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From: "Donna Cuzze" <>
Subject: [CARPENTER] Questions Thomas
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 20:57:38 -0800

I received some very good questions. I wish I knew the answers, but I
don't. So best I can do is post them and hope someone out there has an

re: Reuben - Thomas & John (born circa 1776-1785)

1. Is there evidence that they were brothers other than the diary which also
says that they were sons of Abigail JORDAN?, ie, can we believe one
without the other?
ANSWER: NO evidence that I have says they were brothers, "only if" they
are the sons in the diary. Circumstancial evidence is the passing down of
the names Reuben, Thomas, John & Zachariah for the next 2-3 generations.

2. This is one of the things that bothers me. The Thomas CARPENTER of Nash
Co is a good fit to be the father of Reuben, John, and Thomas; but
according to the diary Abigail's CARPENTER husband was killed in the war.
I can't help but wonder if maybe we're looking at some non-normal
situation such as a divorce, desertion, or bigamous relationship. Plus,
the notion of a 30 year old woman with five kids marrying a 20 year old
guy just doesn't ring true with me unless there were some really unusual
RESPONSE: Good point. Maybe a lister out there has something more concrete
they can share with us??

Donna Cuzze

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