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For getting military service records it is much easier if you have the
individual's service number. If you do not have the service number you can
check at the local recorder of deeds office where the veteran was living
after discharge. It was common to record military discharges at a local
recorder of deeds and/or at a local veteran's administration office.

The fire of 1973 at the St. Louis National Military Personnel Records Center
destroyed a lot of records. However, most of the records lost were for Army
personnel. You're fortunate the service member you're looking for was in
the Navy.

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1. Possibly. Not to begin with. For a long time, Federal employees including
military were exempt from SS. I can remember when I was in high school that
my Dad (Capt. USMC) filled out a SS-5 to open an account. That was in the
late 1950's, but I don't recall if it was because the military was then
converting over to SS, or if he was getting a part time civilian job about
2. Age. It is quite possible that on enlisting, he lied about his age.
However, 1931 > 1949 equals age 18. If 1936 is correct, it wouldn't be the
first time a kid, tall for his age, was enlisted.
3. DOB. The date he put on an SS-5 is more likely the correct one as it
would allow him to receive benefits sooner. Also by that time the Navy would
not have cared.
4. You can contact military records and get a copy of his personnel file.
If you do, be sure to specify "all records including medical and
5. There are many associations of Navy veterans from the various ships. You
may be able to find someone who knew him in one of those associations.
Search Google for the "Chipola" and any other ships that may be listed in
his 201 file.
6. Chipola (AO-63) was launched 21 October 1944 by Bethlehem Steel Corp.,
Sparrows Point, Md.; sponsored by Mrs. P. C. Chubb; and commissioned 30
November 1944, Commander E. G. Genthner, USNR, in command. Her history is
The main value of the military record may be in itemizing dependants and
where they lived.
If you do not have enough info to get a military personnel file, then if he
is buried in a National cemetery, the cemetery *may* have the info you need
to get the military file.
Phil in SoCal

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I have a question, if you were in the navy from about 1949 to 1969, would
you have to have a S.S. Card?

Also in 1969, if you got out of the Navy, and then got on why give the
wrong date of birth?

Helping someone, who is looking for family members of a man who was in the
Navy, a drop a bottle off a the Chipola, in 1951, and was just found on the
beach of Nags Head, N.C.

The mans name is Earl Guy BRENKMANN, now he is in the C.A.D.I. and it
shows that he was born Nov 15, 1936, but I do not think that the U.S. Navy
in 1951, were taking 14 years old boys. Also in Ancestry, in their S.S.
Death index it shows the same date of birth, but also that he got his S.S.
Card in 1969.

But in the Calif Birth Index, I found him being born in Alameda County,
Nov 15, 1931.

so any help I would love. ;-)


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