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Subject: Re: [CASANFRA] Cause of Death
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"_____ newspaper(s) please copy" usually means there is family in those
other cities who should get this news. I think the news items were
somehow transmitted via wire, and other papers could spot items that
would be of interest to their readers. Apparently whoever gave the
death and funeral information to the SF paper indicated that this would
be news in Los Angeles and Alameda as well.

Other listers, please correct me if this is not an accurate
interpretation. Thanks

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Subject: [CASANFRA] Cause of Death

I have the obituary for Julius Triest who passed away June 27, 1899, age
28. Funeral from his late residence, 1429 Post St. San Francisco.
Interment Home of Peace Cemetery. It also states Los Angeles and
Alameda papers please copy.

How can I find out the cause of death? Also, what would be a reason
for Los Anageles and Alamdea papers to copy? I appreciate any help on
this. Thanks Edel
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