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From: "Alyce Hart-Wasik" <>
Subject: Re: [CATLETT-L] Spotsylvania Co., VA CATLETTs (Vivian>Edward Henry>Thomas Lawrence)
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 11:51:09 -0600
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Hello again fellow researchers: i am reposting this particular Amy Catlett
connection to my Thompson relatives. Although we CANNOT definitively prove at
this time that she is our greatgrandmother; we believe we are nearly there! So if
you can help us prove or disprove the following connection we would appreciate
your input. We have connections( or at least probable connections to the George,
Mayo and Peatross families of this mid virginia area as well). ANy and all
information would be greatly appreciated. We have much to share on the Thompson
lines as well as many more questions, of course. Because we always have more
questions as soon as we get one little answer, eh??
Descendants of Am(e)y Catlett*

Generation No. 1

1. AM(E)Y1 CATLETT* was born Abt. 1710 in Va., ??, and died November 1782 in
Caroline Co., Va.. She married MATTHEW PEATROSS* Abt. 1725 in Caroline Co., Va.,
son of JOHN PEATROSS* and ANN ???. He was born Abt. 1705 in Va, and died 1768 in
Caroline Co., Va..

June Riccio purchased book on ebay, entitled"caroline Co., Va Court Records"
wherein was found on page 15 of the book under will and plat book, 1742-1804;
Matthew Petross-son WIlliam Peatross...tract known as HORSE PASTURE...., 8
children now unmarried: Matthew Peatross, John Peatross, Thomas Peatross, James
Peatross, Richard Peatross, Sarah Peatross, Mary Peatross, Joannah Peatross, wife
Amey, ....THE CHildren of daughter Ann THompson, dec, who had been married to John
THompson...children of An THompson: Matthew athompson, John THompson(presumed
Jr.), Amey Thompson and Sussanh THompson; dtr Amy Gatewood, dtr ELizabeth(no name
listed) so she and Amy must be of age and married. Since the executor of the will
is noted to be son-in-law Joseph Campbell, I will hazard a guess that Elizabeth is
the wife of Joseph Campbell. Another dtr's name is illegible apparently.
Executrix is wife Amey; with son-in-law Joseph Campbell as executor. WIll dated
April 11 1768. Witness were: ANTHONY NEW(Prob ALyce's great grandpa!!), George
Linch, Betty Bowler; will recorded 11 Sept 1805. Negros, Dorset, Jeminah, boy
Roger, girl CLARY!!, boy Harry, girl Rose, boy Abrah, girl Pat, boy Simon, girl
Rachel, Berry, Delph, Joe, George, Folly, Jack, Sarah, Hannah, Nell, Cloe, and her
Jeofrey; Jane and her child; Judy, Dinah, Pat, boy Simon, girl Rachel-page 76.

Source/marriage: Ancestral file at LDS
Will: 1768, Caroline Co., Va, Court Records, will and Plat book, 1742-1840, page
15-see details in notes
Will recorded: September 11, 1805, Caroline Co., Va, Court Records, will and Plat
book, 1742-1840, page 15-see details in notes

Children of AM(E)Y CATLETT* and MATTHEW PEATROSS* are:
i. SUSANNAH2 PEATROSS, b. Aft. 1725.
ii. JOHN PEATROSS, b. Bet. 1725 - 1755, Caroline Co., Va.; d. Bef. 1805, Caroline
Co., Va.; m. SARAH ???, Abt. 1775, Caroline Co., prob..
2. iii. ANN PEATROSS*, b. Aft. 1730; d. Bef. 1768.
iv. MATTHEW PEATROSS, b. Bet. 1730 - 1747, Caroline Co., Va.; d. Bef. February
13, 1809, Caroline Co., Va.; m. ANN HURT, Bef. 1781, Caroline Co.,Va.; b. Aft.
v. AMY PEATROSS, b. Bet. 1730 - 1768; m. JAMES GATEWOOD, Bef. 1768, Caroline Co.,
Va., prob.; b. of Caroline Co., prob..
3. vi. WILLIAM PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1732; d. 1808, Caroline Co., Va..
vii. REBECCA PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1740, Caroline Co., Va.; m. THOMAS TERRILL,
December 14, 1754, Caroline Co., Va.; b. Bef. 1734.

