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Subject: [Catawba-West] Fw: Surnames Akins, Austin, Beasley, Brown, Bryant, Byrd, Cook, Davis, Duke
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Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 3:57 PM
Subject: Surnames Akins, Austin, Beasley, Brown, Bryant, Byrd, Cook, Davis, Duke

This information was sent to Brenda, referred from this site. I am sending here also in case someone needs it.


Most of my relatives come from the locations you mentioned. What I have follows:

Louisa AUSTIN married John A. FENDER on 3 Sep 1870.
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Found this on the Internet:
ALEXANDER BEASLEY, a substantial farmer and stock-raiser, of Stockton
Township, was born near Nashville, Tenn., in 1810, and is a son of Ephraim
Beasley, and grandson of Richard and Elizabeth (McGinnis) Beasley, who were
natives of North Carolina and Virginia, respectively. Ephraim Beasley was a
pioneer of the Hoosier State, his first settlement being made in Harrison
County, but later in Lawrence County. Alexander Beasley was the second born
in the following-named family: Richard, Alexander, Mary, Rebecca, Jesse,
Daniel, Ephraim, William, John, Rachel, and Elizabeth. He began the battle of
life a poor boy, as did also his father before him. Was raised upon his
farm to hard work, and in 1828 was united in marriage with Frances Fender,
who was born in Ashe County N. C., in May, 1811, the youngest child of Nimrod
and Sarah (Sumers) Fender, who were natives of the Old Dominion. The children
born to their union are: Ephraim, John, Solomon, Thomas, Isaac, Alexander,
Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary A., Cynthia J., Francis M. and Martha E. The mother, a
lady in every respect, and an invalid for many years, died September 6, 1882,
an honored member of the Baptist Church. Mr. Beasley is one of the county's
substantial citizens; is an enterprising farmer, and a highly esteemed friend
and neighbor.

"During the year of 1867 the present sight(sic) of the Olive
Branch Baptist Church was selected and a frame building was

The land was donated by Alexander Beasley, one of the members.
Later additional land was donated by Ransom Beasley and other
heirs of the land."

Alexander BEASLEY born 15 Jul 1810 near Nashville, Davidson, TNN died 16 Apr 1891 Stockton township. Buried at Olive Branch Baptist Church He married Frances FENDER born May 1811 Ashe Co., N.C. died 6 Sep 1881 Greene Co. Indiana.
Children Alexander and Frances BEASLEY:
Ephraim born 22 Oct 1829 died 14 Jul 1917 married Sarah (last name unknown).
a) Sarah born abt. 1833 died 1 Feb 1912.
b) Elizabeth born 19 Jul 1839 died 13 Sep 1917.
c) John born 17 Aug 1837 died 14 Jan 1879.
d) Thomas born 26 Mar 1842 died 26 Mar 1925.
e) Mary A. born abt. 1844.
f) Isaac born 30 Oct 1846 died 23 Jul 1917 married Elizabeth CLAYTON born 1849 died 1910 on 10 Jan 1867 Greene Co., Indiana. Their Children:
Linus Wellington BEASLEY born 20 Dec. 1867 Linton, Greene, IN. died 7 Nov 1951 Settle, WA. married Louie Ann PIGG born 10 Jan 1867 IN. died 31 Aug 1953 Seattle, WA. Linus was in the coal business in Indiana. In 1905 he sold everything and
moved his family to Soap Lake, Washington to build a sanitarium (Siloam
Sanitarium). They believed the mineral water of the lake could heal
illnesses. It was a successful investment. They sold their interest a few
years later and bought land for a fruit orchard at Soap Lake.

4 Children:
1) Alvin Emerson born Oct 1891
William Cecil born Dec 1893
2) Belva Ellen died 17 May 1988 Settle, King, WA
3) Gaius Dexter born Feb 1896 died 16 Feb 1947 Deming, Luna, NM married Mildred Elizabeth Zobrist born 24 Dec 1898 Acme, Whatcom, WA. died 16 Feb 1947 Deming, Luna, NM married 23 Dec. 1922 WA.(Gaius & Mildred died in a tragic car accident while on vacation. Died in NM
There home was Coulee Dam, Okanogan, WA buried at Acme, Whatcom, WA Gaius was a dentist)
MORE OF ISAAC's Children:

