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Subject: Re: [CMN-L] FW: Facts!
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 23:08:23 -0000
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Hi Mona

Please read this with a smile and wait for the punch line below (poor that
it is)!

I take your point. "Loose" can have more than one meaning.

In my case, I use it as a simple way of highlighting those people in my
Trus(s)ler and related names Database who are still not connected to other
Trus(s)ler or Jones people, ie they are "loose pieces" in the very large jig
saw I am trying to put together.

Now, of course, some of them could be "Loose Loose" in which case they
really would take on the sort of meaning you talked about!

I must have some because I also have examples of that strange phenomena of
Mother's calling children born well after their husband has died by his
surname. But of course at that time the Lady is probably still known by his
name ie to some people she is still Mrs ...... his surname unless she has
reverted to her Maiden name!.

However, I also have the odd example of a Lady remarrying in the interim
who, whilst using her new Surname, still used her former (late) husband's
surname on her next born (perhaps her new husband objected to calling the
child his?)

Now she would be either a "bit loose?" or an exceedingly clever lady who has
found some sort of loophole in the system which gives her some sort of
financial advantage by taking this line!

But, could the former be perhaps called a "Loose, Loose, Loose" lady??

With that bit of corn, I think we should close this down before fellow
Mailers ask what it has to do with Carmarthenshire. I hope the contributors
to this storyline agree.

Apart from that, my best wishes to you all the Carmarthenshire members who I
have found most helpful since I joined recently. Some people have really
gone out of their way to help me to sort out some of my puzzles.

My best wishes to you also if you are related to one of my Carmarthenshire
Jones or Trussler relatives - in which case I would love to hear from you!

I was born in Llandybie in 1937 and went to the local school there until I
was about 7. My mother was the Trussler and my father was the Jones. As I
remember it we lived in the first house on a side road, which lay back from,
and was parallel to, Blaenau Road on the right about a third of a mile after
you left the village of Llandybie heading towards Pen-y-groes.

(I hope I'm getting these names right - it's been a long time!)

Best regards

Hornchurch, Essex


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