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From: "Eunice Boucher" <>
Subject: RE: [CARROLL] Granville Co, NC Carrolls and possibly Ryal
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 01:32:14 +0000


I copied the following but cannot remember from where so I cannot vouch for
its accuracy. I thought you might be interested since it pertains to the
migration to Georgia. The William Carroll I am descended from did come from
VA. He died in 1781 in Granville County NC. I have not been able to
determine where my Moores originated from before going to Granville County
NC. Thanks.

New information received on 7/24/01 leads to the following interpretation:

John Carroll arrived in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, on the James River,
with the Robert Pitt party in the early 1660's. The record states that they
sailed from Bristol, England. The Carroll family were headright colonists,
and intended to acquire land in Virginia.

The Carroll family became established as farmers in Virginia, prospered, and
some of them moved later to the Carolina colonies. Carroll family members
lived in Franklin, and Granville, and Moore Counties, which are all in North

The names Benjamin and Daniel Carroll are recorded on a roster of Granville
County militia in 1754, and some of their brothers' names are also known,
from Granville County tax records.

About 1766, John Carroll and Sterling Carroll, great-grandsons of the
original colonist, and their other family members took up land in present
day Moore County, NC. Their farms were located near the confluence of
McLendon Creek with Deep River.

Benjamin Carroll, Douglas Carroll and John Carroll, of this family, served
with North Carolina troops during the American Revolution. David Carroll,
our ancestor, was born in North Carolina in 1784. David's father's name is
uncertain, but circumstantial evidence connects him to the family of John
Carroll. Some researchers have reported that Douglas Carroll was David's
father, but this report has not been confirmed.

Sterling Carroll, Leonard Carroll, Jesse Carroll, and other family members
moved to Pendleton District, South Carolina, in 1800, but did not stay there
long. Several members of the Carroll family including Charles, Sterling,
Douglas and James soon afterwards settled in Greene County, Georgia, where
Charles had received a 400 acre land grant in the year 1800.

We know from county records that David Carroll was married to Barbara
Richards in Greene County in 1804. Barbara was originally from Franklin
County, North Carolina, the daughter of Joshua Richards. Other Carroll
family members also lived in Greene County. It is reported that Douglas
Carroll died in Greene County, Georgia, ca. 1828, (or, prior to the 1830

Some members of the Carroll family moved from Greene County to Jasper
County, Georgia. Benjamin Carroll bought land in Jasper County in 1811, from
William Spencer. By 1813, James and William Carroll lived in Jasper County,
Georgia; Thomas Carroll married there in 1816, and Jesse also married there
in 1821. Our ancestor David Carroll was grown by then, and was listed in
the 1820 Census of Jasper County, with his family. Leonard Carroll was also
listed as a head of household in the same Census. He was older than David.

In the early 1820's some members of the Carroll family including Benjamin,
David, and John Carroll moved from Jasper County, Georgia to Henry County,
Georgia, which had been newly formed from Indian lands after the Creek War.
The land was distributed to settlers in a state land lottery held in 1821.
John drew land in the lottery, and David began buying land in Henry County
in 1824. These land records still exist, and the locations of the lots can
still be found on the maps. Benjamin Carroll died in the late 1820's, prior
to the 1830 Census, but his probate and estate sale documents are located in
Henry County records.

David and Benjamin Carroll both had children, and some of their names are
known, but the records are unclear. It is difficult to know which of the two
men were the fathers of the children that are listed in the records. The
name of Benjamin's wife is not shown. David Carroll died in 1856, his wife
Barbara died in 1850. David and Barbara are buried next to each other in the
Chaffin Family Cemetery, on Kelleytown Road, in Henry County, Georgia.

Our great-grandfather James David Carroll was born in Henry County, Georgia,
in 1850. He was the son of Elbert and Amanda Carroll, and the grandson of
David Carroll. Elbert died young, and Amanda remarried. Records of the
Guardianship of the children, and disposition of both Elbert Carroll's and
David Carroll's estates are found in the Henry County courthouse, in

James David Carroll moved to Texas in the 1870's, and in 1878 he was married
to Elizabeth Burleson. Their family was shown on the 1880 Census of
Freestone County, Texas, which was hand written by James David Carroll; as
he was the Census Enumerator for Freestone County that year.

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