Premise: I believe that Matthew Peatross Terrell is her son!!!!

viii. ELIZABETH PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1742, Caroline Co., Va.; d. Bef. October 12,
1802; m. JOSEPH CAMPBELL, Abt. 1761, Caroline Co., Va.; b. Bef. 1742.
4. ix. RICHARD PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1753, Caroline Co., Va.; d. Abt. 1822, Caroline
Co., Va..
5. x. THOMAS PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1756, of Caroline Co., Va.; d. Bef. 1821, Caroline
Co., Va..
xi. JAMES PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1762, Caroline Co., Va..
xii. JOANNAH PEATROSS, b. Bef. 1768, Caroline Co., Va..
xiii. MARY PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1768, Caroline Co., Va..
xiv. SARAH PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1768, Caroline Co., Va..

Generation No. 2

2. ANN2 PEATROSS* (AM(E)Y1 CATLETT*) was born Aft. 1730, and died Bef. 1768. She
married JOHN THOM(P)SON* Bef. 1768 in Caroline Co., prob., son of JOHN THOM(P)SON
and SUSANNAH GEORGE. He was born Bet. 1732 - 1733 in Caroline Co., Va.
@Golansville, and died Abt. 1791 in Campbell Co Va.

Notes for JOHN THOM(P)SON*:
July 2000 from cousin Kenneth Thompson: Possibly this John Thompson is the one
who married ANn Peatross. His DOB remains in question perhaps; 1732/33 and some
blieve he died ca 821 in Caorline Co instead of Campbell co, Va. Marriage date of
1754 does match and child named Matthew does not match with a DOB Of 1755 when we
know ours was 1743. Could this have been a second marriage with another child
being named Matthew?in 1755?? Another child named John, 1757; amy b 1759; and
Susannah 1761.

More About JOHN THOM(P)SON*:
Military service: Bet. 1775 - 1781, Some sources say he served in the
Revolutionary War as a Orivate and received a pension starting in 1833 awarded in
Indiana; served as a Private but this is prob the son, John JR.
Premise: His wife could have been Ann Peatross instead of Margaret or perhaps
there were two wives
Will recorded: 1770, Acted as executor for the estate of Mary Chiles Howle in
Caroline Co., Va.

Children of ANN PEATROSS* and JOHN THOM(P)SON* are:
i. MATTHEW3 THOM(P)SON*, b. 1747, Prob Caroline Co. Va; d. 1785, Probably Louisa
Co., Va. Trinity Parish; m. SARAH WYATT*, Bet. 1773 - 1775, Caroline Co,
Virginia; b. 1753, Source from Wyatt Fam Bible in the possession in the library of
Va at Richmond,Va.; d. January 26, 1830, Washington Co., Virginia.

Matthew Thompson was born ca 1750, ?? Where, probably Caroline CO., Va.
He May have been the son of John Thompson who in 1770 acted as an executor for the
estate of Mary CHILES Howle in Caroline Co. Va. He is known to have married in
about 1773 to Sarah Wyatt, born ca 1753 the daughter of Richard Wyatt and his
second wife Amy Chiles.

Shortly after their marriage they removed from Caroline Co, Va to Louisa Co.,Va
where in 1775 the names of Matthew Thompson appears on the list of Trinity Parish
tithesables. In Oct 1778 Mathew Thompson of Caroline Co., Va purchased land from
Wm. And Mary Wright, bounded by the lines of Wm. Cole, James GOOCH, John Bibb, and
Thomas GOOCH. In 1783 they had made another purchased,sold by Garland Mccallester
of Louisa Co to Mathew Thompson of Trinity Parish, louisa Co, Va. The land was on
"Christopher's Run" and was partially owned by land originally patented by George

<Matthew died INTESTATE in1785 and his estate remained unappraised until 26 Jan
1790 shortly before his wife remarried to Augustine (Austin)McGheehee, a widower
with children of his own. There marriage date was 9 Feb 1790. Later children
from their previous marriages married each other. How strange!!!!