Francis Jennie age 10 in 1880
William age 8 1880
Martha age 6 1880
Joseph Edgar 26 Apr 1876 Linton, Greene, IN
Isom age 2 1880
Sarah Apr 1882
Milton Jul 1884
Virgie L. female
Nora Apr 1890
Chloe Jun 1893
Isaac Feb 1895
- ------------------------------
Aaron BEASLEY Clay Co. ILL married Laura Dyer born 20 Mar 1867.
- -------------------------------
Alexander Brown Jr. born 1767 Brighton Polk Co., MO died 17 Sept 1837 married Violet BARTON born 1776 Virginia one child Dicey born 16 Apr 1808 Bedford Co., VA. died 30 May 1890 Polk Co., MO.
Dicey married Daniel FENDER born 8 Sep 1805 Surry Co, N.C. died 8 Oct 1884 Brighton, Polk Co. MO.
11 children (have more on children if you need it)
- ---------------------------------
Alice BROWN married Reubin T. Register born 1861. Reubin's parents were Reubin REGISTER born 1830 Ware Co., Ga and Harriett M. BROWN born 21 May 1831 they were married in 1853. Their children were:
Dora Ann, Eliza D., Ivy, Lucius, Malissie, Reubin T.
Harriett's parents were Hezekiah BROWN born 1811 married Rebecca born 1811.
- --------------------------------
Kenneth Brown married Anita Marie BECKER born 1943 had the following children:
Michelle 1967 married Terry REYNOLDS.
Lawrence 1971
Andrea 1969
Jason 1970
Tiffany 1960
- -------------------------------
Eugenia (Jenny) BROWN born 2 Apr 1855 died 1 Nov 1906 married Tilda FENDER Clay Co., ILL
- -------------------------------
Mary Bryant married John Fender on 10 Mar 1902 He was 45 and she was 22 at date of marriage. Their witness was L C Brown.
- ---------------------------------
Sarah BRYANT married William S. Roberts born 17 Apr 1815 Bulloch Co., GA. died 27 May 1903 one child Lewis H. born 1837.
- ---------------------------------
Lucy BRYANT married Henderson CHEEK had a daughter Phoebe born 4 Jan 1849 died 25 Aug 1929.
- --------------------------------
Margaret Elizabeth BYRD born 1856 married Daniel FENDER born 1854 Yancey Co., N.C. on 8 Nov 1870 had 16 children . More information if need on children.
Margarets' parents were William BYRD and Sarah Tucker Byrd. William's father was George W.
- ---------------------------------
Marion L. Cook married Mary A. FENDER on 30 Jul 1871 Cook Geneology Cook Geneology http://www.oh (may have to type in to get there)
- --------------------------------
Mildred COOK married Clarence D. FENDER born 1907 died 1984 Children: David, Ted.
- -------------------------------
Alice DAVIS married Jesse FENDER child: Wilda June.
- --------------------------------
Henry DAVIS father of Christopher DAVIS married Mary, child Arthur, married Mary VICK Children:
Stafford married Penelope LOTT child Daniel D. born 27 Sep 1815 Montgomery Co., GA. married Elizabeth MILLER born 1822
11 children
Penelope married Warren N. DAVIS (parents Mark DAVIS & Penelope Nellie FENDER 1833-1910)born 17 Oct 1870 Coffee Co. GA> died 2 Aug 1935 Coffee Co. GA. Warren also married Hillie EDENDFIELD born 2 May 1894 died 5 Aug 1920 and Irene EDENDFIELD born 11 Dec 1881 Coffee Co. GA. died 28 Oct 1918.
Betsy Ann
- --------------------------------
Sidney Walter DUKE born abt 1900 married Mary FENDER born 18 Oct 1901 Dallas Co., TX on 14 Jun 1923 Children:
Sidney Walter Jr. born 6 Jul 1924
Hannah born 19 Jan 1926. This is all.
- -------------------------------

This is all I can do right now, my 4 year old niece is getting mad at me because I'm not playing with her.

Try to send the rest later if I can, probably be real late tonight.
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Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 11:01 AM
Subject: Re: Surnames

>Dear Debby:
> Malinda sent me your surname list (I am one of her distant cousins), I
>have numerous surnames that match yours. Could you tell me where the
>majority of your names were. Mine were in AL,GA, SC, NC and then back to
>VA. The majority settled in GA and SC. If yours were in this area, please
>let me know and I will send you a listing of names.
> The names I have are:
> Akins, Austin, Beasley, Brown, Bryant, Byrd, Cook, Davis, Duke,
>Edwards, Green, Kerr/Carr,
>Mitchell, Overstreet, Poole, Roberts, Robinson, Shepard, Varner,
>Wallis/Wallace, Weaver, Williams & Young
> If you think any of these are in those areas, please let me know.
>Thanks for any assistance.
>Have a great day!

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