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Births, Marriages & Deaths, etc. -- May 1902
>From ‘The Free Lance’
Hollister, San Benito Co., CA

**2 May issue --
Married -- DeROSE-BRAZIL -- in Hollister, Apr. 30, by Rev. B. SMYTH;
Antone G. DeROSE and Miss Annie BRAZIL.

Married -- TEBBETTS-HARDIN -- near Hollister, Apr. 30, by Rev. EMERY; Dr.
J.H. TEBBETTS and Miss Mayme L. HARDIN. […took place at the residence of
the bride’s parents, Mr.&Mrs. A.M. HARDIN…After the ceremony the happy
couple left for Sargents and took the train for Los Angeles, where the
honeymoon will be spent…Dr. TEBBETTS is one of our prominent and
successful physicians…On their return, Dr. & Mrs. TEBBETTS will occupy
the residence on Fifth street, which has been remodeled and renovated for
the event…]

Married -- WAPPLE-McCLOSKEY -- in San Francisco, Apr. 26, by Rev. Dr.
GUTHRIE; George WAPPLE and Miss Gertrude McCLOSKEY. […at the Palace
Hotel…The bride and the groom are very popular in this community…The
bride is a graduate of the State Normal School at San Jose…the only
daughter of Mr.&Mrs. Thos. McCLOSKEY of this place. The groom is one of
our prosperous business men…Mr.&Mrs. WAPPLE returned last Tuesday evening
and will reside for the present at the McMahon House…]

Died -- FLAHERTY -- at Riverside, Apr. 24, Michael W. FLAHERTY, a native
of California, aged 32 years. […The immediate cause of his death was
consumption which he contracted several years ago and to alleviate his
sufferings he sought the mild climate of Southern California but which
proved of no avail…leaves a wife, son & 5 brothers and a sister to mourn
his loss.]

Mrs. Mercina VALDEZ, grandmother of Emilio LARIOS, died at the New Idria
mines on Apr. 15th, at the age of 84 years.

**9 May issue --
Married -- PUTNAM-GOTHART -- in Hollister, May 1, by Rev. Jos. EMERY;
Jesse G. PUTNAM to Mary GOTHART, both of New York City.

Married -- DONOVAN-BROWN -- in Hollister, May 7, by Rev. B. SMYTH; Albert
E. DONOVAN and Mary Alice BROWN.

Died -- GROSS -- at San Juan, May 8, Charles F. GROSS, a native of
Germany, aged 74 years. […an old resident of San Juan, died at that place
yesterday morning from an overdose of strychnine, taken with suicidal
intent. Deceased had been in ill-health for sometime past, and had become
despondent over his physical condition, having little hopes or
encouragement for his recovery. He had made arrangements to go to the
county hospital, and it is supposed that this and his poor health
prompted him to this rash act…]

Died -- WOOD -- near Haywards, Alameda county, Apr. 29, Charlotte Fidelia
WOOD, aged 52 years, 11 mos., 26 days. [Mrs. Ed. TULLY left last week for
a visit with her sister, Mrs. Charlotte WOODS, at Haywards, and the day
following her arrival, Mrs. WOODS died. Deceased was also a sister of Roy
DAVIS, formerly of this place, and of Asa DAVIS, of San Benito.]

Died -- BRYANT -- at Willow Creek, May 2, Mrs. C.P. BRYANT, a native of
Kentucky, aged 75 years.

Mrs. Falimata CASTRO, who died at Santa Cruz last week, was a native of
that place, where she was born 75 years ago. She was the last of the old
CASTRO family who settled in Santa Cruz soon after the establishment of
the mission.