Is it possible this Matthew had a brother named George Thompson** of Louisa Co, as
another of my forebears grandson's acted as overseer , Benjamin Lane, s/o Henry,
grandson of John Lane and ELiz Ayers in the late 1700-s. This was a very common
happening among virgininans.
It is also possible he had an older brother named John THompson Jr, who it appears
helped the young widow, Sarah, deal with the estate after Matthew had died so
young. Those papers from Caroline Co., only show Sarah and a John Thompson them
but does not explain the relationship.

Fact 1: Matthew Thomson's day book in the library of the college of Wm & mary
Fact3: October 1778, Matthew Thomson of Caroline Co, Va purchased land from Wm &
Mary Wright, which was bounded by the lines of Wm. COle, James Gooch, John Bibb,
and Thomas Gooch.
Fact4: 1783, They made another purchase sold to them by Garland McCallester of
Louisa Co., Va to Matthew Thomson of Trinity Parish, Louisa Co., Va.
Fact5: This land was on Christophers RUn and eas partially bound by land
originally patented by George Thomasson.
Fact6: 1785, Matthew Thomson died intestate and his estate remained Unappraised
until Jan 26, 1790 shortly before his wife remarried to Augustine (Austin)McGHee
McGheeHee, a widower with children of his own.
Premise: His mother may be Ann Peatross who married a John THompson per Larry
Thompson and his brothers work

More About SARAH WYATT*:
Nickname: Known as "Sally"
Will recorded: Marriage date from Louisa Co., Va. Marriage BOnds 1769-1856,
typescript from Genealogical Society, 1936.

ii. JOHN THOM(P)SON, JR, b. Bef. 1768.

3. WILLIAM2 PEATROSS (AM(E)Y1 CATLETT*) was born Abt. 1732, and died 1808 in
Caroline Co., Va.. He married (1) AGNES HURT. He married (2) AMY BRAME Abt.
1760 in Caroline Co., Va., daughter of MELCHISEDEK BRAME and MARY CHILES. She was
born Aft. 1732, and died Abt. 1829 in Caroline Co., Va..

Caroline Co. Court records, Box 1 Acc#26675 indicate: William Peatross...15 Feb
1808/12 Dec1808...Wife Amy Peatross: Children Viz: Richard Peatross, Matthew
Peatross, WIlliam Peatross, Jane Peatross, AMy Peatross, Polly Peatross, Barbara
Peatross, Walter Peatross, Sally Peatross , Samuel Peatross, Betsey Peatross,
Susannah Peatross, Rebekah Peatross, and Jumina Peatross. Mention is made of the
"the children of my deceased daughter Nancy Haden" Executors: Richard Peatross
Sr, William S WYATT, and Matthew Hundley. Witness : Jospeh W. NEW, Richard
Hundley, Sarah C. Brame(prob Chiles) and Thomas Hickman. This WYATT AND NEW
gentleman are definitely related to ALYCE!!

Premise: Could he have also married Mary Wyatt??
Will proved: December 12, 808, Will proved in Caroline Co.Executors: Nathaniel
Ware; Witnessed by WP Napier and John Peatross
Will recorded: February 15, 1808, Will recorded in Caroline Co.< caroline Co Court
Records, Box 1 ACC#26675-see notes

More About AGNES HURT:
Premise: Need further proof on her two husbands; are they brothers or is this a

More About AMY BRAME:
Fact cont: 1815, Ann Peatross, nee Brame...wills to her daughter Nancy Demure al
the lands from my father's estate devolving on me at the death of my mother and
the horse willed to me by my son, Henry peatross, decd. John Demure is Nancy's
Will proved: May 08, 1815, Will proved in Caroline Co.
Will recorded: April 06, 1815, Wil recorded in Caroline Co court records Box

i. MATTHEW3 PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1762, Caroline Co., Va..
ii. WILLIAM PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1763.
iii. JANE PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1765.
iv. AMY PEATROSS, b. 1766.
v. MARY (POLLY) PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1767, Caroline Co., Va..
vi. BARBARA PEATROSS, b. 1768.
vii. SALLY PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1769.
viii. WALTER PEATROSS, b. 1769.
ix. SAMUEL PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1770, Caroline Co., Va..
x. SUSANNAH PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1773, Caroline Co., Va., prob.
xi. REBECCA PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1775, Caroline Co., Va..
xii. NANCY PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1778, Caroline Co., Va..

