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From: "S W" <>
Subject: [CARPENTER] Cousin Byron
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 09:07:54 -0600

My Dad's cousin (my first cousin once removed) Byron Carpenter,
went to the Lord Friday evening 8 Mar 2002
in Washington, Mo.
He was 103 years old and still mentally sharp. He entered a
nursing home last year as he was getting a little weak but was enjoying
good health.
Byron carried on the Carpenter sense of humor and I had a number of
good visits with him and was so pleased to get
to know him. He always insisted on getting dressed up for company at
the home - silk shirt, silk tie etc.
We will miss him and I have to say he was a real Gentleman.
My sincere thanks to every one of you who helped me along the way
with the Carpenter family tree. Also my
thanks for all of you who sent Byron Christmas cards.
Byron found the genealogy very interesting, in particular, finding
out how his Dad, Edward Chauncey, got his middle
name. It was supplied to us by Jane B. and Byron was very pleased to
learn that the name came from Chauncey G.
Carpenter of Athens Ohio.
I assume that he will now begin looking up all these ancestors and
having long conversations with them - which should
keep him busy for a long time.
Unfortunately, Byron was our last male Carpenter having lost his
only son last year (who had no sons).
Sally Carpenter Warfield, St. Louis

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