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From: "Jack Frosty" <>
Subject: [CARPENTER] Money in colonies
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 04:30:26 -0900

I thought the money in the New England Colonies was same as England pound &
schiling but I found this Notataion on Robert coles where he is fined 5
marks for drunk & disorderly > MBCR is Mass bay colony records.

"On 16
August 1631 fined five marks for being disorderly ith drink [MBCR 1:90]. But
in other notes he is fined pounds or schillings ,
" On 3 September 1633 Robert Coles was fined L.10
for abusing himself shamefully with drink, enticing John Shotswell. his wife
incontinency, & other misdemeanor" [MBCR 1:107].
On 4 March 634/5 it was ordered that Robert Coles "shall not pay more of his
of L.10, for drunkenness, &c, than hath been already levied in strong water"
[ MBCR 1:139]. All of these "

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