4. RICHARD2 PEATROSS (AM(E)Y1 CATLETT*) was born Abt. 1753 in Caroline Co., Va.,
and died Abt. 1822 in Caroline Co., Va.. He married AGNES HURT.

More About AGNES HURT:
Premise: Need further proof on her two husbands; are they brothers or is this a

i. SARAH E.3 PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1789, of Caroline Co., Va..
ii. MATTHEW D. PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1782, Caroline Co., Va..
iii. ROBERT S. PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1787, of Caroline Co., Va..
iv. RICHARD C. PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1781, of Caroline Co., Va..
v. MARY A. F. PEATROSS, b. Abt. 1796, Caroline Co., Va..

5. THOMAS2 PEATROSS (AM(E)Y1 CATLETT*) was born Abt. 1756 in of Caroline Co.,
Va., and died Bef. 1821 in Caroline Co., Va.. He married MARY M ??? Abt. 1780 in
Caroline Co., prob..

More About MARY M ???:
Premise: is her maiden name MILLER???

Child of THOMAS PEATROSS and MARY ??? is:
i. RHODA3 PEATROSS, b. Bef. 1800, Caroline Co., Va..

Karon Bosze wrote:

> Greetings CATLETT Researchers --
> I guess I've been a tad quiet of late. Bad times with my dad's former home in
> Florida -- ongoing since July have kept me out of the loop, coupled with some
> serious problems with mail delivery from my former ISP. (Please note that I
> have an updated e-mail address, which I hope to keep for awhile:
> ).
> Yesterday, I received an e-mail from listmember John Christensen (which he'd
> sent to me Wednesday morning, but must've been delayed in delivery). That
> e-mail contained John's message, plus an extract of a message from a field
> engineer for a local wireless company to John, and it contained 2 file
> attachments of pictures of a family headstone for two CATLETT families of
> Summit (Summit Station), Spotsylvania Co., VA. The pictures were sent to John
> by the field engineer, who was concerned about the condition of a cemetery
> he'd come across in a rural section of Spotsylvania Co., VA.
> I'm appealing to the list members to contact John or myself if you have family
> from Spotsylvania, (preferably a CATLETT connection in the 20th C or
> present-day). John's e-mail address: .
> It's a joint headstone, containing the names of 4 family members. I presume
> them to be father and son and their respective spouses. I've relied on data
> from the Stubbs book to identify the CATLETT men and one of the wives.
> The top of the heastone reads, "CATLETT"
> The left side reads:
> Vivian
> 1901-1952
> Shirley
> 1898-1948
> The right side reads:
> Henry
> 1865-1919
> Nellie
> 1869-1951
> I searched my database for Henry and did not find him. I then searched for
> women named "Nellie" who had married a CATLETT. I came up with Nellie EUBANK
> who married Edward Henry CATLETT, whom Stubbs on p. 35 described as being of
> Summit Station, Virginia. Edward Henry CATLETT, was the son Thomas Lawrence
> CATLETT (d. 1879) and Nannie SCHOOLER. Thomas Lawrence was the son of Thomas
> Lawrence CATLETT (b. ca. 1778, d. Jul 1821 of Guinea Station "Locust Hill",
> Caroline Co., VA) and Maria FITZHUGH. The elder Thomas Lawrence CATLETT was
> the son of John CATLETT (1733-1789) and Elizabeth THORNBERRY (b. ca. 1745-d.
> ca. 1789). Edward Henry CATLETT had two children: Vivian and Sterling.
> And for those still reading this who were on CompuServe before 1995, you might
> recall Deb Koplen of Texas, whose mother had this same Vivian CATLETT as her
> beaux. Her mother was still living at the time of her inqury about Vivian
> CATLETT. I wasn't able to make a connection for her before because I had
> "Vivian" recorded as being a daughter, not a son. I contacted Deb this
> morning to let her know the fate of Vivian. Deb was delighted to learn about
> Vivian, but she had bad news for me. Her mother passed away in 1997.
> -- Karon
> "A genealogy compilation without sources might as well be fiction."
> -- Karon M. Bosze, 26 Jan 2000
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