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From: "William A. Davis" <>
Subject: CARR - MARY TODD LINCOLN connection
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 01:40:19

The Craig family genealogy in my family stated that John Anderson Craig
married Susan Francis Carr, a first cousin of Mary Todd Lincoln. In the
Filson Club in Louisville I found THE ESTILL GENEALOGY giving the genealogy
of Mary Todd Lincoln, her aunt Elizabeth Todd, who married Charles Carr,
and stating that Susan F. Carr married a Mr. Keis, a Mr. Dunlap, and a Mr.
Craig. Other genealogical notes in the surname files gave Susan F. Carr's
genealogy, connecting it to Mary Todd Lincoln's line. Later I found that
John Craig and Susan Craig were buried in the Charles Todd plot at
Lexington Cemetery (though they died in Arkansas). John Anderson's Craig's
letters indicate he is going to obtain a pass to return to his plantation
at Helena, and a letter of another cousin, John Todd Stuart, describes the
visit of cousin Susan Craig to the Lincoln White House, where he describes
her request for a pass for her and her husband. One compilation of Lincoln
letters gives the text of the pass, stating it was for a Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Craig, but this is an error. Looking at the sources mentioned in
the compilation, they apparently based this on the fact that Susan Craig
was travelling with a "Charley."

Below is my genealogical printout on Carrs:

1. Walter Carr married Nov 05 1775, in Fluvanna County, Virginia, Elizabeth
Chiles, died Jun 07 1874. Was in the Kentucky Convention of 1799, and
served in the state Legislature. For Carr genealogy, see THE ESTILL
GENEALOGY, a copied genealogy at the Filson Club. Dabney Carr, Walter's
first cousin once removed, married Martha Jefferson, sister of Thomas
Jefferson. I'm sure there are other sources for this genealogy. CARR
LINEAGE: Thomas; Thomas; William (b.1680); William Carr (married Mary
Dabney); William; William (b.cir 1730); Walter(#3402). See also KY
Ancestors Vol. 4 No. 4 Pg. 154 for Phebe Ferguson, dau of a Walter Carr.
2. i Charles Carr born Oct 21 1774.

Second Generation

2. Charles Carr born Oct 21 1774, Fredericksburg, Virginia, married Jun 17
1801, in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky, Elizabeth Todd, (daughter of
Levi Todd and Jane Briggs) died Oct 30 1863. Charles died Jan 00 1869.
i Thomas Carr.
ii David Carr.
iii Dabney Watts Carr.
iv Elizabeth Jane Carr.
v Walter Chiles "W.C." Carr. He is probably the W.C.Carr who
wrote Albert G. Craig about Susan Carr Craig's estate, is
probably the "Judge W. C. Carr of St. Louis, whose son William
died July 13, 1846 at 5 years. OBSERVER & REPORTER, July 25,
1846, listed in KENTUCKY OBITUARIES. THE REPORTER, September
4, 1826 reported the death of Anna Marie Carr, consort of
"W.C.Carr of St. Louis." The obituary of Mary Elizabeth Fife,
says she died at the LEXINGTON home of her grandfather,
"W.C.Carr." [two Carrs or two homes?]
vi Ann Marie Carr.
vii Martha Ellen Carr.
3. viii Susan Frances Carr.
ix Levi Todd Carr.
x Charles Dabney Carr. (Twin of Mary Ellen Carr).
xi Mary Ellen Carr.
xii Robert Elisha Carr. In the Albert Gallatin Craig papers, there
are two letters from "R.E.Carr" of St. Louis, discussing the
estate of his late sister, Susan Frances Carr Craig. There is
another letter on the estate from "W.C.Carr," also from St.

Third Generation

3. Susan Frances Carr married (1) Mr. Keis, married (2) Jul 19 1847, in
Fayette County, Kentucky, Hugh W. Dunlap (Gen)., married (3) John Anderson
Craig, born cir ___ 00 1806, prob. at Riverview, east of Carrollton, (son
of BENJAMIN CRAIG, Jr. and Elizabeth Walton Morris) died Feb 21 1864, prob.
near Helena, Arkansas, buried H - 47, Lexington Cemetery, Lexington,
Kentucky. Susan died Feb 04 1865, Helena, Arkansas., buried h-47,
Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky. Of the letters in the Albert
Gallatin Craig papers, to be filmed by the University of Kentucky Special
Collections, "Anderson's" are the most interesting. He went west to make
his fortune, but times there were harsh and only became worse with the
onset of the Civil War. He married Susan F. Carr, who was a first cousin of
Mary Todd Lincoln. She was he daughter of Walter Carr and Mary Lincoln's
aunt Elizabeth Todd. According to THE ESTILL GENEALOGY (copied in May of
1975 by the Filson Club, from an original owned by Dr.Louise Gallaway)
Susan married three times: First to a Mr. Keis, Second to a Mr. Dunlap, and
thirdly to a Mr. Craig. John Anderson and Susan Craig had no children of
their own, so they adopted John's neice Elizabeth Morris Brooking, though
her parents were still living. After the death of Junius Ward Craig, John
became involved in the attempts of Craig cousins to break his will, and the
Civil War followed fast upon, and John's letter's write of the chaos that
surrounds him. Union encampments at his doorstep, the slaves that will
starve in the winter because they are not working. He ultimately had to
flee his plantation, "Susa Kirk." Towards the end of 1863 he intended to
return to his plantation, and Susan visited her cousin Mary Lincoln in the
White House, their visit being described in a letter that's in the John
Todd Stuart Collection of the Illinois Historical Society. The pass itself
is copied in Lincoln compilations, though misatributed to a Charles Craig
in one. The pass was dated December 21, 1863. They did return to the
plantation, but within two months John Anderson Craig was dead, in February
of 1864. Edward and Elizabeth Craig Brooking, parents of their John and
Susan's adopted daughter, expressed a fear that Elizabeth would be cheated
out of her inheritance from John, but a year after John's death Elizabeth
would also die, February 4, 1865, in Helena, after a long illness with
consumption. She and John are buried in the Walter Carr plot in Lexington
Cemetery. Their adopted daughter, Elizabeth, would marry John Todd Shelby,
a prominent attorney of Lexington, Kentucky.
Lately I have been told there may have been a marriage of a Samuel Kerr
to a Susan Carr, and I suspect that the "Mr. Keis" is an error for Kerr,
which would explain why Clift's KENTUCKY MARRIAGES reported the marriage of
Gen. Hugh Dunlap to "Susan F. Kerr."

