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Subject: John and Elizabeth (Cross) Carr
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 13:36:56 -0500 (EST)

I have collated the following postings related to John and Elizabeth (Cross)
Carr, of Maryland. Any thoughts on reconciliation of this info?

Pat Noble

Date:97-02-18 11:59:08 EST
To:Pat Noble

Your E-mail 2-17-97.

I Have a few CARR names, these are my earliest:

Thomas Carr Married Elizabeth Bowman abt 1778, they had children:
Caleb Carr, born 1799, married Rachel Lemmon Dec. 2, 1821
Sara Carr, no info.

John Carr born abt 1708, married Elizabeth Cross Had Child:

Moses Carr born abt 1734, Married Catherine Case, had child:

Sara Carr Born 1771/1776, who married James Lemmon abt 1797, in Shelby, KY.

Probably no connection, but thought I would pass on to you anyway, you never

Ken Lemmon

Date:97-02-25 05:56:34 EST
To:Pat Noble

Here is what I have on Carrs:
John Carr B: abt 1708 in Maryland, M: Elizabeth Cross B: abt 1712.
Had at least 1 child, Moses Carr B: abt 1734, D: 1810 in Nelson, KY., M:
Catherine Case, B: abt 1738.
Had at least 1 child Sara Carr B:1771/1776, D: 1813, in Vincennes, Knox Co.,
IN, Married in 1797, in Shelby, KY. to James Lemmon, B: 1763 in Hagerston,
MD, D: July 4, 1867, in Lancaster, Dallas, TX.

Sara & James, had at least 3 children:
Harden Lemmon, M: Sara Ann Lemmon, April 4, 1830 In Corydon, IN.
Washington Lemmon B: Oct. 6, 1806 M: Tamer Stephens, Aug. 21, 1826 in
Corydon, IN.
John Lemmon, B: Feb. 1, 1804, M: Elizabeth Johnson, June 28, 1826, in
Corydon, IN.

Another line:

Thomas Carr, M: Elizabeth Bowman.
Had Children:
Sarah Carr- no info.
Caleb Carr, B: 1799, Married Dec. 2, 1821, to Rachel Lemmon, B: Mar. 15,
1806, in Baltimore Co., MD., D: 1842.
Had Children:

Elizabeth, M: Joseph Miller Aug 26, 1842.
Comfort, B: Nov. 15, 1824, in Harrison Co., IN, to William Wright, Dec. 5,
1844, in Indiana.
Millicent, D: aug 5, 1862.
Sara, No info.
Rachel, D: Sept. 20, 1903, Married to Glenn.
Rebecca, B: abt 1838, in Harrison Co., IN. M: July 31, 1859 to Michael
Martha, No onfo.

This is all I have on Carrs up to now.

Maybe there is some way we can connect up.

If you run across the Lemmon name, I have about 300.

Thanks & good hunting,

Ken Lemmon

Subj: CARR John b. Ireland d. 1792 PA
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 22:43:41 EST
From: S Alafire
Message-ID: <>

Seeking ancestors of John Carr, Sr. born in Ireland and died in Fayette Co.
Pa. married Elizabeth Cross.
They were property owners in Fayette Co., Georges twsp., Pa in 1787.

Elizabeth M Richard Ashcraft
Moses m. Catherine Case
Thomas m Hannah Coombs
Elisha m. Nancy Coombs
Rachel m Isaac White
Absolom Carr m. Ruth White
Elijah Carr m. Elizabeth White
Abigail m. John White
John Carr Jr. m. Elizabeth White
Mary Carr m. Isaac Sutton
Rebecca Carr m Caleb Reed
S Alafire

Date:97-03-18 06:18:29 EST
To:Pat Noble

On 2-21-97 you sent me info on John Carr married Mary Cross, plus their
Do you have their parents names. Any and all info will be appreciated.

I have received, other info& am enclosing all CARR's I now have.

Ken Lemmon

Descendants of John Carr

1 John Carrb: Abt 1708 in Irelandd: 1787 in Fayette Co.,
Georges Twsp., PA
+Elizabeth Crossb: Abt 1712m: in MD
2 Moses Carrb: Abt 1734d: 1810 in Nelson, KY
+Catherine Caseb: Abt 1738
3 Sarah Carrb: 1771-1776d: 1813-1814 in Vincennes, Knox, IN
+James Lemmonb: 1763 in Hagerstown, MDm: Abt 1797 in
Shelby, KYd: July 04, 1857 in Lancaster, Dallas, Texas
3 Caleb Carr
3 Catherine Carr
3 Thomas Carr
3 Elizabeth Carr
3 John Carr
3 Rachel Carr
2 Elizabeth Carrb: 1749B:: October 16, 1846 in Mead Co., KY
+Richard Ashcraft
3 Mary Ashcraft
+John Dotson
2 Thomas Carr
+Hannah Coombs
2 Elisha Carr
+Nancy Coombs
2 Rachel Carr
+Isaac White
2 Absolom Carr
+Ruth White
2 Elijah Carr
+Elizabeth White
2 Abigail Carr
+John White
2 John Carr, Jr.
+Elizabeth White
2 Mary Carr
+Isaac Sutton
2 Rebecca Carr
+Caleb Reed
Descendants of Thomas Carr

