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Ancestors of Elizabeth Bullock

Generation No. 1

1. Elizabeth Bullock, born Abt. 1670; died in MD. She was the daughter of 2. John Bullock and 3. Catherine Assiter. She married (1) Arthur Joseph Alvey Bef. 1690 in SMC, MD (Source: Maryland Calandar of Wills, 3:502, 10:17). He was the son of Joseph Alvey and Elizabeth Unknown. She married (2) William Cissell Bet. 1688 - 1692 in SMC, MD. He was the son of John Baptist Cissell and Mary Calvert.

Notes for Arthur Joseph Alvey:
>From Robert Lee Alvey: Arthur is thought to be the oldest child of Joseph & Elizabeth. Mary Louise Donnelly, an avid St. Mary's Co, MD researcher, believes that Arthur's son is a younger son of Joseph and Elizabeth and prints as such in her book "Early settlers of St. Clement's Bay". Nothing should be dismissed but I, along with several other Alvey researchers, continue to have some problems with the timeline for this to be fact and until something documentable is found, I will continue to show him as Arthur's only child.

Notes for William Cissell:
By his marriage to Catherine Joyner he came into possession of 100 acres of "Scotland". William married secondly Elizabeth Bullock Alvey, the daughter of John and ? Assiter, and the widow of Arthur Alvey, with no children. In 1701 William administered the estate of Arthur Alvey )Acc't 21:382). William acquired an additional 100 acres of "Scotland" which was resurveyed for him on 12/10/1714 and patented to him on 9/10/1716.

William Cissell, a planter, wrote his will 22 Jun 1742 and was admitted to probate on 28 Nov 1744.(24:2-4) To his son Arthur he left 100 acres of "Scotland", and to his granddaughter Elinor (daughter of Arthur) he left the land between Arthur's plantation and where John Harden now lives. To his son Luke he left the other part of "Scotland", 50 acres he had obtained by "Judgement in Chancery". He left his daughters Margaret Thompson and Ann Edwards the plantations where they were living. To his son Matthew he left the plantation where he was living, which was 50 acres of "White Acres", William had inherited from his father, plus Clare his wife he left a shilling. To his daughter Elizabeth, the wife of Charles Payne, he left the land between William Cissell's and Ann Edward's, deeded from her brother William Cissell's land. To his daughter Clare Barton he left one acre now in possession of William Cissell's son John. To his daughter in law Elizabeth___, now married to Char!
les Neal, he left access to William Cissell's land. His children were all named as his heirs.

William is mentioned in the will of his father, John Cissell, dated 28 April 1694.
Notes of March 1697/1698 as recorded in the annals of PGC, MD, a William Cecil "by the request of my wife as she lay upon her deathbed " disposed of his children John, age 7, Phillip, age 5, and Susan, age 2, to Mareen Duval (the Elder) and his wife. May be a different William-as it is, there seems to be no real agreement on which children belonged to which wife.
Appears property was received from his brothers Richard Cecil and Robert Cecil, of 100 acres, since they both had died young if had come to him, ref: Elise Greenup Jordan, Early Families of Southern Maryland, Vol. 1.

Child of Elizabeth Bullock and Arthur Alvey is:
i.John Alvey, born Abt. 1690 in SMC, MD; died Bef. 21-Apr-1743 in SMC, MD; married Mary Clarke Abt. 1718 in SMC, MD.

Children of Elizabeth Bullock and William Cissell are:
i.Arthur Cissell, born Bet. 1687 - 1694 in SMC, MD; died 1737 in St. Mary's Co, MD; married Mary Doyne Bet. 1722 - 1724.

Notes for Arthur Cissell:
He was born in St. Mary's County, Maryland. He received 100 acres of "Scotland" as a legacy from his father. His daughter Elinor also received a small plot of land as her legacy from her grandfather's will.

Arthur wrote his will on 11/5/1737 (27:355). To his two sons, John and James, he left "land my father William has willed to me" and a tract called "Scotland". His wife Mary was named as his executrix. The other children were named in the will of their brother James. Mary administered the estate on 10/30/1750, valued at L113.07.07. The next of kin on his inventory were his sons John and James (44:231)

ii.Luke Cissell, born Abt. 1695 in SMC, MD; died Bef. 10-Oct-1747 in SMC, MD; married (1) Frances Unknown; married (2) Thomasin Hayden Bef. 1732 in SMC, MD (Source: Marriages and Deaths, St. Mary's County, Maryland 1634-1900 by Margaret K. Fresco for the Eastern Shore Regional Library, Salisbury, MD).
iii.Margaret Cissell, born Abt. 1701 in SMC, MD; married John Thompson Bef. 1742 in SMC, MD (Source: Marriages of St. Mary's County, MD 1634-1900 by Margaret K. Fresco Eastern Shore Regional Library, Salisbury, MD 21801).
iv.Ann Cissell, born Abt. 1704 in St. Mary's Co., Maryland; married Unknown Edwards Bef. 1742.
v.Matthew Cissell, born Abt. 1706 in SMC, MD; died Bef. 30-May-1748 in SMC, MD; married Mary Thompson Abt. 1727 in SMC, MD.

Notes for Mary Thompson:
Sr Donnelly's book "Colonial Settlers St Clements Bay she states:
Matthew Cissell was born in St Mary's County, Md, the son of William Cissell and Elizabeth Bullock Alvey. He married Mary Thompson, the daughter of James Thompson and Ruth______. Mary Cissell was named next of kin on the inventory of her father James Thompson. She had a brother named Ignatius Thompson.
Matthew Cissell was deceased by 5/30/1748 when Mary Cissell administered his estate. The next of kin on his inventory were his sons Arthur Cissell and James Cissell. Matthew Cissell had 43 acres of "Addition to White Acres" which on 3/30/1748 was patented to Thomas Cissell, his son.
Children of Matthew Cissell and Mary Thompson:
Thomas Cissell
Arthur Cissell
James Cissell
Margaret Cissell

Generation No. 2

2. John Bullock, died Bef. 23-Apr-1705 (Source: Maryland Calandar of Wills, Volume 3). He married 3. Catherine Assiter.
3. Catherine Assiter, died Bef. 1705. She was the daughter of 6. William Assiter and 7. Ann Unknown.

Children of John Bullock and Catherine Assiter are:
1i.Elizabeth Bullock, born Abt. 1670; died in MD; married (1) Arthur Joseph Alvey Bef. 1690 in SMC, MD; married (2) William Cissell Bet. 1688 - 1692 in SMC, MD.
ii.John Bullock, born in SMC, MD; died Bef. 10-Apr-1774; married Amy Unknown.
iii.William Bullock.
iv.Margaret Bullock.
v.Mary Bullock, married John Attaway.

Generation No. 3

6. William Assiter. He married 7. Ann Unknown.
7. Ann Unknown.

Children of William Assiter and Ann Unknown are:
3i.Catherine Assiter, died Bef. 1705; married John Bullock.
ii.Henry Assiter, born Bet. 1610 - 1670; died Bef. 20-Mar-1693/94 in of SMC, MD (Source: Maryland Calandar of Wills, Volume 3); married Ann Unknown.

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