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Subject: Descendants of Benjamin Cave I- 3rd Generation
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 16:04:08 EST

Descendants of Benjamin Cave I


12. Robert JOHNSON (Elizabeth CAVE-2, Benjamin-1) was born in 1745 and died
in 1815. (1 ) He married to Mrs. JOHNSON. Robert and Mrs. Johnson had 11
children. (1)

15. Hannah JOHNSON (Elizabeth CAVE-2, Benjamin-1) was born in 1749 in Orange
Co, Virginia. (1,2,4,7,12) She died in Jul 1813 in Scott Co, Kentucky. (1,7)
Her father, Benjamin Cave, Sr was one of the early settlers of Orange, he
lived about 10 mi Northwest of Orange, C.H. Hannah had a brother, Col. Robert
Johnson, a prominent and distinguished pioneer of Kentucky. He went to
Kentucky with Thomas Montague in 1779 with their families, according to descendants.
After Thomas died, Hannah remarried Robert Bradley and they had several
children, two of which are recorded in her record. They lived in Scott Co,
Kentucky. (2)

She was married abt 1767 to Thomas MONTAGUE (son of William MONTAGUE and
Hannah BALL) about 1767.(1,2,4,7,12) Thomas MONTAGUE (2) was born about 1730 in
Lancaster Co, Virginia. (1,2,4,5,7,12) Thomas was buried in Family graveyard;
Boone Co, Kentucky.( 2 )

Excerpts from the Montague Book: (2)
"...a gentleman of large property in land & servants, belonging to one of
the old time, wealthy aristocratic families of VA
"He was born before March 31,1733; Will of his grandfather, William
Montague of that date mentions him. His mother may have died abt 2hrs after his
birth because of words on her tombstone (see p411). Also see (Grave of Peter
I-in book).
"When he was abt 2yrs old he inherited a large estate from his
grandfather in 1733, of land at Dragon, in Essex. Also 5 young Negro servants and a
quantity of personal estate. He probably also received a large inheritance from
his father, who was wealthy.
"Came to Kentucky with a Col. Johnson, brother of Hannah (his wife) in
1779 with their families. First settled at Bryant's Station where there was a
fort, a frontier post, 5 mi. North East of Lexington, exposed to Indians.
Resided here a few years and then moved to Boone Co, bought land and built a log
house, lived here until his death. No will was recorded, but died in Boone,
William Montague, B: Sept 7,1774; Orange Co,Virginia
Rev. John Montague; B: Dec 5, 1776;Orange Co, Virginia ; D: Boone Co,
Kentucky; unmarried.
Elizabeth Montague; B: Dec 5,2776(twin); M: Col.DePew. Her daughter
Permelia m: Lewis Crigler and settled in Howard Co, Missouri."( 2)

Hannah JOHNSON and Thomas MONTAGUE had the following children:

+33 i. Cave MONTAGUE (born on 15 FEB 1769)
+34 ii. Rev. William MONTAGUE (born on 7 SEP 1774)
+35 iii. Elizabeth MONTAGUE (born on 5 DEC 1776)
36 iv. Rev. John MONTAGUE1 was born on 5 DEC 1776 in Orange Co,
Virginia. (2,4) He was a twin of Elizabeth Montague He died in Boone Co, Kentucky,
an unmarried man.(2)

Hannah married her second husband Robert BRADLEY about 1799.(1) Robert
BRADLEY1 died in 1810. (1 ) Robert Bradley and Hannah Johnson had 8 children: (1)
Stephen, Johnson, Sarah, Philip, Lucy, Daniel, William and Valentine

For further Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Montague and Hannah
Johnson see Descendants of Peter Montague, Section V of my book

17. Lucy JOHNSON (Elizabeth CAVE-2, Benjamin-1). She was married to Mr.

18. Mildred JOHNSON (Elizabeth CAVE-2, Benjamin-1) born 1753 and died
1785.(1) She was married to Mr. SEBREE. (1)

19. Elizabeth Cave JOHNSON (Elizabeth CAVE-2, Benjamin-1) was born in 1757
and died in 1832.(1) She was married to Mr. EVE. (1)

21. Sally JOHNSON (Elizabeth CAVE-2, Benjamin-1) was born in 1762 and died
in 1785.(1) She was married to Mr. DICKERSON. (1)

23. Richard CAVE (John-2, Benjamin-1) born about 1760 in Orange Co,
Virginia.(5) He was married to Sally WOOD. (5 ) Sally WOOD born about 1763 in Orange
Co, Virginia. (1)

Richard CAVE and Sally WOOD had the following children:

37 i. William CAVE
+38 ii. Martha CAVE (born about 1785)
39 iii. Louisa CAVE.

24. William CAVE (John-2, Benjamin-1) was born 1763; Orange Co,
Virginia.(5) He was married to Frances CHRISTY. Frances CHRISTY was born about
1762/63 in Orange Co, Virginia. (1)

William CAVE and Frances CHRISTY had the following children:

40 i. Mary CAVE
+41 ii. Mariah CAVE (born about 1800)

25. Nancy CAVE (John-2, Benjamin-1) was born in 1766 in Lamberton, New
Jersey. (5) She was married to William KELLEY. William KELLEY was born in 1762 in
Scott Co, Kentucky. (5 ) William Kelley was also married to Nancy Cave.(5)

26. Susannah CAVE (John-2, Benjamin-1) was born in 1767 in Lamberton, New J
ersey.(5) She was married to Thomas WOOD. Thomas WOOD was born in 1754 in
Lamberton, New Jersey.(5)

27. Henry CAVE (John-2, Benjamin-1) was born in 1768 in Culpepper Co,
Virginia.(5) He was married to Margaret (Peggy) HAWKINS, who was born in 1775 in
Scott Co, Kentucky.( 5)

Henry CAVE and Margaret (Peggy) HAWKINS had the following children:

+42 i. John CAVE (born in 1795)
+43 ii. Mildred Bell CAVE (born on 11 Dec 1797)
+44 iii. Henry CAVE (born on 4 Jun 1800)
45 iv. Frances CAVE born 17 Jul 1802; Scott Co, Kentucky.(5) A male?
+46 v. Benjamin CAVE (born between 1804 and 1808)
47 vi. Richard CAVE was born in 1805 in Scott Co, Kentucky. (5)
+48 vii. Nancy CAVE (born on 12 NOV 1807)
+49 viii. William S. CAVE (born on 12 JUL 1812)
50 ix. Hawkins CAVE was born on 17 JUN 1814 in Scott Co, Kentucky. (5)

28. Rebecca CAVE (John-2, Benjamin-1) was born in JUN 1772 in Orange Co,
Virginia. (5) Rebecca also married to Frederick Burdette and had one child. She
was married to Turner R. HADEN. Turner R. HADEN was born on 13 Nov 1773 in
Fluvanna Co, Virginia. (5 )

Rebecca CAVE and Turner R. HADEN had the following children: (5)

+51 i. William HADEN (born in 1796)
+52 ii. Nancy HADEN (born about 1800)
+53 iii. Susan HADEN (born about 1802)
+54 iv. Turner Richardson HADEN (born on 13 AUG 1808)
+55 v. Joel Harris HADEN (born on 12 SEP 1811)

She was also married to Frederick BURDETTE. Frederick BURDETTE was born
about 1770 in Orange Co, Virginia. (5)

Rebecca CAVE and Frederick BURDETTE had the following children:

+56 i. Mary "Polly" BURDETTE (born about 1791)

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