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From: "David & Kathy Wells" <>
Subject: William Carter & Mary Goodloe
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 17:55:36 -0500

After looking through a ton of paperwork on the Carters that I have collected, I have quite a few questions about the William Carter & Mary Goodloe Family. I am hoping to get anyone who is related or thinks they might be related and has worked on this line into the discussion. I'm sure you are all aware that there have been too many bad tidbits thrown out there on the web that were written up as the gospel about this family. So I would like to take one generation at a time and literally discuss it in depth before moving on to the next generation. And, if anyone joins in the discussion, please have your resources/proof ready to quote from. That is the only way we are all going to get to the truth of this family. I'm sure no one wants to list them as their line if indeed they are not. (and when you answer please try to list the number below that you are talking about).

So, the first generation names are William Carter married 1)Penelope Pew 2)Mary Goodloe. (Both marriages are in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co, VA Marriages 1653-1812.)

1) I have a copy of some of the Christ Church register records and the children that I show that were born in Christ Church, Middlesex Co, VA were: Mary Carter, William Carter, Thomas Carter, George Carter, Robert Carter, Philip Carter, Ann Carter, Joseph Carter, another Mary Carter (reason for 2 either by different Mother or the first one died). There were also an Elizabeth Carter and Penelope Carter listed with only William Carter as their father. I figured Penelope most likely was William & Mary's daughter named in honor of his first wife. Does anyone have definite proof that Elizabeth or Penelope are indeed their children?

2) If any of you show other children, what was your source? I have seen several other children listed but no proof to be found, such as John Carter b.1696 married Mary Rice and Sarah Carter b.1699 married Mark Wheeler. Anyone have anything on these two as possibilities?

3) Anyone know if the Christ Church, Middlesex Co, and the Christ Church, Lancaster County one in the same or were there 2 Christ Church Parishes?

4) In William's Will, Middlesex County, Virginia, 1709 (I don't have the Will but have a transcription), it only mentions Thomas, William, Mary, George, and Philip. Does anyone know why the other children were not mentioned?

5) Then after William Sr. died, Mary Goodloe Carter married John Bristow. I have seen 3 children listed: Jedediah Bristow m/Catherine Thompson & Eleanor _?__; Mary Bristow married Christopher Ammon; and Ann Bristow. The marriages also are listed in the christ Church Parish Register records.

Hope to hear from you all.
Kathy Wells.

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