>From the Gonzales ‘Tribune’ of May 3 -- Mrs. DEYARMIN, beloved wife of
W._. DEYARMIN, passed away last Wednesday at her home in the mountains
__st [can’t tell if it’s east or west -- in the fold of the paper] of
Gonzales. Dr. J.E. RANKIN was summoned but she died before his arrival.
The funeral was held yesterday, the interment being in the Gonzales

A well defined rumor was current here this week that Miss Kate SNIBLEY,
daughter of Mrs. Henry SNIBLEY, was married to a prominent young business
man some 8 months ago. The marriage had been kept secret to this time.
Miss SNIBLEY was one of Hollister’s most popular young ladies and is now
one of Santa Cruz’s favorites.

In the divorce suit of Edith BURRELL against William BURRELL on the
grounds of failure to provide, default was entered by Clerk PIRATSKY

**16 May issue --
We have been informed, and on the most reliable authority, that a death
occurred in Hollister this week, and the circumstances surrounding the
same are clouded in the most impenetrable mystery. As far as can be
learned, from the few facts at hand, it was evidently a case of suicide,
and the name of the unfortunate victim was S.P. ARROW. He had few
acquaintances among the people of Hollister, though it is said he had
extensive relations throughout the State. The immediate cause of death
was strangulation, as when found the body was suspended from a tree
where, no doubt, it had been hanging for some hours, as life was extinct
and the corpse cold and stiff. We have been advised that investigation is
being made into the manner by which the victim came to his death, some
advancing the opinion that it might be a case of murder. As far as can be
ascertained S.P. ARROW was a native of this country but his ancestors are
known to have migrated from England.

John E. HIGGINS, a native of Canada, upon the testimony of Wm. HUDNER and
J.W. DAVIS, was admitted to citizenship in the Superior Court this week.

**23 May issue --
Born -- HORN -- in Pleasant Valley, near Corralitos, May 14, to the wife
of Frank HORN, a daughter.

Born -- HAWKINS -- in Hollister, May 17, to the wife of C.N. HAWKINS, a

Born -- OVERFELT -- in San Jose, May 5, to the wife of Charles F.
OVERFELT, a daughter.

Married -- SACHRER-DEBB -- at Grants Pass, Oregon, May 10, A.M. SACHRER
and Miss Lottie DEBB, of Hollister.

Died -- MASSON -- in Hollister, May 17, Francois MASSON, a native of
France, aged 54 years.

Died -- INDART -- in San Jose, May 18, J. INDART, a native of France,
aged 76 years, 5 months, 18 days.

Last Sunday evening, May 18, 1902, news was received from San Jose
conveying the sad intelligence of the death of Juan INDART. Deceased had
been in ill health for some months past and as his condition did not seem
to improve at his home in Santa Anita, it was decided to remove him to
San Jose, where the advantage of the best medical aid could be obtained.
He was taken to the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.B. GARAT, where he
received all the attention that loving hands could give, but which proved
of no avail…At the time of his death, Mr. INDART had reached the ripe old
age of 76 years. He was a native of France and had come to California via
South America in 1851. On his arrival here he engaged in mining in
Calaveras county with varied success. He subsequently turned his
attention to the live stock business, and with 2 partners, John
ETCHEVERRY, now deceased, and J. IRIBERRY, they did a profitable business
in the several mining camps of the State. The firm purchased cattle in
the southern part of the State and drove them to the mines where they
were sold for beef at a large profit. For several years the firm
conducted a large ranch in the Kings River valley, and in 1873
transferred their business to Tres Pinos. The firm continued in existence
till 1882 when by mutual consent it dissolved and the property interests
were equally divided. Mr. INDART’s portion being 3600 acres of the Santa
Anita rancho, choice farming and grazing land…Mr. INDART was married in
1863 in San Francisco to Miss Mary ERRICA, also a native of France, and
to them were born 6 children, who, with their mother, are left to mourn
the loss of a dear and faithful husband and father. The children are Mrs.
J.B. GARAT, of San Jose; Miss Domie and John INDART, of Santa Anita, and
Peter and John Peter INDART, of Reno, Nevada…The funeral will take place
to-day from the Catholic Church, where services will be held at 11

Died -- KENT -- in San Jose, May 18, John KENT, a native of Ohio, aged 83
years, 3 days.

