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From: Lesley Albertson <>
Subject: [CASANFRA] Sidsel Marie Albertsen, b. Ærø, Denmark, 1859 [was: Two Market Street photographers - 1880s, maybe?]
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2007 15:46:11 +1100
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Hi Doc,

> Do you know if the child/children in the pictures are your relations?
> The photographers Abell and Priest, were about 1893. Listed on this
> page -

Yes ... the photos were given to me by my 3c1r Ruth Lis Pedersen, in
Ærø, Denmark, a few years ago. (But she didn't know who they were).

My best guess now is that the mother is Sidsel Marie Albertsen, born 28
April 1859, in Dunkær, Rise. I found her migration to New York in
Ancestry, date 24 June 1887.

(That would fit nicely with the 1893 date, for the 3-year-old boy).

> And I found a listing of a photograph by J.H. Peters, which dates that
> photograph about the 1880-1890's -
> 3061 Hay/Frost Coll. Esther Hay, age 6 years. J. H. Peters/914
> Market St., San Francisco, CA

Great find! I possibly even have a photo of Sidsel Marie Albertsen ...
this one taken at Cramer's California Gallery, 402 Kearny St., cor.
Pine, San Francisco.

Shows a woman standing up, wearing a dark full-length dress, tight
sleeves and fitted bodice. Dress has short stand-up lace collar, and is
buttoned down the front. She has short frizzed hair, and her ears are
showing ... also looks 1880s, to me.

She has her arm resting on the shoulder of a seated chap, and first
guess would be that they are a married couple (or even that it is a
wedding photo).

But, my suspicion is that it is *not* ... and that the seated chap is
her younger brother, Rasmus Hansen Albertsen, b. 24 Oct 1863 in Dunkær,

(Rasmus emigrated to America in 1888, was a carpenter, and never married).

Age in the photo for the standing woman looks about right ... my guess
was mid-20s, although she has a rather stern face (and could have been
30ish). :-)

> Let me find them in the census.

I would be delighted if you could do that ... seems that Sidsel Marie
married soon after emigrating.
(But, if she is there as Albertsen/son, that would be another useful clue).

Tusind tak for your help - much appreciated.

Greetings from Oz,

(In grey, overcast Melbourne, Australia)

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