Mr.Keis: Might've been Samuel Kerr,rather than Keis. THE ESTILL GENEALOGY
gives his name as Mr. Keis.

Hugh: Very likely the Gen. Hugh W. Dunlap, of Madison Parish, La., whose
marriage to "Susan F. Kerr" on July 19, 1847, is recorded in the Observer
& Reporter, Lexington, Kentucky, on July 28. The genealogy at the Filson
Club only names a "Mr. Dunlap" as one of Susan F. Carr's husbands.

Children by John Anderson Craig:

4. i Elizabeth Morris Brooking Craig born Jun 22 1851. (adopted)

Fourth Generation

4. Elizabeth Morris Brooking Craig born Jun 22 1851, Carroll County,
Kentucky, married Nov 07 1872, in Christ Church Cathederal, St.Louis, Mo.,
John Todd Shelby, born Jan 25 1851, Springfield, Illinois, (son of Thomas
Hart Shelby and Frances Stuart Todd) died Mar 02 1920, buried Lexington
Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky. Elizabeth died Dec 12 1917, probably at
Lexington, Kentucky., buried Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky.

[sending excerpt on John Todd Shelby in a seperate message]

Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert "Edward" Brooking and Elizabeth Morris
Craig, who allowed their daughter to be adopted by Elizabeth's brother,
John Anderson Craig. John Anderson Craig was married to Susan F. Carr, a
first cousin of Mary Todd Lincoln. John and Susan were dead before
Elizabeth was 14. It's not recorded whether she returned to her parents or
was raised by the Carr family. It might've been the latter because she was
living in St. Louis when she met John Todd Shelby, who was a relative of
Susan Carr's. He was the son of Thomas Hart Shelby, Jr. and Frances Stuart
Todd. His mother had given birth to him while she was in Springfield,
Illinois. She died a week later. He was a descendant of Issac Shelby, Col.
Nathaniel Hart, and Levi Todd, grandfather of Susan Carr and Mary Todd
Lincoln. John received a Bachelor's degree at Princeton in 1870, became a
member of the Kentucky Bar in 1872, and in 1875 became a partner with the
influential W. C. P. Breckinridge. In 1872 John and Elizabeth were married
at the Christian Church, St. Louis, Mo. They lived in Lexington, Kentucky,
where John was well-known. After Breckinridge died in 1904, he formed a
partnership with his son, John Craig Shelby. She died in 1917. He died in
1920. They and their children and some descendants are buried at an
attractive location near the duck ponds in Lexington Cemetery. John: was
apparently related to Elizabeth's adopted mother, Susan Carr. Both were
descended from Levi Todd, Mary Todd Lincoln's Ancestor. His father was
Thomas Hart Shelby Jr. and his mother, Frances Stuart Todd, died a week
after John was born. John became a prominent lawyer in Lexington, in
partnership with W.C.P. Breckinridge. Upon the death of Breckinridge, he
became the partner of his son, John Craig Shelby. Gov. Isaac Shelby of
Kentucky was his great-grand- father. See Railey, page 389 for Todd-Shelby
5. i Thomas Hart Shelby born Aug 08 1874.
ii Francis Todd Shelby born Jul 06 1876, died Mar 20 1877.
iii John Craig Shelby born Nov 22 1883, buried Lexington Cemetery,
Lexington, Kentucky. He never married. He was a lawyer for a
railroad, probably L.N.N., and his papers were deposited with
Special Collections of the University of Kentucky. A letter he
wrote to Laura Craig in the 1940's shows he knew little of his
mother's background and family. He was a Harvard Graduate.
iv Christine Shelby born Sep 16 1887, buried Lexington Cemetery,
Lexington, Kentucky. She never married.

Fifth Generation

5. Thomas Hart Shelby born Aug 08 1874, married Oct 12 1898, in Jessamine
County, Kentucky, Mary Agnes Scott. Thomas buried Lexington Cemetery,
Lexington, Kentucky. Lived in Louisville, Kentucky. Mary: was a native of
Jessamine County.
6. i John Todd Shelby born Jun 02 1902.

Sixth Generation

6. John Todd Shelby born Jun 02 1902, married Jun 07 1922, Virginia Bernice
Lindsey. John buried Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky. Worked with
the Internal Revenue in Lexington, Kentucky. Virginia: was a native of
Roanoke, Virginia.
i John Todd Shelby born Jul 02 1923.
ii William Hurst Shelby born Oct 15 1926, Mingo County, West
Virginia. Was living in Louisville in 1945.

Bill Davis
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