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Rooters & Rootsers:

Today's NEWSDAY has a column (the first 5 paragraphs, as well as the URL for
the complete article, appear after my name) about the truth behind many of

Did a lovesick Indian maiden commit suicide by drowning herself in Lake
Ronkonkoma and does her soul continue to take a male life every year?

Did a boomerang-shaped starship crash into Moriches Bay, killing 17 aliens

Is Long Island is sinking?

Are Lake Ronkonkoma and Lake Success bottomless?

Did the Redcoats chain Revolutionary patriots to Execution Rocks, located
just off Sands Point in Long Island Sound, leaving them to drown at high

Did George Washington visit his namesake Port Washington on his famous trip
across Long Island in 1790?

Did Richard Smith actually win from the Indians all the land he could circle
in a single day on the back of his pet bull?

Is Bread and Cheese Hollow Road in Fort Salonga really named after Smith's
ploughman's lunch that day?

Is Barnum Island really named after old P.T., who reportedly wanted to
his circus elephants there?

Is Hofstra University, founded in 1935 with a bequest from Kate Hofstra, to
be preserved as a perpetual sanctuary for kitties?

For all those who wish to see the entire story but can not access the web,
please eMail me directly and I will then eMail the entire story to you.

A Ziessen Pesach and a Glorious Easter to all,

Walter Greenspan

Get to the truth behind some of our grand delusions.
-- by Jim Merritt, a frequent contributor to Newsday.

March 31, 2002 -- THE STONE MARKER with the small bronze plaque stood near
Shelter Island's north ferry for decades. The inscription read:

On this spot July 11th, 1508

Fell Putikaos

Last of the Sihaqua Indians

Slain by the Norse Viking


Over the years, thousands of travelers stopped to reflect on the history of
the place and silently pay their respects.

In the words of that great philosopher Bugs Bunny: Suckers!

"It was all a funny little hoax," says Louise Green, the Shelter Island Town

A little boy was the first to figure out that "Putikaos" spelled backward
"soak it up" and "Retawerif" was "firewater," according to a 1942 Long
Forum article "The Shelter Island Hoax" by then-Suffolk County historian
Morton Pennypacker. Green believes the hoax originated in a temperance
tantrum by a monied member of a local Methodist camp who placed the sign
there in 1908 as a protest against drinking.

If the marker, with its unfortunate linkage between Indians and drinking,
hasn't fooled anyone lately, that's because it disappeared after recent

Case closed. Or is it? Here on Long Island, proving something isn't so
doesn't mean some people won't keep saying that it is, or keep other folks
from believing them. After all, we live on such a long island that there's
more than enough room here to stretch the truth (and as everyone knows, the
big LIE runs right down the middle).

Copyright (c) 2002, Newsday, Inc.

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