Died -- VIAS -- at the County Hospital, May 16, Carlos VIAS, a native of
Mexico, aged 58 years.

The will of Francois MASSON, whose death occurred last Saturday, was
filed for probate in the Superior Court Thursday. Charles L. HARTMANN is
named as executor. The property is valued at $4500. The devisees are C.L.
HARTMANN and Antonio URONTIA, who are to receive $500 each; the remainder
is bequeathed to Anaise FORTERE and Lilla MASSEY, sisters, and to the
children of Etienne MASSON, a deceased brother, one part each…

**30 May issue --
Born -- RILEY -- in Hollister, May 22, to the wife of John RILEY, a son.

Married -- SMITH-MAGGINI -- in Hollister, May 23, by Rev. Father DONAHUE;
Robt. SMITH and Miss Dora MAGGINI.

Died -- JONES -- at the County Hospital, May 24, John JONES, a native of
Pennsylvania, aged 77 years.

Died -- MAGUIRE -- at the County Hospital, May 24, Charles MAGUIRE, a
native of Pennsylvania, aged 56 years. […known in this community as
“Red”…had been a resident of this county for several years past and was a
man who attended strictly to his own business, had no enemies and so far
as known, died without a personal friend or relative in the world.
Shortly after he arrived at his majority he enlisted in the U.S. navy
under the name of Lester LOPEZ, and in which he served with distinction
and was honorably discharged. The remains were interred in the grave yard
near the County Hospital…] [from 6 Jun issue -- …served during the War of
the Rebellion in the U.S. Navy on the battleship “Cimeron,” which was
under the command of Commodore “Bob” MONTGOMERY. He enlisted under the
name of Lester LOPEZ, served with distinction and received an honorable
discharge. Shortly before his death he made application for a pension and
the same was favorably consider the by the department at Washington
having such matters in charge…As far as known McGUIRE had no relation.
His remains were interred in the Odd Fellows cemetery, the Board of
Supervisors defraying the funeral expenses, to the amount of $50,
authorized under the Act of the Legislature making such provisions for
the interment of U.S. soldiers and sailors.]

Died -- ALVARADO -- in Hollister, May 29, Tilly, beloved daughter of
Mr.&Mrs. C. ALVARADO, a native of California, aged 15 years, 11 mos., 29

Frederick W. BOYNS, a native of England, was admitted to citizenship by
the Superior Court this week upon the testimony of L.W. JEFFERSON and

The petition of Maria YNDART for the probate of the will of Juan YNDART
[aka INDART], deceased, has been filed in the Clerk’s office…The real
property consists of 1761 acres of the Santa Ana rancho adjoining the
BOLADO estate, valued at $16,000; also 1769 acres of same rancho
adjoining the town of Tres Pinos valued at $20,000 and personal property
exceeding the value of $5000, all in San Benito county…the petitioner,
widow of deceased, who is named as executrix…The will recites: “I do not
provide herein for my children, Pedro, John, Matilda, Maria, Juan Pierre
and Dominica, not from any lack of affection for them, but because I have
full faith and confidence in the wisdom and maternal affection of my said
wife and I believe that justice and the interests of the whole family
will be best subserved by this disposition of my estate.”

Lucy A. EBERLE has commenced suit for divorce against Charles A. EBERLE
on the grounds of desertion. The complaint states that the parties were
married in Hollister on Sept. 30, 1894, and “that on or about Feb. 14,
1891 [has to be a typo], defendant willfully and without cause deserted
and abandoned plaintiff.” The plaintiff asks for the custody of the 2
children, the fruit of said marriage…

A marriage license was issued, Wednesday, to Siriaco CASTRAGANO and
Ygnacia YTURRIARTE, both of Hollister.

The engagement of Charles DAUBENBIS and Miss Annie HART of Soquel is
announced and the date of the marriage is set for Thursday, June 5th…

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