1 Thomas Carr
+Elizabeth Bowman
2 Caleb Carrb: 1799
+Rachael Lemmonb: March 15, 1806 in Baltimore Co., MDm:
December 01, 1821d: July 18, 1842
3 Elizabeth Carr
+Joseph Millerm: August 26, 1843
3 Comfort Carrb: November 15, 1824 in Harrison Co., INd:
November 20, 1895 in New Middletown, H, IN
+William Wrightb: December 12, 1812 in TNm: December 05,
1844d: July 10, 1888 in New Middletown, H, IN
3 Millicent Carrd: August 05, 1862
3 Sara Carrb: 1826-1830
3 Rachel Carrd: September 20, 1903
3 Rebecca Carrb: Abt 1838 in Harrison Co., IN
+Michael Kannapelb: 1838 in Alsace-Lorrainem: July 31, 1859
d: October 23, 1898
3 Martha Carr
2 Sara Carrb: 1800-1802

Thomas Carr was born in Ireland and came to this country when only a child of
two years of age in company with his brother John and sister Hannah. Their
parents both died on their passage, and were consigned to the waters of the
Atlantic ocean. The children were landed at Annapolis, Md, and kind friends
took them in charge and brought them up. Thomas lived in Maryland, where he
married and raised a family, but moved to Pennsylvania before all of his
children were born. Carr Family Records, Edson Carr, pg 76.

See Rachel Carr, born about 1749. Possible match with John's daughter Rachel.

Subj:Re: Carr genealogy
Date:97-04-20 19:00:04 EDT
To:Pat Noble


My ancestor John Carr (He began his will with John Kerr, but signed as John
Carr) arrived in Annapolis, Maryland with a brother and sister after their
journey from Ireland. His parents died at sea during the voyage.

He married Elizabeth Cross and eventually moved to Fayette County,
Pennsylvania. Several of his sons left PA and went to KY then IN (Clark
County). They apparently travelled with many of the COOMBS family. Two Carr
brothers married Coombs girls.

I suspect that John Carr, b. 1720 was from the Ulster District in Ireland,
but have no proof of this. My research has not progresses any further back
in time.

I hope this answers your question! If we have common interests perhaps we
can help one another.

Dick Field

Subj:Re: Carr genealogy
Date:97-05-04 22:54:23 EDT
To:Pat Noble

Descendents of John Carr and Elizabeth of Fayette Co PA . Circa 1770-1790.
Children Absolom, Elizabeth, Elijah, Elisha, Thomas, and others. My Line
from is from Absolom who took his family to Breck./Meade Co.KY.

The "CARR" line is actually my husband's line we do this as a family Hobby.
Subj: Carr in Indiana information
Date:97-11-23 12:19:59 EST
From: (James VanDerMark)

Here is some additional information on the siblings and parents of the Thomas

Carr mentioned in CARR-D Digest V97 #89

Descendants of John Kerr

Generation No. 1

1. John1 Kerr was born 1720 in Ireland, and died 10 January 1792 in Fayette

Co., PA. He married Elizabeth Cross in MD.

Children of John Kerr and Elizabeth Cross are:
2i.Moses2 Carr, born Abt. 1745.
3ii.Mary Carr, born Abt. 1747.
+4iii.Elizabeth Carr, born 1748 in MD; died 15 September 1846 in Meade
5iv.Rebecca Carr, born 1749.
6v.John Carr, born 1750.
7vi.Abigail Carr, born 1751.
+8vii.Thomas Carr, born 23 June 1755 in MD; died 26 October 1822 in Clark
Co., IN.
+9viii.Elisha Carr, born 1759 in Fayette Co., PA; died 15 August 1827.
10ix.Rachel Carr, born 1761.
11x.Absalom Carr, born 1763.
12xi.Elijah Carr, born 1765.

