and 1871 at different times. I've
settled on 1871 because I believe he lied about his age in order to work in
the mines in Ohio. The law was 12 but it was quite common for younger boys
to claim to be 12 in order to work. It also makes more sense since the
next son, Morgan, was born in 1872 and all the rest of the children arrived
in quick succession. I've also tried a couple of likely 1866 and 1867
listings with no luck. Surprisingly, I only have three or four possible
Johns in suitable quarters in the UK indexes. The family emmigrated about
1873 and show up on the 1880 Ohio census right where they should be and with
John claiming to be 13. He's listed as an unemployed coal miner.

I haven't been successful finding a marriage record overlap for Evan and
Elizabeth in an index search. Her maiden name was Williams and if my 1871
census couple in Merthyr is them, she was born in Neath. Surprisingly, they
are the only John and Elizabeth Davis (or Davies) couple that I could find
searching the 1871 census index. Since John's birthday is in August, he
wouldn't have been born as so is not listed which is another bit of info
that gives me more confidence about this couple.

Assuming I can get a cert for John ( a long shot) then I should have more
solid information to search for Evan. Otherwise, this is all speculation
but based on some pretty good circumstantial evidence. I've been trying to
get more info on the Welsh community in Palmyra, Ohio, assuming that it
might give me a clue or two about their origins, but there's surprisingly
little. Its a very rural town and the Welsh seem to have vanished. The
Welsh Cemetery is still there, but the Welsh Church is long gone. The
Methodist Church had a fire and its records went up in smoke!

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