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From: "Willow and Damien Aliento-Prokop" <>
Subject: Diarmid O'Duibhe and the McDiarmid clan
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 23:42:08 +1100 (EST)

G'Day cousins,
My mother's father is a McDiarmid, and we have all been digging away
at discovering the history of the family before they arrived in
Ontario in the 1800s.

My branch were the Skye family, which is related to but is not the
same branch as the Perthshire McDiarmids.

While I have been told by some (Scots) researchers that we are a sept
of the Campbells, celtic historians I've spoken with agree with my
family that we were originally from Ireland, and the clan's progenitor
is Diarmid of the Boar, The Irish Adonis and Finn MacCool's shield-
brother before Grainne cast the geas on him and so it went.

I would really like to know more from a CELTIC historian (as opposed
to a Campbell one) about how the McD's became a sept of the Campbells
in the first place, and how it is the Campbells now claim the Boar as
their emblem, and the title of "The O'Duinne" when I can't find a
single story to explain their link to Diarmid in a clan descent way,
except through the marriage of an Irish McDiarmid princess to the high
Cheiftan of the Scots back before the Scots had their current clan
system -- and the historian (also a McDiarmid) who told me this story
(in an email now lost in a defunt harddrive oh woe!) told me it was
from this woman that the Scots learned things that led to a more
structured clan system, instead of a bunch of folks all raiding each

I'm also curious as to why at the official Irish McDiarmid clan site
they state there is no relationship between the Irish and Scottish

We have always believed our McDs from Skye were Celts (which included
me being brought up by my McD mother Anne to regard the earth, the
seasons, the four elements and reincarnation as fundamentally

(It's not the only Celtic in my tree either, there's also O'Neil,
Kelly, some folk from Brittany plus others of Scots and Irish origin
I'm still working on)

(BTW my Skye-to-Ontario ancestor was Alexander McDiarmid, who married
a Henderson from Argyll, he was born on Skye in 1807. His fourth son
neil Armand McDiarmid was my great-great-great-grandfather)

Any insight into the McDs and the relationship between early Irish
families and early Scots ones would be just great!

Blessed be all our relations,
Willow Aliento
Mummulgum Australia

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