Generation No. 2

4. Elizabeth2 Carr (John1 Kerr) was born 1748 in MD, and died 15 September
1846 in Meade Co., KY1. She married Richard Ashcraft 1769 in Fayette Co.,

Children of Elizabeth Carr and Richard Ashcraft are:
13i.Abner3 Ashcraft.
14ii.Abisha Ashcraft.
15iii.Delilah Ashcraft.
16iv.Elisha Ashcraft.
17v.Mary Ashcraft, born 22 August 17713.
18vi.Elizabeth Ashcraft, born 12 August 17734.
19vii.Elijah B Ashcraft, born 07 October 17845.
20viii.Rachel Ashcraft, born 12 April 17896.
21ix.Absalom Ashcraft, born 17917.

8. Thomas2 Carr (John1 Kerr) was born 23 June 1755 in MD, and died 26
October 1822 in Clark Co., IN. He married Hannah Coombs 26 February 1784 in
Westmoreland Co., PA, daughter of Joseph Coombs and Anne Davenport.

Children of Thomas Carr and Hannah Coombs are:
22i.Absalom3 Carr, born 12 September 1786 in Fayette Co., PA; died 07 July

1876 in Clark Co., IN. He married Jane Weir October 1812 in Union Twnship,
Clark Co., Indiana.
23ii.Elizabeth Carr, born 28 August 1788; died 03 August 1869 in LaPorte
Co., IN. She married John Bowell 06 March 1808 in Clark Co., IN.
24iii.Nancy Carr, born 20 March 1791; died 05 June 1830.
25iv.John Carr, born 06 April 1793 in Uniontown, PA; died 20 January 1845
in Charlestown, Clark Co., IN. He married Mary Neal.
26v.Joseph Carr, born 07 February 1796 in PA8; died 22 September 1844 in
Clark Co., IN. He married Nancy Drummond 26 February 1818 in Clark Co., IN9.
27vi.Hannah Carr, born 04 September 1798; died 1871.
28vii.Thomas Carr, born 04 April 1801; died 27 April 1880. He married (1)

Mary Robertson 1827. He married (2) Elizabeth Robertson 1841. He married
Rebecca Rowland Aft. 1866.
29viii.Rachel Carr, born 23 February 1802; died 20 July 1835.
30ix.Jefferson Carr, born 14 October 1806; died 01 January 1861 in Clark
Co., IN. He married Mary Woodson 09 January 1837 in Clark Co., IN10.
31x.Rebecca Carr, born 16 June 1810; died 10 June 1857.
32xi.Elisha Carr, born 02 February 1813; died 09 September 1836.

9. Elisha2 Carr (John1 Kerr) was born 1759 in Fayette Co., PA, and died 15
August 1827. He married Nancy Coombs Abt. 1781, daughter of Joseph Coombs
Anne Davenport.

Notes for Elisha Carr:
Carr, Elisha
Born Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Service Private in Pennsylvania Militia. Enlisted Westmoreland County,
Proof Pennsylvania Archives, Series 5, Volume 14, pages, 431,734
Grave Silver Creek Cemetery, Clark County, Indiana
Children Joseph, born 1782; John, born 1784; Elijah; Elisha, born 1792

Children of Elisha Carr and Nancy Coombs are:
33i.Joseph3 Carr, born 19 December 1782; died 27 February 1841. He
Milly Burge 04 January 1804.
34ii.John Carr, born 03 July 1784 in Fayette Co., PA; died 04 January 1869

in Clark Co., IN. He married Margaret Drummond 19 December 1806.
35iii.Hannah Carr, born 19 December 1786 in Fayette Co., PA11; died 19
August 1845. She married John White 1808 in Clark Co., IN12.
36iv.Nancy Carr, born 1790; died Unknown.
37v.Elisha Carr, born 23 August 1792; died 02 April 1824.
38vi.Elijah Carr, born 10 January 1795; died 14 April 1864.
39vii.Sally Carr, born 25 May 1800; died 24 March 1859.


1. Joseph Frakes PO Box 64, Crescent City, FL, 32112,
2. Joseph Frakes PO Box 64, Crescent City, FL, 32112,
3. Joseph Frakes PO Box 64, Crescent City, FL, 32112,
4. Joseph Frakes PO Box 64, Crescent City, FL, 32112,
5. Joseph Frakes PO Box 64, Crescent City, FL, 32112,
6. Joseph Frakes PO Box 64, Crescent City, FL, 32112,
7. Joseph Frakes PO Box 64, Crescent City, FL, 32112,
8. Baird's History of Clark Co., IN Pages 810-812 & Clark County Cemeteries,

published by The Hoosier Journal of Ancestry, Silver Creek Cemetery, page 36
9. Marriages of Indiana to 1850, presented by the Indiana State Library
10. Book D page 63 Clark Co., IN
11. 1889 Biographical and Historical Souvenir, Clark County, IN, 44.
12. 1889 Biographical and Historical Souvenir, Clark County, IN, 44.

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