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Subject: Re: [CAVINESS] Richard Caviness 1754 Chatham Co NC
Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 19:23:10 -0700 (PDT)
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re: william caviness
james harrison caviness (bud)  was my grandfather.  mary polly fox caviness was my greatgrandmother. i have a little information but i will need to look for it.  i can only tell you a little that i know.  i too have had some bad info so it is a little hard to track, i dont think mary polly's husbands name  was richard william, not sure though.  they were both born and raised in n.c.  mary polly is rumored to be indian and on the rolls in n.c. also there is a marriage license recorded in n.c. mary polly moved to missouri with 2 of her sons after her husband died. ( fled is more like it if there was any truth to family rumor, it was said that she killed her husband after one to many beating,)  family rumor.    my grandfather james harrison was one of the sons. i dont know the name of the other son.  you will find my grandfather listed on the missour census, my fathers name was john walter caviness. if this helps you and your interested in
the little more info that i have, let me know and i will try to find it for you.some of the names you mentioned sound right as does catham co. i wish you more luck than i had,   sincerely, janie carroll

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Subject: [CAVINESS] Richard Caviness 1754 Chatham Co NC
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Still hoping for a breakthrough on this man,judging by the errors on Ancestry ,no one has had any luck either.Just FYI ,Richard Caviness was not born in Chatham Pittsylvania,as about half of those researching him on Ancestry have,or Chatham Co Ga ,as about a third have.Most folks just must be copying others bad information.What is known about Richard is born about 1754 probably in Va.or NC.lived and probably died in Chatham Co NC. He is found on the 1800 census for Chatham Co with his wife and children.His known children are William Caviness (reported by some as  born in 1781 probbably born closer to 1786,Mary (Polly) born about 1782 John ,Joab,Lacretia .These are the only known children,There are others found on the census after 1800 it is likely that those are the children of Mary ,his daughter who is known to have been in the home with her children at that time.Mary was the traditionally believed mother of at least Kirby and  probably several
daughters, Who were reported !
as being born to Mary and a husband  named Thornborough but were raised as Caviness.Many Thornborough lived in that area and were Quaker.There has never been any proof of this marriage or even for sure who these younger children are that are found on the census in Richards home assumption is all one has.

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