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Subject: Wm. H. Cato, a summary
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 19:24:43, -0500



I went to the Tennessee State Library and Archives today to see what

I could find on William C. or H. Cato. All county records relating to
has no middle initial, just William Cato. The names in the will of
Cato, dated 9/16/1853 are: wife, Nancy; children William, Elizabeth,

John, Martha Simpkins, son-in-law John M. Simpkins, and Robert; and
grandson William Roland Cato. I looked for a will or estate record
William Cato but could not find one either in Davidson or Cheatham Co.

I also looked for the marriage record of Martha Cato to a Mr.
between the death of William in 1877 and her death in 1884 but could

not find it either in Davidson or Cheatham County. So my search was
some what fruitless.

However I did find that the cemetery that William H. Cato, his wife
Martha A. Lawrence and their son Thomas C. Cato was buried in was
not the Walker Teasley Graveyard, it was the Williams Cemetery,
on the Hydes Ferry Rd. about 4 miles from Ashland City. I also found
deed of gift 10/22/1866 of 14 acres of land by Cordy C. Peebles to
daughter Martha Cato. This land was on Bull Run Ck adjoining Thomas
Simpkins. This land was described as if in Davidson Co. and was
recorded in the Davidson Co., Deeds but it appears to have been
registered also in Cheatham Co. Bull Run Ck is for the most part in
Davidson Co. near the Cheatham Co. line but it empties into the
Cumberland River in Cheatham Co.This area of Cheatham County
between Ashland City and west of Jordonia where the Cato's settled
was a part of Davidson Co. until the formation of Cheatham in 1856.
I feel sure that William Cato living in Davidson Co. in 1850 was
living in the same place when he was listed as in Cheatham Co. in

It is my present opinion that the record of 1850 census naming
Cato as William C. Cato was wrong and that the 1860 Census and his
tombstone record is correct. I do not think that we are dealing with
different men and I do not think that this is William H. Cato, son of

Vincent Cato. I wonder what the H. stands for. I do not think that
name Horton is in the background of this family. I wonder if H.
for Henry?, possibly not since Henry is not in the this branch of the
family either. Some ot their neighbors with the letter H. included
Harris, H.J. Wells, and H. Holt who bought at the sale of Roland Cato
1854 and Thomas Heaton who sold land to John Cato in 1843. There was

also a Heaton's Ck. Perhaps the H. came from some of these neighbors

who may also be relatives.

I read the book on Northwest Davidson County by Graves that was
mentioned by someone as giving the history of Jordonia, Whites Creek

and Bordeaux. I found this most interesting since I lived in Bordeaux
1934-1944. I personally knew many of the people who were interviewed

and my father was the Dr. Bracken listed as a physician in Bordeaux.

The Loula Cato McPherson 1884-1973 who was interviewed was my
sister's second grade teacher. I knew her husband, Albert McPherson
and his brother Dexter worked for my father when he was
of the Davidson County Hospital. The men in Bordeaux listed as dying
World War II were all my person friends and classmates.

Here is how I am writing up this branch of the Cato family. Do you
who came from Roland's family know if William Cato has any surviving

9B5 ROLAND JABEZ CATO JR., b. 1783, d. 1853 in Davidson Co., Tn.
with will (Will Bk. 16, p. 238/9, 283/4, 304/5), m. Nancy Vinson
in Greensville Co., Va. They settled on Eaton's Ck. in Davidson Co.
and are buried in a cemetery on Cato Rd. near Jordonia, Tn. His
lived in the same area. He served in the War of 1812 as a private in
Vol. Inf. under Col. John Coffee and Capt. James Terrill. He is
listed as
110110-20110 in the 1820 census. His will names his wife Nancy,
children William, Elizabeth, John, Robert and Martha Simpkins, and
grandson William Roland Cato. He had a sizable estate which included

566 acres plus other land not described and there were 7 negroes
9B5-1WILLIAM H. CATO, b. 3/3/1808, d. 3/26/1877, m. 1st Jane
Peebles 12/17/1835 in Davidson Co., Tn., m. 2nd Martha Peebles
1/1/1839 in Davidson Co., Tn. He is buried in the Williams Cemetery,

about 4 miles miles from Ashland City, Tn. on the Hydes Ferry Rd.
Martha Cato was given 14 acres of land on Bull Run Ck., adjoining
Thomas Simpkins, by her father Cordy C. Peebles 10/22/1866. This
deed is in the Davidson Co., deeds but Cheatham Co. was mentioned
in the deed as if it was registered also in Cheatham Co. Apparently
his wife who survived him married a second time for she is named
Martha A. Lawrence, wife of William H. Cato on her tombstone. She
lived from 1820 to June 1884. There is some confusion as to his
initial because it is C. on the 1850 census of Davidson Co. and H. in

the 1860 census of Cheatham Co. William's tombstone has the middle
initial H. and this should be the deciding evidence. In all records
of the
county there is no middle initial or name given. Cheatham was formed
1856 and probably William had not moved, just lived in that part of
Davidson Co. split off into Cheatham Co. Bull Run Ck. is for the most

part in Davidson Co. near the Cheatham Co. line but empties into the

Cumberland River in Cheatham Co.
Children from the 1850 and 1860 censuses.
9B5-1a WILLIAM ROLAND CATO, b. ca 1843
9B5-1b THOMAS C. CATO, b. 3/30/1844, m. Sarah J. Lenox in
Cheatham Co., Tn. 12/10/1864, d. 12/18/1867, buried in the Williams
9B5-1c NANCY CATO, b. ca 1847, absent in the 1860 census.
9B5-1d ROBERT CATO, b. ca 1850, absent in 1860 census.
9B5-1e M.A. CATO (f.), b. 1853

Henry Brackin

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