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Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 19:59:14 -0600

I am looking for some long lost Carpenter relatives from Nebraska (probably
along the Platte). The reason that I know some still live, or at least
lived in Nebraska in the early 1980's is that my dad was standing in front
of the Johnson Space Center in Texas. (He was from Ruthven, Palo Alto
County, Iowa.) A gentleman approached him and asked him if he was a
Carpenter and from Nebraska. Dad said yes, he was a Carpenter, but from
Iowa. The other guy said that the town he lived in Nebraska has a lot of
Carpenters and they all look alike, and Dad looked just like them.

Later, as my dad told me this story, I asked him which town in Nebraska
this was, since I now live in Nebraska too. He could not remember, but
knew the town started with a "G" and along the Platt River.

I asked Dad if he knew of any family in Nebraska and he said yes, he had a
great-uncle that had moved to Nebraska. He had lost touch with that
family. Since I have been doing family genealogy, I have discovered that
one of Dad's uncle's was born in Nance County, Nebraska, where Geno is
located. After a few years of trying to homestead my great-grandparents
returned to the Viola Township, Audubon County, Iowa.

Now within our Carpenter family over 90% of my first cousins all look like
Carpenters, so there is a strong family trait there.

Does any one out there have any information on a Carpenter family living in
a Nebraska town that starts with "G" and there is a strong family
resemblance among the family members?

A side note, my Grandpa Carpenter also liked to write poetry. Is this a
family trait?

I know this is a long shot, but we would not love genealogy if we did not
like long shots. :)

Jeanine Wichman
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How interesting... my Carpenters came from Nebraska(Platte River) and
. In the early part of the 1900s a few married Pavelitich's and I have 6
generations of poems written by Carpenters in that area, some of which were
published. I do not know anything about the people mentioned in what you
wrote, but would be very interested in talking to whoever feels they can
claim the album, because I think I might be connected, even distantly, to
them. Good luck in finding it a home!


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